C is for Casino

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C is for Casino

by Jayden

Lashes Casino Resort loomed in front of me. It was my place of work, but it was also my favorite place. It offered everything. Not only could you gamble on slot machines, but you could also play table games. But there were dozens of those casinos in the area. What made this one special was that it also offered all the perks of a BDSM club. Private rooms, public rooms, private demonstrations, public demonstrations, and all the kinky toys your heart could desire. All of it was at your fingertips, and all you had to do was step through the sliding glass doors.

Oh, and sign in. No one came in without security making sure you were legit. A few parts of the Casino were generally open to the public, but most of it was behind locked doors. We didn’t have exorbitant prices or anything, but we did need to make sure that everyone was safe.

But, since I worked there, I just waved my ID card at the machine, the light turned green, and I entered. My job was to help make reservations at the hotel. Sometimes that meant fielding phone calls, sometimes it was responding to emails, and sometimes it was working the desk for the people who were there in person. This morning I would be scheduled to answer the emails that had come in overnight while also covering the desk. The morning was generally very slow, but I would have to devote all of my attention to the front desk in a few hours.

“Hello,” I said as I swung through the doors marked Employee Only and passed into the registration area.

“Hey,” Jerry said. He was on nights, and he looked thrilled to see me.

“What’s that grin for?” I asked.

“I have a date,” Jerry said.

“Today?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“Yes,” Jerry said.

“Tell me more,” I prompted. Jerry and I weren’t close, but with our overlapping shift, I generally knew what was going on with him, and as far as I knew, he wasn’t dating anyone.

“I met a Domme online, and we went out for coffee a few times, but I wasn’t sure if she was interested. It turns out that she is, and she wants to come here and do a test session with me.” He wasn’t squealing, but I thought that if I let him keep talking, he would be.

“That’s great, Jerry!” I said. I was happy for him. He wanted a Domme so badly.

“What are you going to do for your test session?” I asked.

“I don’t know, and I need your help, pleeease,” he pleaded.

“Of course,” I said. I dropped my backpack in the spot under the counter and climbed up onto one of the tall chairs. “When is your date?” I asked.

He glanced at his watch, “She’ll be here in half an hour.”

“This morning!?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, with me working nights and her working days, this is what worked best for both of us.”

I shrugged. He had a point. “Let me see,” I said, and I sat and thought about all the possibilities. We had tons of different themed rooms: the ice room, the fire room, the rigging room, the pink room, the blue room, the green room (you get the idea), the princess room, the pet play room, the display room, and so many more. “I think,” I said, and Jerry leaned forward in his chair, listening to me intently. Goodness, he was such a submissive, “I think you should take one of the CBT rooms and let her have her way with you. She is into that, isn’t she?” I asked.

The cock and ball torture (CBT) room was one of our most popular, but not at this hour of the day. There were shelves filled with sounding wands, cock cages of all sizes and materials, clamps, rope, and more. Anything your heart could desire to tease and torture cocks and balls. I also happened to know that it was Jerry’s favorite kink. It might seem odd to know that about your coworker, but when you work in a BDSM Casino Resort, you learn a lot of ‘intimate’ facts about your coworkers.

“She is,” he confirmed.

I tapped a few keys on the keyboard and pulled up the reservation list. As employees, we couldn’t always book rooms for free, but if it was less than 24 hours before we wanted it and the room was available, no one cared. A few more taps and clicks, and it was booked. “It’s all yours, Jerry. Go get ready. I’ll send her up to you when she gets here.”

He grinned at me. “Thanks, Ivy. You’re the best.”

That’s it for this story! I might continue writing this storyline in May. Tell me in the comments if you want to read more! We have a special treat for you tomorrow, and then Richard is taking over next week with another short story about Lashes: BDSM Casino Resort.

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