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Winner! This post won for week 3. Check out the continuation here.

Without further ado, enjoy O is for Outcast.

Andee always felt like the outcast. For her entire life, she had wished that she felt more like she belonged. So when she met Krystal, she felt like she belonged for the first time ever. Krystal and Andee met at a bowling alley. Andee had been trepidatious about going, but in the end, had pushed aside her inner introvert and gone. There had been an advertisement for a bowling league starting. Andee hadn’t bowled since she was a teenager, but she had been pretty good at it at the time. She hadn’t talked to anyone until a bubbling, bouncing brunette approached her.

Krystal was average height, carried a little extra weight, and had long, brown curly hair that bounced as she walked. “Hi!” she said as she approached Andee who was trying desperately not to make eye contact.

“Hi,” Andee said when it was clear that the other woman was talking to her.

“Are you here for the bowling league?” Krystal asked.

Andee nodded, and it appeared that Krystal had adopted her. She introduced her around to everyone and carried the conversation for the both of them. Andee felt swept up in it but in a good way. A few weeks later, Krystal asked Andee to hang out after bowling, and the two of them hit it off. Krystal’s exuberant personality and Andee’s subdued one matched perfectly. Andee enjoyed listening to Krystal talk, and Krystal enjoyed talking. They were a match made in heaven.

And now, six months later, Andee finally felt like she belonged to a group who accepted her for who she was. But the problem was that she had developed a crush on Krystal, and she didn’t know what to do about it.

She was torn between pursuing something with Krystal and letting it go. She didn’t want to ruin the friendship but finding a woman she clicked with so well was rare. The other big sticking point was that Andee didn’t know if Krystal was into women or not. Sometimes it was hard to tell and as close as their friendship was, Andee just wasn’t sure.

“I’m coming over Friday,” Krystal declared a few days ago at the end of bowling.

“Okay,” Andee said. Krystal did that a lot, and it didn’t bother Andee.

“I got this new movie, and you have to see it!”

“Cool,” Andee smiled.

Now it was Friday night, and Andee was nervous as hell. She felt like it was now or never, and she desperately wanted it to be now. She knew, logically, that it didn’t matter if she let this opportunity slide. There would be other times the two women would be together, but Andee just had a feeling that this was it.

When Krystal arrived, she opened the door without knocking, as was her custom. Andee was sitting on the couch with her feet curled under her. “Hi! I brought wine!” Krystal called.

“Great!” Andee said, and she jumped up to get wine glasses.

Krystal put in the movie. “Do you want to order dinner?” she called over her shoulder.

“Sure,” Andee replied.

Twenty minutes later, they were settled on the couch, sitting a foot apart, sipping wine and watching a romantic comedy. Andee felt like her heart was going to pound out of her chest with nerves. She wanted so badly to reach out her hand and hold Krystal’s. She wanted to curl up with her and rest her head on Krystal’s ample bosom. But she was so scared of what Krystal’s reaction would be.

The doorbell rang, and Andee almost jumped out of her skin. “I’ll get it!” she said, and she went to the door to retrieve their dinner order.

They ate, sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table, their knees touching where they sat cross-legged. Andee felt like she could hardly eat. She did a lot of pushing her food around on her plate, hoping Krystal wouldn’t notice.

But of course, she did. “What’s wrong?” Krystal asked. She paused the movie and sat back up on the couch, grabbing Andee’s hands and helping her to sit on the couch, too.

“Nothing,” Andee said. “Why did you stop the movie.”

“Don’t fib to me, Andee,” Krystal said. “What’s wrong.”

Andee took a deep breath. “Do you really want to know?”

“I really want to know.”

Krystal turned sideways on the couch and took Andee’s hands in hers.

Andee took a deep breath and turned so she was facing Krystal.

“I think I’m in love with you,” Andee whispered.

Winner! This post won for week 3. Check out the continuation here.

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