Richard here with an update on some of our ongoing goals:

1. National Novel Writing Month

Jayden and I will both be leading our writing group in Nano again this year. Jayden is writing some kind of futuristic Jeff Goldblum dinosaur smut,

Jayden: That is such a misleading tag for what I’m writing. I have no idea what it’ll be, but it sounds like there will be a Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcom clone…or something.

and I’m working on a GSM super hero story. We need to hit 100K+ each in order to have any chance at making…

2. One Million Words

Currently, we’re at around 555K. We’re behind (but not completely out of it) on our goal of ~70K each for October. Not counting whatever else we write this month, we need to average a little over 100K each of the remaining two months (if we can make it to around 70K this month, we drop to about the same for December) to hit our goal. That’d be extremely difficult, but not impossible. SEND PROMPTS!

As you can see, April and July are our best months, and in July we almost hit that 200k mark. So fingers crossed!

3. 524 Sexes

On a better note, we’ve cleared the “one to one” threshold on our goal of 524 sexes! With 69 (nice!) days to go, we only need 67 more sexes. I’m hoping to get one more in tonight, depending on how Jayden and I are feeling, but either way it’s a relief. While having a ridiculous amount of sex is fun, at this quantity it starts to feel kind of chorish/check boxy sometimes. I think we’ll shoot for a nice, reasonable, 400 or so next year.

Eventually Ever After: Part 7

by Jayden

Welcome to my story. One of the real stories about Richard and me. Click here to go back to the beginning of Eventually Ever After.

Before I had come over for the day, we had made a plan. The plan was to have a quickie and then get our work done. But when he touched me, and when he kissed me, I stopped caring about being productive. I just wanted to be with him.

“I’m going to drink the rest of this iced tea, and then we can go in the bedroom,” he said.

I was jittery. So jittery. “That sounds good,” I said. I wasn’t sure what else to say. Despite the fact that I write about sex all the time and we had been roleplaying sexual encounters online for a week, I was embarrassed to talk dirty to him. Super embarrassed to say anything, to call him Sir out loud, even though I had done it once or twice on the phone already, and I did it in text all the time.

But could I do it in person?

I was about to find out.

Waiting for him to finish his drink was torture. Watching him sip at it slowly, talking about completely normal things. I wanted him to hurry up and finish the drink, but I was so nervous. We had talked about so many things, so many options. The thing that stuck out the most to me was that he wanted to fuck my ass. It was the first thing he wanted from me.

And here’s the thing. It had been a really long time since someone had been in my ass. Once upon a time, I had been using plugs to keep my ass nice and ready, but that time had long passed. My husband Nick and I had previously agreed no one else could fuck my ass, which was fine with me because I didn’t really like it anyway. It was hot in theory, but I didn’t love it in practice.

And Nick hadn’t shown any particular interest, so I was sure my ass was going to be very tight. On top of that, I had a feeling that Richard could last a long time. And then what? Would it hurt a lot? Would it just get worse and worse as time went on?

I had spent the previous 24 hours trying to stretch my ass out for him, fingering it, even using a small plug, but I knew that it would all pale in comparison to Richard actually fucking my ass. I’ve always said that size isn’t as important as society would want us to believe, but Richard was a fair amount bigger than Nick. And when it came to anal, that size seemed…substantial. I just sat there, equal parts excited and worried. It was intoxicating.

He finished his drink and put the cup on the table. “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

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Eventually Ever After: Part 6

by Jayden

Welcome to my story. One of the real stories about Richard and me. Click here to go back to the beginning of Eventually Ever After.

It could have been our only day. At the time, I didn’t want it to be our only day together, but it could have been. It could have been the worst decision I’ve ever made or the best decision of my life. I feel like there’s no in-between.

I got in the car first thing in the morning, and I knew that I had about 15 minutes to decide. I could change my mind now, and nothing would happen. But I knew for myself that if I drove in that direction, my course was set. But then again, if I hadn’t been sure about it, I wouldn’t have made the plan or gotten in the car. But I did.

I just had to hope that I wasn’t going to regret it.

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Kinktober! October 2nd

by guest artist GS

Kinktober day 2: Crossdressing. I get the sense that, even in a world teeming with toxic masculinity, Maurice wouldn’t be averse to playing at being a girl. Cathy would happily switch genders – she’s into performance arts, and she’s not very attached to her own identity. I wouldn’t say she’s nonbinary; more like… flexible. I thought it would be fun to emphasize the clothes here as they let their regular identities fade into the background.

Kinktober! Intro

Hello! We have a brand new feature for this year’s Kinktober! A friend of mine was looking for somewhere to share their kinky art, and I offered to host it here on my blog. We’ll keep going with some of our regular posts (TMI Tuesday and Eventually Ever After) and you should get some Kinktober posts from Richard and I as well. So buckle up! After being sporadic with our posts in September, we’ll be making multiple posts some days!


I’m GS and I make a webcomic called Alien Romance. It’s about two people – Maurice and Cathy – with almost nothing in common, not even a language, who decide to make a go of it. This Kinktober, I’m letting my characters explore their sexual options, mostly with each other, although there are some supporting characters who may also appear.

Usually my scenes are 1-5 full pages long, but this time I plan to do just one or two panels per prompt, and they will be cute.

But please note that my characters are in their mid-20’s. They look a lot younger, but that’s on purpose. I’ve lived for three years in Vietnam, and 4 years in China, and the men here run the gamut from sweet femme bois to hardened bodybuilders. But they are very rarely large people – most of them, by Western standards, are quite diminutive. Immigrants may arrive from these areas and discover that they can’t compete with the social standards of physical appearance in their new communities. In fact, the idea that East Asian men have racial features that are not sexually appealing enough is an ugly trope.

Maurice is a Vietnamese American who grew up in the homogeneous heartland. Cathy is French, and should have enjoyed a life of privilege, but some invisible disabilities and serendipitous misfortunes have landed her in the United States. It’s a story celebrating nonstandard beauty, reclaiming your desirability when it’s been taken away from you, and the joys of being an alien.

Eventually Ever After: Part 5

by Jayden

Click here to go back to the beginning of Eventually Ever After.

We spent the next week trying to figure out what the hell we were going to do about everything. We were developing feelings for each other, and now that we had acknowledged that, they were moving quickly. But we hadn’t had sex yet. And that was driving me crazy.

One of the days Richard came over to my house, he said, “You know, I think we should wait until after Thanksgiving to have sex.”

I wanted to be okay with it, but… He whispered to me so that no one else could hear, “You aren’t used to being told no, are you?”

I shook my head. I wasn’t. I generally got what I wanted, and I liked it that way. Richard was going to be an interesting challenge.

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Human Furniture

We’re a little bit late with our post for today, and it’s not a continuation of our previous Sunday story. So to make up for it, you get this fun standalone piece Richard wrote for Kinktober. The prompt was human furniture, and I think he takes a fun and sexy take on it. Enjoy!

“Welcome to SUBKEA. What can we get for you today?” the salessub asked. He had a ballgag dangling around his neck. You could tell he really wanted to put it on, but that’s how working retail is–can’t dress how you want. The rest of his outfit was black leather (spill-resistant, I would later learn) save for the glass tabletop on his back.

“We’re looking for a new chair,” I said, nodding towards you. “This one is getting a little worn out.”

It was true; your upholstery was worn through on your ass. “And I want to treat her to something nice for our anniversary.”

“Aww, congratulations!” he said, “Did you want to stick with the fabric or switch to leather?”

“You can pick, sweetie. It’s your present after all.”

“What do you recommend?” you asked him. “I want to be nice and cozy. I’m helping him decorate a new reading nook for his present.”

It was a good thing he didn’t have the ballgag in; I’m pretty sure he threw up in his mouth a little.

“Oh, definitely leather then. We can set it up like a cute little study. Do you smoke?” he asked me. “We’ve got some great new stuff that you can put a cigar out on and barely mark it up at all.”

“I don’t,” I said. “But I could definitely start.”

“Mmm, let’s get you a tweed jacket. You can be my professor anytime, Daddy.” My chair wrapped her arms around mine, looking up and winking at me. The salesub lead us towards the back of the store. I got a sharp elbow to the ribs, followed by a little pout when I looked at a pair of chubby subs for a little too long, their Master and Mistress able to use them together as a love seat.

“So, this is our best-seller, DEVOTION. It comes in two pieces, like most of our armchairs. The frame is oak, good and solid, ergonomically designed to put minimal pressure on the sub, just enough to give you that safe feeling. We start with a frame size, you’re probably a medium, and then custom cut it to you.”

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Eventually Ever After: Part 4

by Jayden

After our kiss, okay, several kisses, we got back to work. At least, for a little while.

“May I please go pee, Sir?” I asked. I had been asking him for permission to pee for… I don’t know how long. A few weeks, I think. It was another thing with us that I don’t know how it happened, but it did. I suppose it was probably in response to some kind of fiction I wrote and a text conversation we had. Nick wasn’t into water sports, so I had no one to play with, and Richard was. Richard was happy to give me permission (or not) to pee. It was hot.

“You may,” he said.

I groaned.

“What’s wrong?”

“My pants are soaked through,” I said. “Putting them back on is going to be gross.”

“Do you want another pair of pants?” he asked.

“Oh, maybe,” I said.

“You can let yours dry out before you have to go. Let me see what I have.”

He rummaged around in his drawers and came up with a pair of pants that had Batman logos on them. I went into the bathroom, did my thing, and put them on. There was no full-length mirror in there, but I put them on and looked down, and all I could think was that they made my thighs look massive.

I was very insecure about my body. I rarely, if ever, felt attractive. One of my biggest concerns with meeting Richard the way I had was that he hadn’t really seen me in person much. What if he didn’t like the way I looked when he saw me naked? What if he didn’t like my thighs and ass?

I almost took the pants off and put my wet ones back on, but then I decided…fuck it. He hadn’t seen me naked yet, but if he didn’t like me in the pants, he definitely wasn’t going to like me naked.

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The Hunt Pt 1.

Richard here! Welcome to the start of our next series. Way back in December, Jayden and I decided to try to write and swap some CNC (consensual non-consent) stories. For the next week or two, we’ll be looking at my entry from the “force” category, where the Dom physically overpowers the sub.

This week’s is fairly light, but TW for CNC just to be safe.

I looked at my watch. NO DEVICE FOUND showed on the home screen. My phone was with Neil in the waiting room. I was still connected to the resort’s wifi, and I swiped over to their app. Two minutes until my run started, I was in the red group. So was Mark. Please, god, let it be Mark. I hadn’t seen him all day. For once in his life, the bastard had said we’d play a game honestly and refused to coordinate ahead of time. I had no clue what he’d been doing. Doing other runs with other subs? Mapping out the grounds? Sitting in the pool with a mai-tai? 

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Role Reversal 2

We decided to do a little role reversal. Here’s Part 2 of our story started two weeks ago.

He undressed slowly, undoing each button with an almost exaggerated motion. She watched him, amused. Did he think that prolonging his punishment was going to make it less severe? She hoped he wasn’t that naive. In fact, the longer it took, the more aroused she got, the more she would like using him.

When he finally worked his way down to the bottom of the shirt and slid it off, letting it fall to the floor at his feet.

He reached down and undid the belt on his pants, not taking quite so long to remove it, before folding it in half and holding it out for her. “Wouldn’t want you to be without a toy for your toy, Mistress.”

She nodded her approval but stayed silent as she watched him continue undressing. She gripped the belt tightly in her hands, feeling the tension in her muscles as she ached to begin unleashing pain on her pet.

He buttoned his jeans and slid down the fly, revealing the bulge in his boxers. He had to hook both fingers into the waistband and wriggle his ass, but he eventually managed to shimmy them down. “Underwear too, Mistress?” he asked.

“Yes, pet. I want to see the welts forming on your bare ass when I beat it.” She slid the leather belt through her palm and then slapped the two halves of the belt together. It sounded impressive.

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Eventually Ever After: Part 3

by Jayden

I could continue on in journal style, but I think it would be a lot more fun if I give you a more… fictionalized version. Snippets, scenes, and stories that are, if not 100% accurate, pretty close. I’ve definitely had to fill in the gaps in my memory sometimes, and I’m sure the dirty talk isn’t exactly the words we said, but it’s pretty close. Richard has definitely said all of them in some combination or other.

So we’ll start with our first time…

The night before, Richard and I had spent some time without Nick. It was all public stuff. We had some gifts to give to a mutual friend, so I picked him up, and we went over to her apartment. But with the pandemic and everything, it was a quick, socially distanced visit. Even so, she realized how much alike Richard and I were. It was uncanny. Although he had interacted with her online before, they hadn’t spent much time together in person.

It had been nice to be able to talk with Richard without anyone else around. We had been skirting lines for a while. I wasn’t supposed to cyber with anyone, and we came…close. Very close. But we hadn’t totally crossed that line, at least.

I had lingered over slightly deflated tires, taking my time pumping them up with my portable pump. And then I had to go inside and wash my hands, of course.

We talked a lot, and we hugged, but we didn’t kiss. And we didn’t cross any lines.

“I want to go write at Richard’s,” I told Nick that morning. He looked at me with narrow eyes. “I can’t get anything done here.” Our house was always busy, especially during the lockdown where no one had anywhere else to be.

“Okay,” he said. I couldn’t tell if he was actually okay with it or not, but that was typical. He didn’t express himself well.

I said that I would be back in time for dinner, packed up my stuff, and off I went. Richard and I did a pretty good job of focusing on our writing and following the rules. Mostly.

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Eventually Ever After: Part 2

by Jayden

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away.

No, that’s not it.

I suppose I could go all the way back to high school, really. I suppose I should, in fact. When I was 17, it occurred to me that I needed to date more people. I needed to experience life. So I broke up with my boyfriend and started dating. I turned 18, graduated high school, and dated six people that summer before I went off to college. Most of them were fleeting, but one stuck around.

Nick and I started talking online and quickly formed a bond. We accidentally met in person when we both attended the same event, and then we started hanging out regularly. But the catch was that he was married. He and his wife had an open relationship, and she knew everything we did. In fact, she knew so much partially because she controlled everything.

I spent much of that summer at their house. I got to know their kids, and I became friends with his wife. And then I went off to college. Once I was out of her grasp and she couldn’t control me anymore, things went to hell.

There I was, 300 miles away, 18 years old, with a 33-year-old boyfriend who was married with kids. Oof.

I could wax on for pages and pages and pages. In fact, I did. I kept a journal throughout that time that ended up being about 120 single-spaced typed pages. Ha! It was a lot of teenage bull shit, honestly. I read through a lot of it last year.

So when I say “long story short,” I truly mean very long story short.

The whole time that we were apart, we were both dating other people. Actually, I think I was more so than Nick. But eventually, Nick did as well. I ended up dating someone pretty seriously. We considered marriage, but in the end, he wasn’t someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

By the time I was a senior in college, Nick and I weren’t dating anyone else, and I was hoping that we would get engaged. We did end up getting engaged and eventually married. We identified being “poly” and dabbled in dating other people. As it turned out, we decided that it was better for us to date together. Sounds good, right?


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Role Reversal

Richard and I decided to mix it up a little bit with this series. Enjoy!

She looked down at her submissive, kneeling in front of her. Standing, he was much taller than her, but kneeling… She liked looking down at him, ready to serve her. His brown hair fell down over his forehead, and she resisted the urge to brush it back. She wasn’t here to be loving. She was here to be stern. Punishing.

“Is this outfit appropriate, Mistress?” he asked. A tight pair of black jeans that would give her trouble when she took them off framed his ass, with a light blue (her favorite) button-down on top. The collar around his neck jingled a little as he tried not to shake with nerves.

“It’ll do,” she said, feigning disdain. She hadn’t decided what she was going to do with him first, but she was enjoying making him tremble.

He looked down at her boots, nodding slightly. “This is why I like it when you take me out to the nude clubs, Mistress. Then all I need to wear are whatever marks you left on me or anything you wanted to write on my body.”

“Oh, don’t worry, pet. You’ll be naked soon enough.” She stopped resisting and ran her fingers through his hair, but as her hand went across the back of his head, she grabbed his hair and tilted his head back so he had to look up at her. “Tell Mistress why you’re here.”

He whined and went mostly slack in her grip, “To show off? To dance with? To fetch drinks?” he dropped off, then paused. “For whatever will please my Mistress?” he asked with a wince. 

“Did you forget so soon the mistake you made, pet?” She yanked on his hair a little harder.

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Eventually Ever After: Part 1

by Jayden

Those of you who have been around a while know that I used to do this blog solo. But “doing this blog” is a stretch, honestly. I created it to write for the A to Z Blog Challenge, which I quickly became a host for. But in between April A to Z, my posts were sparse. One year I managed to do a daily update on my NaNo words, but that’s about it. Otherwise, I have been super inconsistent.

Back in November, I met (and started dating) someone from my writing group, and we quickly realized that we write some of the same types of content and have similar writing styles. I asked if he would be interested in joining me as a co-blogger. And thus, my partnership with Richard was formed.

We started writing together officially in January (though we wrote often in December so we would have things ready to post) and continued dating. Throughout the last few months, TMI Tuesday has made it pretty clear that we’re in a relationship, not that it was a secret, but it was to many of my personal family and friends.

See, my husband and I were poly (“were” – did you catch that past tense?), and because of my job situation, I have kept my personal life, well, personal. Even my daughter didn’t know. She knew Richard, she’d met him many times, but she didn’t know we were involved. We were going to tell her, and then we didn’t, and in the end, it worked out that we didn’t say anything to her. If you had talked to October Jayden and explained what things would look like even in February, she would NOT have believed you, and she certainly would not have believed you if you told her where she would be in August.

But this blog is mostly anonymous. A few of my friends know it’s me, but there’s nothing I would say here that they don’t already know. So as Richard and I discussed ways that we can increase posting to the blog, he encouraged me to be more raw and honest with my readers and tell you the story of what’s actually going on in my life.

With the exception of TMI Tuesday, I’ve been pretty strictly focused on fiction. And that’s great, definitely in my comfort zone. But my life is interesting, and in fact, I am going to write it into a novel. It will probably be partially fictionalized, but the story is interesting. In April, I wrote a novel that was loosely based on my life and experiences, but there were so many parts that were SO far out there, it would be unbelievable.

So if you’re interested in hearing about the stranger than fiction story of how this blogger came to be where she is today, come back every Saturday from now until ?? to hear the tale.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some new collaboration from Richard and Jayden!