July Recap #AmWriting

In July, I wrote 211 blog words, 5,247 new words, and edited 3,380 words. Compared to June, I was up in blog words and new words, but down in edits.

Although July was supposed to be the slow month of my summer, it proved to not be slow at all. It was jam packed, in fact! And I don’t even know where the first week in August went! Craziness.

My goal for August is to do a lot more editing and try to write at least 5000 new words. I’ll say my goal is to finish editing the novel I was working on editing. I’d really like to get another book out there for your consumption! Wish me luck! As for my blog, I’d like to post more often. Maybe once a week. Any thoughts on what you’d like me to post about besides word count? Anyone have any blog challenges going on soon?

What are your current writing projects?

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