D is for Dungeon Mistress

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Welcome to the next mini-series A to Z Challenge post! This is the first one in Richard’s first set. Remember to like and comment. We’ll continue whichever story gets the most, and the writer gets a book store shopping spree.

D is for Dungeon Mistress

by Richard

The Dungeon Mistress stepped onto the stage; empty save for a high rack covered in toys in the center. Cheers applauded out of the audience. She waved to the crowd, spotlights shining on her outfit. 

“Welcome, welcome. It’s so good to see all of you!” she said. She was dressed nearly head to throat in leather: thigh-high stiletto boots, a tight corset, slitted miniskirt, shoulder-length gloves. Each piece was jet black, save for a single blood-red stripe that ran from the edge of each one to meet at her cleavage.

As the applause rolled on, she slowly circled the toy rack in the center of the stage. She picked items off it one at a time, making a show of examining them, checking balance, sometimes giving a few test swings. A flogger, a paddle, a Wartenberg wheel… Each time she lifted one for them to see, the crowd got louder. 

“Oh, you all really like this one, don’t you?” she asked. She lifted out the Violet Wand and switched it on, letting a few arcs of electricity dance across her fingertips. She kept it in hand as she strode back towards the side of the stage, peaking into the wings.

“Alright, who’ve we got back here tonight?” she asked. The screens on either side of the stage flicked over to show a view backstage. A whole rainbow of slaves, each one dressed from toe to hood in a different color of latex, squirmed on the screens.

“It’s only appropriate I use this on you,” she said, waving for one of the attendants to bring out the violet-colored slave. With her boots, she had about half a head on him, and she held the wand up in front of him, “See this, mutt?”

He squirmed, “Who’s in there?” she whispered to the handler. They held up the ID badge for her. Phillip.

“Oooh, you hate this. I remember the first time I used it on you. I hope the front row is ready to be in the splash zone tonight!”

She hooked her finger into the o-ring on his collar and pulled him out onto the stage. He stumbled, resisting just a smidge. He was too well trained to actually put up a fight, but a little drama never hurt.

Join me again tomorrow for E is for Electricity! Let’s see what the Dungeon Mistress has in store for her kinky little Power Rangers team. -Richard

6 thoughts on “D is for Dungeon Mistress

  1. Determined not to like any story until I’ve read both sides first. Will not vote until have heard both sides of debate! I have to admit that I know very little about erotic terms like what is an O-ring but I’m okay not knowing. I like the humanness and the concreteness of the descriptions. I don’t need to know what you are talking about to know what you are talking about. There’s something very human in how you both handle the details of other people’s lived experiences. Looking forward to seeing whose story I like better. This vote thing is killing me.


    1. Hey Anne,

      Glad you liked the story! An o-ring is just a ring shaped like the letter O, like you might see on a dog collar.

      Also, I’ll post free ponies for anyone that votes for me.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. I learn something new every day! I feel like ponies is code for something. Total disclosure I am ace but not antisex just not interested. Part of me is hoping for actual ponies because they are so cute! But then I was like oh that probably means something to do with sex. Pictures of cute ponies I don’t have to take care of might work as a motivator. Tell me more. lol. No I will not be bribed!


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