TMI Tuesday: March 16, 2021

Money, Money, Money

1. If you pay someone to do one chore what would it be?

Jayden: Cleaning

Richard: Dishes

2. If I gave you $1,000,000 usd, how much would you give to charity?

Jayden: I’d try to give about 25%.

Richard: I don’t know that I’d give any up front. I think I’d like to find a specific cause that I want to support and try to give them what they needed, as opposed to just throwing an arbitrary number.

3. What is the most annoying thing your (current or past) partner does with money?

Jayden: Not helping with the budget, but complaining that he wasn’t “allowed” to buy things he wanted.

Richard: I dated a girl who had tends of thousands of dollars in the bank, and a similar amount of credit card date. She refused to use her savings to pay down the debt, and just made the minimal payments, racking up interest.

4. What is something you bought as a couple but would be embarrassed for your parents to know?

Both: We haven’t bought very much together yet. Ummm, a fancy laser printer?

5. What money-related thing have you hid from your significant other?

Jayden: I once bought a fair of fuck-me-shoes and didn’t tell my partner.

Richard: For a while I was working a job where I could pretty much set my own hours. I definitely pretended to work most days, but sometimes I just kinda bummed around for most of a week.

Bonus: If you received $1,000,000 right now would you tell people? Why or why not?

Jayden: I would tell as few people as possible, but I’m too open of a person to keep it a secret. I would want to invest it to better my future and telling too many people would make that difficult.

Richard: I’d probably just tell Jayden. Other than that, I’d have to figure out what I was doing with it, etc. I’d probably pretend I got a smaller amount. Enough to celebrate, but not life changing money. I wouldn’t want it to affect my relationships.

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One thought on “TMI Tuesday: March 16, 2021

  1. 1- clean my bathtub (thought I was obvious about that)

    2- Damn that hoe! She’s always trying to get in my purse… ha ha ha. I don’t know. Guess we’ll see what charities need what.

    3- My ex would be all, “don’t worry about it.” So I never knew where we stood financially. One night we’re at the mall and he walks into an electronics store and announces he’s getting this big screen tv when he makes his first million. And I’m like, “okay, …and that’ll be in ten years??” …and he was all, “no. Next month. I’m two paychecks away.” What??? You’re wearing underwear with holes and you’re about to pass a million? The fuck?

    4- No clue. My parents recently helped me move. They were fascinated by a children’s book and a back massager. But I don’t feel bothered by either. To quote the great and powerful Mike: I’ve got nothing.

    5- Stuff that would just upset him. Like we’re being sued for a bill I paid off. I’ve handled the situation. He doesn’t need that stress. And to do what? If he could actually do something, that’s different. But this is a clerical error or whatever. It’s fine. I handled it.

    Bonus: I told people when I inherited a house. That didnt go so well. So no, probably not.

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