S is for… #AtoZChallenge (AC)

Welcome to the S Chapter of Runaway: A Choose Your Own Adventure Novel. Please be advised, there may be adult content depending on the choices you make. Please vote for your choice and I will post the next chapter tomorrow. To start at the beginning of the story, click here or scroll through my blog for all my A to Z posts.

Your choice for S was Sevy reacts negatively.

“How could you?” he asked.

“What?” Aralyn asked, taken aback by his negative response.

“How could you?”

“How could I what?”

“You were the other woman,” he said, and she felt her stomach drop to her feet.

“Yes,” she said, and her voice displayed how ashamed she was of that fact.

“But how could you?” She understood the question this time, and she didn’t want to respond. She had no good response for it, and it was exactly what she was afraid of.

She had no believable reason for helping Dominico cheat on his wife. There were all sorts of things she could say, all sorts of things that made sense at the time, which made sense to her, but when spoken out loud now, months later just didn’t sound justifiable.

“I’m sorry,” she finally said, even though she wasn’t entirely sure why she was apologizing to him.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t say that it was okay. He didn’t thank her for her response. He didn’t say not to worry about it. He just said nothing.

When the silence stretched too long, she said something because she felt like she had to. “I don’t know what excuses I can make, but I would make them all. It was stupid, I regret it, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. It happened. It’s over.” When the silence fell again, she felt like she needed to fill it, but she bit her tongue to keep from saying anything.

Sevy moved away from her, putting distance between them but they were both still nude, standing in a room with a spanking bench, having a ridiculously awkward conversation.

“Sevy, say something,” she said. She was so scared about what he was going to say, but she didn’t have a choice. She would have to fill the silence herself if she didn’t get him to say something.

“I don’t know what to say,” Sevy whispered. He wasn’t looking at her now. In fact, it seemed as though he couldn’t look her in the eye.

“Something, just say something, please.”
Does Sevy terminate the relationship?

Yes OR No

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