Unknown – Erotic Short Story

Please enjoy this erotic short story by Jayden:

I stood on the balcony, looking out over the city. It was beautiful. The breeze on the hotel balcony made me shiver just a touch. I crossed my arms, wrapping them around myself. I thought about getting a jacket or just going inside, but I didn’t want to. My nipples hardened under my sheer shirt as I looked out into the dark.

I heard the door open and shut. I turned to look, but I couldn’t see the door. “Hey,” I called, assuming it was my Dominant back from a drink at the bar. He’d invited me to join him, but I was more interested in not putting on real clothes.

He didn’t respond, but I figured the wind probably stole my voice away.

I turned back and looked out over the city again. The tiny people walking on the sidewalk looked no bigger than ants. I breathed in deeply and could smell the salt of the sea air. I closed my eyes to focus on the glorious scent.

I had left the door to the hotel room propped open, and I heard someone step through. My Dom, of course.

His hands wrapped around me, and the first tingle of fear slid down my spine. Maybe this wasn’t my Dom. In fact, I knew it wasn’t. His hands were different. He was taller. Before I could finish processing it, his hand was over my mouth. “Pineapple,” he whispered in my ear, and I knew that it was okay. Whoever he was, my Dom had sent him. It was our safe word.

Before I knew what was happening, he slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I tried to see out of the corners, but there wasn’t anything to see.

“Put your hands on the railing and don’t move them.”

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Vacation: Part 17

It’s time to wrap up this chapter of Ivy and Mark’s story. We decided to end with a little love. If you missed the previous chapters, start back here.

“I love you, too, Master,” Ivy crooned, the hint of a smile touching the corners of her lips. She was so exhausted, physically and emotionally, just the way she wanted to be.

Mark wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight in silence for a few moments, as his breathing returned to normal. “So, what’re we doing tomorrow?” he asked. “Trying to pick up one of the tour guides?”

Ivy let out a low groan, “I don’t think I can handle that.”

Mark’s cock twitched inside her. “You’re the one that goes on cruises all the time. What do you think we should do?”

“Well, tomorrow, we dock down in the Bahamas! We scheduled a kayak tour. I hope I can move tomorrow,” she giggled.

“I guess we should go wash up,” Mark said. “I don’t want to move, though…”

“Me neither. Can we just stay here a little longer?” Ivy asked, her voice small. She would have batted her eyes up at him, but she knew he couldn’t see them anyway. She added a, “Please, Master?” for good measure, though.

Mark laughed and wriggled down on her. “If that’s what you want, pet. We both know how much you love being soaking wet and sloppy for me.”

She moaned softly, “I do, Master. There’s nothing more I want in the world.”

He kissed the back of her neck a few more times, laying against her and sighing happily as he untensed.

Ivy breathed deeply, even though having the weight of her Master on her back made it hard to fully draw a breath. Feeling his body against hers was comforting, though, and she didn’t want him to move for the world. As she felt his cock twitch inside her again, she squeezed her pussy around it, reveling in the feeling of him. She pressed her hips up against him just a bit.

Mark growled playfully in her ear and ground against her lightly, “Trying to get me going again, slut?”

Ivy smirked into the bed, “I mean… I wouldn’t stop you,” she said, letting her voice trail off.

Mark nibbled on her neck, “You are such a needy little whore. I should just drop you off naked in one of the lounges one night and see where that gets you.” 

Ivy whimpered. “No, Master, please don’t do that.”

“Why not? We had two guys fuck you tonight, and that wasn’t enough. I guess the only thing to do is see how many you can take. We can borrow one of those little clicker counters from Stephanos.”

Ivy whimpered again, “No, please, Master, no more. Just you. Please.”

Mark twisted around a little, his softening cock popping free. “Oh, want me to be greedy and keep my sexy little slavegirl all to myself?” he asked, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek.

She groaned appreciatively when he kissed her but squirmed at the loss of his cock. “I’m always yours, Master, and you’re more than enough for me on your own.” She closed her eyes and rested against the bed. She wanted to keep being sexy and flirty, but she was so tired.

He brought a hand up to lightly scratch between her shoulder blades. “I’ll let you go to bed now, but you’ll have to take care of me in the shower in the morning.”

“Of course I will, Master. I’ll take care of you in the shower right now if you want, Sir.”

“Are you sure you can make it to the shower? It feels like you can barely even keep yourself up in the bed, let alone walk over there.”

Ivy opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him over her shoulder. “I might be unsteady, but I know you’ll catch me, Master.”

Mark rolled off of her, landing on the bed on his side, facing her. “I’ll always catch you, pet,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tight against him.

She nuzzled into his chest, feeling safe, and secure, and loved. “I love you, Master.”

“I love you too, slut.” He kissed her softly on the lips.

She melted against him, their lips pressed together the only thing that mattered.

Thanks for reading our novella about Mark and Ivy’s vacation! Let us know in the comments if you liked their trip and what else you want to see them get up to!

Vacation: Part 16

We’re SO close to the end of Vacation, just in time for Jayden and Richard to head off on their next vacation. If you missed the previous chapters, start back here.

“Come. Kneel here,” Mark directed, pointing to a corner of the room.

Ivy didn’t know how long she laid on the bed, whimpering softly. She could hear Mark moving around the room. She heard water come on in the bathroom and then some more movements before he climbed onto the bed with her. She curled into his arms, and he held onto her tight.

He rubbed her back and held her bottle of water up to her lips. “Hydrate. You wouldn’t want me to think you’re not turned on because you’re not wet,” he said.

Through her hazy mind, she knew that she was dripping wet, but she drank the water anyway. “I’m turned on, Sir.” She closed her eyes, but she smirked at him as she lay there.

He reached down, her legs already spread apart, as she was trained to do any time she was in bed with him. “I can tell,” he said, lightly brushing his fingertips over her cunt lips, avoiding her tender clit for the moment. “Ready for me to take my turn now?” he asked. “I don’t know if I’ll cum quite as many times as you…”

“Of course, Master.” Ivy spread her legs further apart automatically, “I’m always ready to please you, Sir.”

Mark rolled her onto her stomach on the bed, putting her in their favorite position. “Sure you’re warmed up enough? I could play with you for a while longer,” he said. He reached between her legs, slapping the back side of his fingers against her soaking wet lips.

She moaned, rolling her face down so the bed muffled her. “I’m warmed up enough, Master, but you can do whatever pleases you.”

He slapped her again as he rolled on top, spreading her legs open. “You’re just a glutton for punishment, painslut,” he growled in her ear. He spread his fingers, feeling her pussy, making sure it wasn’t too tender after the abuse by the vibrator.

Ivy whimpered into the bed again, her eyes watering a little bit. She was so sensitive, but she loved it so much. She rotated her hips, pressing against his exploring fingers.

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Vacation: Part 15

We’re getting close to wrapping up Ivy and Mark’s vacation! If you missed the previous chapters, start back here.

“Come. Kneel here,” Mark directed, pointing to a corner of the room.

Ivy did as she was told. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but she just tried to breathe deeply and listen. She could feel her heart pounding up into her throat, but her pussy was also clenching with desire. As much as she hated to admit it, she liked being punished. Sure, it sucked in the moment, but then she would be forgiven, and she would get aftercare, so it was worth it.

“Pet, come here,” Mark said.

She crawled back to the bed and found that he had set up the under-bed restraints. Within a few minutes, he had her firmly strapped down, her arms and legs spread wide. She raised her head to follow his movements, and she could see him standing between her legs. He was holding something, but it was just out of her view.

But then she heard the hum of the Hitachi magic wand vibrator. She would recognize that sound anywhere. They had a control on it that meant he could change the vibrations from very low to very high and everywhere in between.

He started out on very low, pressing the head right up against her clit. He had to part her folds to push it right against the firm bud, but she moaned and arched her back as soon as he did. She was still a little sensitive from her earlier orgasm, but it felt good so far.

“Why do you think I’m doing this, slut?” Mark asked.

She had to blink a couple of times to focus on the question he was asking. “I-I don’t know, Sir.”

“Does this feel like a punishment, slut?”

“N-no, Master,” she moaned as he turned the vibrations up higher.

“How about now?” he asked as he switched the vibrator onto full power.

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Vacation: Part 14

We’re getting close to wrapping up Ivy and Mark’s vacation! If you missed the previous chapters, start back here.

Mark kissed Ivy, his tongue invading her mouth. She tasted Stephanos’s cum as they kissed. She moaned softly into Mark’s mouth, pulling him closer to her as they kissed. When they finally parted, Ivy looked down at Stephanos. He looked up at them with a half-smile on his lips.

“I think I’m going to go,” he said.

Ivy was surprised. “You’ll miss my punishment. You won.”

He shrugged. “I got a great orgasm, which was reward enough. But I think your punishment should be between you and your Master.”

Ivy looked to Mark to see what he thought, but Mark just nodded. He reached out and grasped the other man by the hand. They had a part hand-shake, part Mark helping Stephanos up. Stephanos dressed quickly.

“Thank you for a lovely time. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.”

“Is that it? We won’t see you again?” Ivy asked.

Stephanos shrugged. “You might see me around, and I’ve had a great time, but I need to focus on my work and not get myself in trouble. You two were wonderful to play with. Thank you for a great time.”

And then he was gone, and Mark and Ivy were alone.

Ivy slid onto the bed, leaning back against the padded headboard. She crossed her ankles and looked up at Mark. She seemed a little lost in thought.

“What’s wrong, pet?” Mark asked.

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Vacation: Part 13

Our real mini vacation was lovely, but it’s good to be home! We didn’t get any votes on who should win the bet in the story, so we made a choice. We’re excited to share with you our next installment of Vacation. If you missed it, start back here.

Ivy waited with bated breath to see if Mark would go back to playing with Stefanos and give her a fighting chance to win the bet. She wanted to cum so badly, but she didn’t want to get punished for it. If she could just hold out a little bit longer, maybe she could keep her orgasm at bay until Stephanos came.

Mark didn’t say anything, keeping them both in suspense. He slowed the blowing on her nipple while rubbing Stephanos’s cock a bit harder. In the end, he decided it wasn’t fair to sabotage her in front of a new partner.

Ivy breathed deeply, trying to keep her muscles relaxed so she wouldn’t orgasm. Stephanos’s skill with his tongue was proving difficult to ignore, but at least Mark seemed to be going easy on her. It was with great relief that she realized Stephanos seemed to be having difficulty focusing on pleasing her now that Mark was jerking him off in earnest.

Mark clucked his tongue at Stephanos. “Letting your Mistress win, or just not able to keep up?” He asked, rubbing a bit harder to punish the bartender for not pleasing his Domme enough.

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Vacation: Part 12

We’re going on Vacation! For real this time! Richard and I are at the beach for the weekend. It’s not quite as exciting as a cruise, but it is beautiful! We’re excited to share with you our next installment of Vacation. If you missed it, start back here. – Jayden

Mark walked over to the top of the bed, leaning down to kiss Ivy. “I love watching you work, slut,” he said with a grin.

She smiled up at him, grinding her hips against Stephanos’s face. She knew that an orgasm wouldn’t take too long as Mark looked down at her with that sexy expression and Stephanos licked at her clit. And when Stephanos pressed two fingers inside her dripping pussy, she knew she was a goner.

Mark kissed his way across her cheek before nibbling on her ear. “But what if I don’t let you…”

Ivy whimpered. “Would you really not let me cum, Master?” she asked, batting her eyelashes up at him.

“You didn’t let Stephanos cum. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it,” he said with a laugh.

Ivy looked up at him, her eyes trying to convey frustration and longing and submissiveness. She was only marginally successful.

Mark kissed his way down Ivy’s shoulder, back towards Stepanos. He reached down, wrapping his hand around the other man’s cock. “What if I make him cum? Will you punish him then?”

“Hmm,” Ivy said, her whole body tingling from the sensations of Stephanos on her clit and his fingers inside her. “I might, but maybe you should play with him anyway.” Her words came out in staccato bursts as she tried to hold her own orgasm at bay.

Mark smirked and rubbed his thumb over the dripping tip of Stephano’s cock. The bartender squirmed and whined.

“You’re in charge tonight,” Mark said to Ivy with a wink.

Ivy wasn’t entirely sure being in charge was what she wanted, but it was fun to play at from time to time. “Play with Stephanos’s cock, Sir,” she said. “Maybe,” she shuddered as waves of pleasure washed over her, “whichever one of us cums first should get punished.”

Mark slowed down his rubbing a bit, his other arm sliding down Ivy’s stomach and toward her pussy. “I think you’re just trying to get him in trouble before you do, slut.”

Ivy blushed a little. Mark wasn’t wrong. She bucked her hips against Stephanos’s face, giving herself a moment with his tongue not right on her to keep her orgasm at bay. “I still think it’s a fun idea, Sir.”

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Vacation: Part 11

We’re going on Vacation! Well, Mark and Ivy are, anyway. We’re excited to share with you our next installment of Vacation. If you missed it, start back here. – Jayden and Richard

Mark raised an eyebrow as Ivy spanked the bartender, listening as he moaned loudly into the pillow. “Really not going easy on him, are you?” he asked. He slid his hands over to the other man’s nipples, pinching the right one lightly between forefinger and thumb, “Think he’s a bit of a painslut?”

“Well he doesn’t seem to be complaining, now does he?” Ivy said, a bit of a pout to her voice. 

Stephanos moaned out again, the sound ending in a whimper, as he wriggled his ass against her hips.

“I guess not,” Mark said and flicked the man’s other nipple with his free hand. “It’s not often we find someone even subbier than you.”

Ivy giggled. “I don’t know if he’s subbier than me all the time, or if he just likes a little pain,” she punctuated the last with a hard thrust of her hips, really digging the dildo deep inside him.

Stephanos finally lifted his face off the bed to gasp, his cock twitching in time with her thrust.

Mark laughed and kissed his way back down the man’s chest before sliding his mouth over the top half of his cock, moaning softly at the taste.

Ivy raked her nails down his back as she thrust the next few times, and it elicited the best moans from Stephanos. “That’s a sexy sound,” she murmured. “Do you like that, pet?

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Z is for Zyon Part 4

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Zz

So the A to Z Blog Challenge officially ended, but I didn’t finish my story, so I’m back! If you’re just finding my blog, you only missed a handful of posts in this story. You’ll want to start with V is for Vacation.

Z is for Zyon Part 4

by Jayden

He took his sweet time, but even as I lay there moaning into the blankets, he gripped my hips with both hands and pulled me back against him. His cock went so deep it hit my cervix. I moaned loudly, almost a scream, into the bed.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I cried, “Don’t stop, please!”

“I wasn’t going to,” he said gruffly.

I wondered if he really wouldn’t have stopped or if he was just saying that for show. I wasn’t stupid enough to ask, though.

His cock felt amazing. He filled me so completely, so much better than anyone ever had before. It was incredible. I ground my hips back against him, and he had to use his hands to control my movements. “You are a greedy little slut, aren’t you?” he asked.

I turned my neck so I could see him out of the corner of my eye over my shoulder, “Yes, Sir, apparently I am.”

“Good,” he said. “I like that about you.”

I grinned, and then his hands gripped me harder, and I felt him pulsing inside my pussy this time. His orgasm took me by surprise, and it seemed like maybe it had taken him by surprise, too, because he seemed to almost fall over as he came.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned. When he was spent, he pulled out of me and wrapped me up in his arms again.

I nestled in against him, feeling his warmth all around me.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said after a comfortable silence.

“My turn?” I asked.

“Yes. I got to cum. Now you get to cum.”

“I do?”

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Vacation: Part 10

Welcome back to Vacation! We’re excited to share with you our next installment following Ivy and Mark on their cruise. If you missed it, start back here. We’re sorry we missed last week, but we’re back now! – Jayden and Richard

Ivy turned around and watched the two men as she backed up toward the bed. Her breasts were still bare, and she felt a little self-conscious about being half naked in front of Stephanos. She sat down on the bed, crab walking backward onto the bed, making a conscious decision not to cover her chest.

Mark chuckled, then walked over to the toy bag, still sitting next to the bed. “So, Stephanos, have you ever been fucked by a pretty girl before?” he asked, pulling out Ivy’s strap-on harness.

He raised his eyebrows at Mark and said, “Of course.”

It was Ivy’s turn to raise her eyebrows. She took the harness from Mark and pulled the straps on around her thick thighs. She adjusted to make sure everything was in place and sat on the edge of the bed. “Stephanos,” she said, clearing her throat, “you should suck my cock before I stick it in your ass.”

The bartender smiled, crawling onto the bed. “Of course. Anything for one of our guests,” he said. He kissed along the length of her cock a few times before swirling his tongue over the head. Meanwhile, Mark undressed, tossing his clothes in a pile on the floor, before climbing on to join them.

Stephanos licked and sucked the cock while Ivy watched. She wrapped her fingers into Stephanos’ short hair, forcing the cock further down his throat. “That’s a good boy,” she crooned before she let him go. “Are you ready to get your ass fucked?”

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Z is for Zyon Part 3

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Zz

So the A to Z Blog Challenge officially ended, but I didn’t finish my story, so I’m back! If you’re just finding my blog, you only missed a handful of posts in this story. You’ll want to start with V is for Vacation.

Z is for Zyon Part 3

by Jayden

His breath came in ragged gasps, and his rhythm changed, and I knew it was time. I squeezed my ass around his cock, and he groaned into my ear, “That’s it, slut. Squeeze that ass tight for Master.”

I kept squeezing as he thrust the last few times before collapsing on top of me.

We stayed like that for a long time, his body covering mine, our feet planted on the floor. I wanted to lay down, but I couldn’t without getting him off of me, and I didn’t want to lose his softening cock. I knew that if we moved too much, he’d be out of me and wouldn’t be able to get back in. I could feel him spasming still, the slight movements magnified by the tight quarters. Every time he twitched, I moaned.

“I think you might like this more than the sex,” he said with a chuckle.

“I might, Sir,” I giggled.

Finally, he pulled out and extended a hand to me. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

He was very gracious as he took me to the adjoining restroom to get cleaned up. He offered me privacy, which I accepted. When I was done, I found him lounging on the bed, reading a book.

“What are you reading?” I asked.

He showed me the cover. It was a Science Fiction thriller I’d read the previous summer.

For some reason, I had imagined a professional Dominant wouldn’t do such mundane things as reading Sci-Fi. Apparently, I was wrong. We spent a few minutes talking about the book. I really liked the characters, and he felt similarly. It was odd, standing naked in a BDSM Casino Resort, talking about Sci-Fi books with the guy my best friend hired to have sex with me. Or, I guess, he wasn’t hired for sex specifically. He was just hired to dominate me. There was a difference, after all.

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Z is for Zyon Part 2

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Zz

So the A to Z Blog Challenge officially ended, but I didn’t finish my story, so I’m back! And I’ll be back the next few Thursdays to bring you to the end of the scene with Carly and Master Zyon. If you’re just finding my blog, you only missed a handful of posts in this story. You’ll want to start with V is for Vacation.

Z is for Zyon Part 2

by Jayden

“Yes, Sir,” I said, the words slipping out against my will again.

“Good,” he said, “but not yet.” His finger stopped pressing at my hole, and his hands gripped my hips again. “I want you to be good and ready before I shove my cock up your tight little ass hole.”

His words went straight to my core, and I was sure he could see my pussy clench if he were watching carefully.

“You can stand up now,” he said, and he held onto me so that when I was standing, my back was pressed up against his front. One of his hands wrapped gently around my throat, and I could feel my pulse against his warm palm. He wasn’t putting much pressure on me, and I could certainly breathe normally, but my breath was coming in gasps because I was so aroused.

He heard me gasping for air and let go of my throat abruptly, coming around to face me so he could look at me.

“Are you okay?” he asked, and I could hear the concern in his voice.

I chuckled. “Yes, I’m fine,” I said, “why?”

He hesitated a moment, and I could see his facial features relaxing. “You sounded like you were having trouble breathing,” he said.

“Oh,” I said, with a soft smile, “no, I was just really turned on.” My voice was barely a whisper, and he had to ask me to repeat myself. I did, only slightly louder, and he gripped my chin firmly, making me look up at him.

“When I ask you to do something, you do it. Don’t push me, little one. I only seem nice.”

I looked up into his eyes and said, “Yes, Sir,” in a firm, loud voice.

“Good girl,” he said, letting go of my chin.

He moved around behind me again, resting his hand on my throat. I could almost feel a hesitation when my breathing hitched, but he didn’t take his hand off this time.

“Now, where was I?” he asked, mostly to himself. “Ah yes, I was just wondering how you would like it if I pressed my big cock in your tight asshole.”

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Vacation: Part 9

Welcome back to Vacation! We’re excited to share with you our next installment following Ivy and Mark on their cruise. If you missed it, start back here, and here’s a short summary to remind you of what’s happened so far:

Mark and Ivy decide to book a cruise and get away for a while. When they arrive in the room, he surprises her with a new leather collar. After some fun in the room, they head to a show at the ship’s theatre and meet Stephanos, a bartender who is happy to help Mark tease Ivy. They use a remote control vibrator in her panties to make her cum during the show. Afterwards, Mark takes her out on the deck underneath the stars and makes her take her top down before fucking her. As they wrap up, they hear someone calling, “Hello there!”

It was Stephanos.

Ivy breathed a sigh of relief, her bare chest heaving. “Stephanos, you scared me!” she hissed.

He smirked at her and shrugged. “Sorry.”

Mark pulled out of her and pulled his pants back up, “Good evening, Stephanos,” he said with a grin. “Enjoying the show?”

“Of course. There have been a lot of nice things on display tonight, but this has been the most,” he hesitated, “titillating.”

Mark smirked, putting one arm around Ivy’s waist. “We were about to head back to our room. Would you like to join us?”

He glanced at his watch. “I don’t see why not. You two are a lot of fun, and I can only imagine how much more fun we could have in private.”

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Z is for Zyon

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Zz

The end of A to Z!? Where did the time go? If you’re just checking us out for the first time, you should start back at V is for Vacation which is the beginning of this story arc. Remember, all likes and comments count toward the bet Richard and I made with each other. The winner gets a $50 book store shopping spree!

Z is for Zyon

by Jayden

Less than 24 hours later, I stood in front of the reserved room at the appropriate time, and I was so nervous. I was excited, too, but very, very nervous. I wanted to meet this Master Zyon. I wanted to see what he expected of me. But I also felt very vulnerable.

I knocked timidly at the door.

“Come in,” a voice called from inside.

I turned the knob and opened the door slowly. It swung inward, and I got my first glimpse of the room. My eyes took in everything except the man standing in the middle of the room. I couldn’t process him yet. Everything in the room was purple. The walls, the tile floor, the dresser, the small sofa, the sheets on the bed, even the ceiling, which at first I thought was white, was a pale shade of purple.

But there in the center of the room was a tall man wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt.

“Come in,” he said, and I did, shutting the door behind me mostly to give me something to do with my hands.

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Y is for Yes

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Yy

On Monday, we met Carly and Suzie who were taking a Vacation to Lashes Casino Resort! Join them now as they’re getting ready for Carly’s adventure…

(For the record, this has nothing to do with Richard’s and my collaboration, Vacation! This also has nothing to do with my novel written from a previous A to Z titled Y is for Yes!)

Y is for Yes

by Jayden

The lights dimmed in the room, and the next thing I knew, the stage was empty. The woman who had been standing there was nowhere to be seen. It was like magic.

“Now what?” I asked Suzie.

She took my hand and started leading me over to the bar. We sat down on two stools, and she ordered us drinks. I was too nervous to talk to the bartender.

The bartender was a woman about my age, and I was surprised to see that she didn’t double-take at all that we were two women together, practically wearing lingerie, sitting at the bar. I supposed she saw lots of other interesting things in her time as a bartender there. But still, I felt so out of place. I thought that everyone would be staring at me.

“Drink,” Suzie said. She had picked a fuzzy navel, which would be enough to get me buzzed and feeling relaxed, but not enough to make me lose all inhibition. I assumed that was her goal.

I rolled my eyes, but I sipped at my drink.

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X is for X-Rated

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Xx

We started this week meeting Carly and Suzie on their Vacation, so make sure you start back there before reading today’s post! Let’s see what happens when Carly has to wear some X-rated clothes in public!

X is for X-Rated

by Jayden

“I don’t know if I have X-Rated clothes,” I said.

But before I knew it, Suzie had me decked out in an outfit that looked sexy on the rack, but I was certain would look terrible on me. “Please don’t make me go downstairs in this,” I pleaded.

Suzie shook her head. “No, you need to break the ice, and I think jumping in with both feet is going to be the best thing for you, Carly.”

“You do?”


Her voice sounded sure and reassuring. “You won’t leave my side?” I asked.

“Of course not. Not tonight. Maybe at some point, but not tonight.”

“Okay,” I said. “Then I guess it’s okay.

“Good girl,” she said, and even though I had no sexual attraction to my friend, I felt a warmth spread through me at her words. “But first, I want you to get a good look at yourself in the full-length mirror.”

“Do I have to?”

“You know you do,” she said.

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W is for Witness

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Ww

Yesterday, we met Suzie and Carly as they embarked on the Vacation of a lifetime! Join them today as they travel to their destination: Lashes BDSM Casino Resort!

W is for Witness

by Jayden

Suzie looked at me with laughter in her eyes. “I think you would love to have a bunch of strangers witness your humiliation.”

My cheeks burned pink, but I knew she was right. No one had ever humiliated me before sexually, but every time I read a story about it, I felt how desperate my body was to feel it. I wanted someone to take control of me and do whatever they wanted, and if that meant being humiliated in front of witnesses, well, I was turned on just thinking about it.

“Suzie, can we just go? I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

“Sure,” she said, “But please know, there is a questionnaire I need you to fill out today before we get there.”

“Why didn’t you send it to me before?” I asked, “What if I need to think about things?”

“Two reasons. One—your first response is probably the more accurate one in this case. Two—I didn’t want you to chicken out.”

“Why would I chicken out?” I asked.

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V is for Vacation

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Vv

Not be confused with Vacation that Richard and I started in February, this is my A to Z V is for Vacation. But, come back in May to continue with Ivy and Mark on their cruise Vacation! Here is another experience from Lashes BDSM Casino Resort!

V is for Vacation

by Jayden

It was finally time to go on vacation. We had been waiting for this day for nearly two years, and I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. Not just out of the house, either, but out of the state. We were going to go to Lashes Casino Resort. I couldn’t wait. Did I say that already? I did. Whatever. I was really excited, if you couldn’t tell.

My best friend was taking me on the trip of a lifetime. She had planned the whole thing. She and I had grown up together and shared every intimate detail of our lives. So when I turned 25 and still hadn’t had a really good experience as the submissive I wanted to be, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Carly,” she said a week before my birthday, “I want you to have the best experience with a Dom that I can give you.”

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U is for Underwear

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Uu

Happy Saturday everybody! Here’s the last part of our behind the scenes look at Lashes before I hand things back off to Jayden.

U is for Undewear

by Richard

So, now that we’re at the end of our time, there’s one final form I want to tell you about. As you might expect, people bring a lot of interesting things with them when they come to stay with us. Jewelry, sex toys, costumes, you name it, we’ve seen it. And sometimes, people leave that stuff behind. Sometimes it’s on purpose. A lot of people want to keep their kink life separate from their home life. So they buy a nice set of lingerie, wear it once while they’re here, and just leave it. Other times, they just forget. We try to contact them, but if they don’t pick up or don’t want them back, what can we do? It’s not like we’re going to mail a box of dildos to someone’s apartment out of the blue. Likewise, we can’t exactly donate them. The local thrift store isn’t looking to put out a rack of assless chaps, twelve-inch heels, and cockrings.

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T is for Telephone

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge a-to-zchallenge.com Tt

Okay, T is for Telephone for real this time. I’m trying something new (T is also for Transcript) so let me know what you think,

T is for Telephone

by Richard

As I’m sure you’ve heard, if you ever called a customer service hotline, those calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes. If you think that would stop people from using them for phone sex, you obviously don’t know our clientele. Here’s a transcript from a call my friend Jill was on that led to this compliment card: “I don’t think I’ve cum that hard in my life. Normally, I cuckold my husband, but it was so hot to switch the roles up. We’ll be telling all of our friends about Lashes, and telling them to ask for Jill.”

2021.04.22 22:05:06 call from customer service desk 6 to room 534

Room 534: Hello, this is REDACTED, who’s calling?

Customer Service: Where’s my husband? Who the fuck are you, bitch?

534: muffled Oh shit, it’s her. I’m going to put it on speaker.

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