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About bit about me:

Hi everyone! My name is Jayden Vincente (or J. R. Vincente) and I am an author of erotic fiction. I’ve been writing for over 15 years and published my first novel in 2015! I am active in the BDSM lifestyle and have been focusing my writing on Dominant and submissive relationships. My husband (and Dom), Richard, often writes with me on my blog. We enjoy writing together, but we haven’t ventured into writing a novel together (yet). Maybe someday. Please check out my published works, but also look for links across the top for long-form stories on the A to Z Challenge pages, as well as Short Story Collections I’ve written. All are guaranteed to make you squirm in your seat. 😉 Enjoy!

Published Novels:

Exploration: An Erotic Novel


Available on Nook, Smashwords, and Kindle:

What would you do with the sudden opportunity to explore any facet of sexuality and BDSM with no judgment, prejudice, or dangerous consequences? In Mara’s community of Zebulon, that’s what she’s about to find out. With endless possibilities for exploration, she’s asked to work on a special assignment—an offer that will change the course of her life.

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A is for… #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge 2023!

Warning: This is a kinky blog for adults only! We will be addressing topics of BDSM in our fictional posts!

A 2023 A-to-ZChallenge.com

Check out our Theme Reveal post if you’d like, and welcome to the first installment! Our focus is on the resilience of submissives. As much as we wanted to have everything pre-planned, we are writing on the fly, so feel free to tell us in the comments what you would like our submissives to be challenged with!

Adelaide Abby approached the abandoned apple orchard with abundant aplomb. She knew her assignment, and though she was nervous, she took strength from the fact that her Master was overseeing her. She didn’t know exactly where he was, but she knew that he was there somewhere. He would never leave her out on her own, naked in the open. He was very protective of her in that way.

A shiver ran down her spine as she looked around, trying to see if there was anyone else in the area. The old abandoned area seemed deserted, except for the birds and wildlife making noises just out of her sight. As the sun started to set, she worried that she wouldn’t find her way out before it got dark. Her bare feet crunched along the grass, and she watched carefully where she was walking lest she step on something unpleasant.

Her assignment was to go to the orchard and take some nude pictures of herself, then get herself out before it got too dark to be safe. She set down her bag that included her tripod and cell phone, finding a great spot with good lighting. In minutes, she had her equipment set up and she was snapping pictures with the remote. Each pose made her squirm with desire. She was getting so aroused.

“I can smell you from here, slut.” Her Master’s deep voice came out of the shadows making Adelaide jump and her heart race. 


He smiled a wicked grin at her. “My resourceful little slut seems to be doing well with her task, but time is growing short. Do you want to be walking out of here after dark, pet?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then I suggest you pack up your equipment and let’s go. I have more tasks for you.”

“Yes, Master.” She turned away from him and grinned so he couldn’t see how pleased she was. She knew that if he thought she was too pleased with herself, he would make her next task more difficult. Her heart kept pounding in her chest, not from fear, but from excitement.

What do you think Master should challenge Adelaide with next?

If you’re participating in the A to Z Challenge, please drop your link in the comments! Happy blogging!

Determined Dominatrix – Chapter 12

Welcome to Chapter 12 of my Dominatrix Series! If you haven’t read the other chapters, you might want to start back at Chapter 1. Today, we’re going to find out what James wants!

Chapter 12:

I switch off the vibrator, watching James in the security camera. He knows I have some kind of security, but he doesn’t know the details. I don’t think he knows I’m watching him right now.

“What are you up to, James?” I wonder aloud.

It’s a small screen and not at a great angle to figure out what he’s doing.

Finally, he rings the bell. I get up, wrapping the bathrobe back around me, and go to the intercom. “Yes?” I say into the machine.

“May I please come back in, Mistress?”

“Did you forget something, pet?”

“You could say that, Mistress.”

I narrow my eyes in annoyance. What does that mean? I buzz the door open.

He comes up the stairs, and I am waiting right at the top for him. As soon as he gets to the top of the stairs, he drops to his knees in front of me. “Mistress, forgive me.”

“For what, pet?” I ask, still wary.

He looks up at me from his knees. I don’t understand the look that passes between us, but I understand when he is suddenly standing in front of me, pulling me into his arms. He wraps me up in them, and he’s warm and strong. I inhale his scent, so familiar to me. “For this,” he says, and he kisses me softly at first, but when I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back, his kiss becomes more insistent, more passionate.

He picks me up off the floor easily, and I wrap my legs around him. I know that I’m going to soak his jeans with my arousal, but I don’t care, and I really don’t think he cares.

We keep kissing as he carries me down the hall to the play space. He breaks the kiss long enough to see that my boots and panties are on the floor by the couch. He pulls at my bathrobe, pulling it open and letting it fall to the side. I move my arms so that it slides off of them and onto the floor. Now I’m naked before him, and he’s still fully clothed. I pull at his shirt, trying to pull it off, but I can only get it halfway up.

He gently sets me down on the couch. I am panting as he breaks our kisses, working his way down my neck. He nibbles just a little bit.

“Fuuuuuuck,” I groan.

He takes one of my nipples into his mouth and nips at the hard nipple.

I moan again, my fingers winding into his hair. He tries to move on to the other nipple, but I pull him back. “No. More. Fuuuuck.”

He flicks the same nipple over and over again with his tongue. He bites down on it. I moan and hump against his jeans.

Finally, I let him move on to the other one. He gives it the same treatment, and I am in heaven. I want more. I don’t even know what more I want. I just want more. I am overwhelmed by the sensations. He moves down, flicking his tongue into my belly button like he had earlier. I squeal as it tickles, but he’s already moved on. He pushes my legs further apart as he inhales deeply, his mouth inches away from my cunt.

He pauses there for what feels like forever. He looks up at me, and our eyes meet, and I have an urge to pull him back and kiss him again. My lips still tingle from our kisses before. But he’s so close to my clit, and I want that. I want the orgasm I was denied when he arrived. My body aches with need.

“Pet,” I gasp out. I can’t beg. I can’t beg my submissive.

But I don’t have to. His tongue touches my folds and finds my clit expertly, and I melt right into the couch.

Thanks for reading Chapter 12! We’re going to take a little break for the the A to Z Challenge starting tomorrow, April 1st! Come back in May to hear more about what James wants. Maybe he’ll say more than 15 words this time. 😉 Don’t forget to check out real life TMI Tuesday every week!

TMI Tuesday: March 28th, 2023

The author of TMI Tuesday has decided to end her reign, but we have decided to continue on, going back to the archives. We’re going to continue with 2012, even though it’s a day off since that was a leap year. So here we are with an archived set of questions.

A Song For You

The Temptations – “A Song for You” – TMITuesday’s favorite version of this much recorded song.

Answer the following questions using only song titles. Make sure you link to the song or the song’s lyrics so that we can listen to or read the song.

By Jayden:

1. What is your present state of mind? Manic Monday

2. How do you feel about your spouse, significant other, or someone you lust for? I love you Just The Way You Are

3. Describe your job. Virtual Insanity

4. What are you hungry for? Hungry for SEX

5. What’s your favorite color? Blue

6. What gets you excited? Butts!

7. Who do you think you are? I’m my own grandpa! (I’m not, but my step-dad is younger than me!)

Bonus: Describe your life. Feel free to elaborate on your song choice. Lucky I’m very lucky with my life in so many ways. And I am so grateful for it. ❤

TMI Tuesday along with us: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Determined Dominatrix – Chapter 11

Welcome to Chapter 11 of my Dominatrix Series! If you haven’t read the previous chapters, I’d recommend starting back at Chapter 1. Today, we’re going to find out if James gets to orgasm again before he goes home.

Chapter 11:

After petting him for a while, I ask if he’s ready for another orgasm.

He whimpers a little. “Mistress, I’ve already cum so much,” he protests.

“Twice. You’ve cum twice.”

“But that’s a lot,” he whines.

I chuckle. “No, it’s not. Not for you.”

He whimpers some more, nuzzling my thigh.

“What’s wrong, pet?”

He shakes his head against my thigh.

I use my finger to make him look up at me. “Tell me.” It’s not a request. It’s a demand.

He takes a deep breath. “I can’t, Mistress.”

“Why not?” I ask.

“Because it’s not appropriate.”

“Pet,” I say, “I have seen you laying on this floor covered in my piss. Just tonight, I watched you suck a dildo after I fucked you with it. What in the world is there that you can’t tell me?”

He shakes his head. “I can’t, Mistress. I’m sorry.”

I shrug as though it doesn’t matter, but it does. I want to know what he wants to say. Is he in love with me? Shit. That would be bad. Or maybe he’s found someone else. Does he have another Mistress in Maine already? No, that seems impossible. My mind starts to spiral, and I just need him to go. “Well, that’s fine then, pet. If you don’t want to cum again tonight, you don’t have to. I’ll see you Wednesday.”

I stand up, wrapping the bathrobe tighter around me.

“Thank you for cleaning my bra for me, pet. I’ll see you soon.” I scritch him behind the ear again and step back, waiting for him to leave. I am sorely tempted to go hide in the bathroom, but that seems too cowardly.

He looks like he’s going to protest, but then he doesn’t. “Would you take my collar off, please, Mistress?”

I nod, and he steps close to me so I can undo the buckle. We do this every time he leaves, but this time, it feels different.

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

I nod again.

He goes to the door and puts his clothes on. “Thank you, Mistress,” he says, poking his head down the hallway, “I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

“Goodnight, pet,” I call back. He leaves, and I pull up the security footage on my phone to watch him leave. His head is down as he gets into his car and pulls out onto the road.

I take a deep breath and go pour myself a glass of wine. My play space is on the second floor above the garage, but the main house next door is my private residence. I am so bone tired I don’t even want to walk next door. But I am also so horny, I can’t stand it.

I take my time taking off my thigh-high boots and then slip out of my soaking wet panties, dropping the bathrobe on the floor next to the couch. I get out my favorite little vibrator, one that will stimulate my clit to a quick orgasm. I am just lying down on the couch when I hear the ding of my alert system. Someone is in the driveway. I’m not expecting any other clients tonight.

I pull up the security camera with one hand while I hold the vibrator onto my clit with the other. I see a familiar car parked in the driveway, and a familiar form get out of the car. In fact, as I’m watching, I see that James is back, and he’s waiting at the door.

Thanks for reading Chapter 11 of my Dominatrix Series! Come back next week to find out if James will ring the doorbell, and if so, what he wants to say to his Mistress. Don’t forget to check out TMI Tuesday every week as well! Plus, the A to Z Challenge starts April 1st!

What’s Good Wednesday? 3/22/23

What’s Good Wednesday?

We did this long ago, but we decided to bring back and a once-a-month chance to share what’s going well in our lives, and welcome you to share what’s good in your lives! Please comment below and let us know what’s good! Feel free to be vague or specific. We’re just happy to share good things!

What’s good!?

Camping season is almost upon us! We’re SO excited to get into our new (to us) RV. We’re very excited to be able to sleep there, spend time with our friends, and get settled into our home-away-from-home! Pictures to come once we get settled!

TMI Tuesday: March 21st, 2023

The author of TMI Tuesday has decided to end her reign, but we have decided to continue on, going back to the archives. We’re going to continue with 2012, even though it’s a day off since that was a leap year. So here we are with an archived set of questions.

31 Favors

31 Sexual Favors for her/him features 31 circular tokens promising a variety of sexual services that will leave your partner utterly satisfied. You could drop one in her purse or in his lunch as a hint of what’s to come later or to hint at what sexual delight you’d like to savor.

This TMI Tuesday let’s play our own 31 Sexual Favors. List 31 unique and exciting sexual activities or services you’d put on your very own tokens that are guaranteed to make you the favorite flavor of the week.

(Running short on time or kinky ideas? …at least list 10 sexual favors). Have fun my little sexies 🙂

Jayden: I don’t know how unique these are, but they are fun and exciting things.

Here are some things I could do on my own that would wind me up and get me very excited.

  • Wear a butt plug.
  • Masturbate in secret in a semi-public space.
  • Expose my breasts in public. Don’t get caught!
  • Take some pictures to post online.
  • Pee my panties.
  • Wear nipple clamps.
  • Wear a wearable vibrator in public.
  • Wear Ben Wa balls in public.
  • Place 5+ clothes pins anywhere on my body.
  • Masturbate while a passenger in the car.
  • Go out in public with no panties.
  • Finger my ass.
  • Fuck my ass with a dildo/vibrator.
  • Write a sexy story.
  • Strip naked in a public restroom or changing room and take pictures.

Here are some things that I would do with/for Richard:

  • Cum in my ass.
  • Piss in my ass.
  • Pin me against the wall by my throat.
  • Choke me with your cock.
  • Give you a rim job.
  • Restrain me and tickle me.
  • Wear high heels. How quick can you catch me?
  • Pee on me in the shower.
  • Spank me.
  • Beat me.
  • Flog me.
  • Paddle me.
  • Give you a massage.
  • Take a shower together.
  • Consensual non-consent.
  • Use the Wartenburg Wheel on me.

I’m sure Richard would be happy to pick any of these!

TMI Tuesday along with us: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Determined Dominatrix – Chapter 10

Welcome to Chapter 10 of my Dominatrix Series! If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you might want to start back at Chapter 1. Ready to find out if Mistress gives in to her own desires? Read on to find out!

Chapter 10:

I can’t kiss him. I shouldn’t kiss him. But goodness, it’s so hard not to.

He finishes licking the cum off my neck and pulls back, looking down over my body, seeing if he got it all. “Mistress, would you like me to wash your bra?”

He’s seen me topless before; most of my clients have at parties and such. It’s a common occurrence to swim naked in the summer. But this is different.

I blink a few times, thrown off and feeling out of my element. “Yes,” I say, and my voice is breathy. “You should always clean up your messes, pet.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he says.

He reaches around me and unhooks my bra more smoothly than I expect. He pulls the bra straps down over my arms and removes the garment.

His breath catches as he sees my nipples, hard with arousal. I can see him reach toward them, but he stops himself at the last second and drops his hands to his sides. “I’ll just go wash this in the sink, Mistress.”

I want to call after him. I want to use my confident Dominatrix voice to tell him that my panties are also dirty and need to be washed. I try to tell myself it’s just because hand-washing lace is a pain in the ass. But I don’t think that’s actually it. I don’t call after him. I bite my tongue. And when he comes back from the bathroom, I have put on a bathrobe. Thin fabric separates my body from his sight, making me feel more secure.

“Mistress, I’ve hung your bra in the bathroom. It’s all clean, Ma’am.”

“Thank you, pet.”

“Of course, Mistress. Thank you. You were right. That was the best orgasm I’ve had in at least a month, probably longer.”

I smile at him. “I’m glad.”

He drops down onto his hands and knees and crawls over to me, his collar still on. “Mistress,” he says.

“Yes, pet?”

He rests his head on my thigh. “I don’t want to leave you.”

I pet him, smoothing his messy hair and gently running my fingers along his shaved face. The little bit of stubble there scrapes against my fingers. I want to know what it would feel like to have it scrape along my inner thighs. “What do you want, pet?” I say, turning it back to him.

“I want to stay here and worship you all night long.”

“How would you worship me, pet?” He knows the rules. He knows that I’ll fuck him with a plastic dildo, but I won’t let him get me off. I won’t let him fuck me. He knows that.

He shrugs. “However you want me to, Mistress.”

“That’s a cop-out, pet.”

He blushes a bit. “I-I don’t even care, Mistress. I just want to be with you.”

“How’s your ass, pet?”

“From the caning or the fucking, Mistress?”

“Both,” I say with a smirk, glad to be on safer ground.

“It hurts, from both.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“Yes, Ma’am. I love it.”

“Would you like some lotion on your ass, pet?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Please,” he adds.

“Get up on top of the cage and present your ass, pet.”

He does as he’s told, and I get the lotion. It’s nice and cool, and I start to smooth it onto his ass. It’s still warm and red from the caning. When I’m all done, I notice that his cock is getting hard again.

“You’re insatiable, pet,” I say, gesturing to his cock.

“I know, Mistress. I can’t help it when I’m with you.”

I smile. It’s flattering. “Thank you, pet.”

He smiles back.

I run my fingers down between his legs, which he spreads for me immediately.

“Mistress,” he groans, “what are you doing?”

“I want to make you cum again.”

“Again?” he echoes immediately.

“Yes, pet. When you leave here, I want you to be so satisfied that you don’t even want to cum on Wednesday.”

“Come see you?” he asks, misunderstanding me.

I chuckle. “No, orgasm. I expect to see you on Wednesday.”

“Mistress, I want to spend every second I can with you. I would see you every day until I leave if I thought you would have the time for me.”

I run my hand along his hair again. “I know you would, pet. I know you would.”

Thanks for reading Chapter 10 of my Dominatrix Series! Come back next week for Chapter 11 and find out just how much time they’re spending together! Also, don’t forget to check out TMI Tuesday and Richard’s Gratitude post on Wednesday!

TMI Tuesday: March 14th, 2023

The author of TMI Tuesday has decided to end her reign, but we have decided to continue on, going back to the archives. We’re going to continue with 2012, even though it’s a day off since that was a leap year. So here we are with an archived set of questions.

This week’s TMI Tuesday idea is brought to you by Mistress Gail who was inspired by the handy little app that allows you to add anything to your Amazon gift list–the universal wish list button.

Let your imaginations run free because we want to know what secret something or someone you’d add to your wishlist.

1. We all know and love a Top 10 list, who or what is number one on your wishlist?

Jayden: A house. This apartment is too small, haha!

Richard: I just want grad school to be over.

2. Tell us 2 naughty things you’d put on your wishlist and 2 more naughty or nice things you’d add to the list.

Jayden: A cage and a thumper are the top of my list. For my other wish list items, I’m waiting to see how things go with our new RV. I’m sure I’ll want things for that!

Richard: A service sub and a violet wand. A pipe organ! Stargate Blu Rays.

3. Your order has been mixed up and instead of your selected gift you receive Fireman Sam (see http://mollysdailykiss.com/2011/12/07/inflation/). What do you do?

Jayden: I’m sure there’s something funny we could do with it.

Richard: The link is broken. What do you use a broken link for? Poorly securing a fence…

4. The miss-delivery is sorted and you get the right order. Because of the mix-up you’ve also received a free gift voucher for one of many new accessories available to enhance your new wishlist item. What do you choose?

Jayden: I would love to get the thumper from above.

Richard: An extra long cord.

5. Your best friend arrives at your back door just as the courier (who is to die for) arrives at the front door with your accessory delivery. What do you do? (choose one)
a) usher your friend away because it’s ALL YOURS! and you can’t wait, let alone share
b) tell your friend to come inside with the intent to have them join in
c) what the heck, two’s company, four’s an orgy! (invite the courier in as well)

Jayden: It depends on the friend, but most of my friends, probably b. I might not use it in front of them, but we’d definitely look at it together!

Richard: I think most of my friends would appreciate an extra long cord and a sci-fi sex toy, B.

Bonus: Do you have a real wish list in the works? If yes, what’s on it?

Jayden: Sort of. The two naughty things above are realistic in the future, just not right at the moment.

Richard: I have an Amazon wish list. It’s mostly knives, sporks, and watches.

TMI Tuesday along with us: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Theme Reveal #AtoZBlogChallenge

Theme Reveal 2023
March 12-18
Blogging from A to Z

We’re excited to be back with the A to Z Blog Challenge! I’ve been writing for this challenge since 2016 and you can check them out here. I’ve done all sorts of things from a fun play on words with Adalene Ashland, the artist who loves anal in 2016, a choose-your-own-erotic-adventure in 2017, opening scenes to 26 different romance stories in 2018, character vignettes in 2019, world building in 2020, and then Richard joined me in 2021. We wrote several week-ish long stories in 2021, and then went back to world building in 2022.

This year, we decided to capitalize on the main A to Z Blog’s theme: Resilience.

And how does resilience and kink mix? We are going to write short stories (they could be anywhere from 1-6 posts long) about how resilient our submissives are in their bdsm relationships. Stay tuned for those stories to start April 1st!

Are you participating in the A to Z Challenge? Drop your link in the comments!

Determined Dominatrix – Chapter 9

Welcome to Chapter 9 of my Dominatrix Series! If you haven’t caught up on it, you might want to start back at Chapter 1. Let’s see how Mistress gives James the best orgasm he’s had in a month!

Chapter 9:

I pull the dildo out of his ass and tell him to turn around.

He does, moaning.

“How dirty is my pet today?” I ask, looking down at the cock bobbing in front of me. I know he makes sure he’s clean before our sessions, and I don’t see anything on the dildo.

“However dirty you want me to be, Mistress.”

“Suck your ass off my cock, pet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he says. I can almost feel the tremor of disgust go through him, but I know he loves it. He wants to be made to do things like this. He doesn’t want to admit he wants it, but we both know he does.

He takes the dildo into his mouth and carefully licks and sucks it, just as he did before we started. When he’s got it all clean, I stop him and tell him to get on his back, legs in the air.

Once he’s settled, I almost lay on top of him to get the dildo into his ass from this position. “Oh god,” he groans when I get it in. “Thank you, Mistress,” he moans.

“You can cum now, pet,” I tell him.

I pull my upper body back as far as I can so he can get to his cock. He starts to stroke it in time with my thrusts. I know this position doesn’t hurt as much on his ass, but I want to feel him lick his cum off my breasts.

“That’s it, you dirty whore. How does it feel to have my big cock in your ass?”

“So good, Mistress. Thank you.”

“Such a pathetic little bitch, jerking off while I fuck you. You’re so pathetic you can’t even cum without me hurting you, can you?”

“No, Mistress. I need you.”

I feel my cunt spasm with arousal when he says that. Shit. That’s not supposed to happen.

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you.”

I can feel his muscles tensing under me as the warm cum hits my chest. He gets some on my bra, but I don’t care. It gets all over my cleavage, my stomach, and up near my throat. “Good boy,” I say, and I thrust the dildo deep into his ass and hold it there while his cock spasms the last of his cum out.

He has a bit on his chest, but he did a good job aiming for my body, even with me on top.

“Good boy,” I say again.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he pants, opening his eyes and looking at me. “Thank you.”

I know there’s more to his words in this moment than a thank you for letting him cum just now. “You’re welcome, pet.”

When his cock has stopped spasming, I pull the strap-on out of him and then unhook it from around my thighs. “I’ll take that for you, Mistress,” he says, taking it when I nod. He enters the bathroom, and I hear the water running as he cleans it.

“Hurry back,” I call. “This cum isn’t getting any warmer.”

I lay down on the couch, and he comes and kneels beside me. “Mistress, may I?”

“Yes, pet.”

He moans softly as he starts licking cum off my belly. His tongue swirls into my belly button, and I can’t help but giggle. He works his way up to my bra, licking it right off the fabric. “I’m sorry I got cum on your bra, Mistress.”

“It’s okay,” I say. “You can clean it for me when we’re done.”

“Yes, Mistress. Of course.”

As he licks over my cleavage, he ends up licking my neck. This is one of the more intimate things we do, especially when he’s licking so close to my mouth. In three years, I’ve done every imaginable thing to him. I’ve pissed on him. I’ve beaten him. I’ve fucked his ass with a strap-on. I’ve made him lick his own cum up off the floor. I’ve made him kiss my feet. But we have never kissed. I am overcome with the desire to find out what his lips feel like against mine. It’s been a long time since I’ve kissed someone. Dating as a Dominatrix is hard, and I don’t kiss my clients. It’s been so long. Fuck.

Thanks for reading Chapter 9! Want to know if she gives in and kisses him right there? Find out in Chapter 10 next Friday! Don’t forget to stop by for TMI Tuesday every week!

Gratitude by Jayden

Each month, Richard and I are going to journal about a different word, inspired by Marquessa Matthews. This month is Gratitude.


I try to start every day with gratitude. Every morning, I give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life. Even on the worst days, there are so many good things I have, and I am always grateful for them. My parents did their honest best to raise me, and I think they did a damn good job. I love them both (and the bonus parents I’ve had). I have amazing friends, whom I love dearly. I was blessed to have found a partner young and have my daughter when I was in my early 20s. I adore her more all the time, and I can’t wait to see the adult she grows into. And now I am so ever grateful for my partner in life: Richard. I didn’t understand what I was missing until I met him, and I am so thankful that he’s here with me every day, supporting me, pushing me, and loving me.

TMI Tuesday: March 7th, 2023

The author of TMI Tuesday has decided to end her reign, but we have decided to continue on, going back to the archives. We’re going to continue with 2012, even though it’s a day off since that was a leap year. So here we are with an archived set of questions.

This week’s TMI Tuesday consist of questions pulled from various TMI Tuesday posts from the year 2010.  If you played with us back then and already answered these questions, feel free to reproduce your answers. It’s fine, there are a lot of new TMI Tuesday players. Of course, things have changed over time so you could give all new answers to the questions, too.


The link after the question, is the URL of the blogger that created that TMI Tuesday question(s).

1. November 23, 2010 – Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the opposite sex without anything steamy happening? (www.playfullyyours.blogspot.com)

Jayden: I have, many times, actually. Even back to my single days (so, uh, high school?), I remember sharing a hotel room with a guy and we stayed up and talked all night long. Nothing happened, though I desperately wished it would at the time. Now I don’t even remember his name.

Richard: Yeah. I was there to watch out for ghosts. There were no ghosts.

2. November 9, 2010 – When it comes to swinging or partner swapping, which would excite you more, watching or being watched? (virtualsin.wordpress.com)

Jayden: Hmm, I’m not entirely sure. Probably being watched, though I get self conscious. I like feeling self conscious though. Somehow it’s sexy for me.

Richard: Being watched for me too. I feel like that’s a general feeling not related to swapping though.

3. November 2, 2010 – Would you vote for a candidate caught in a sex scandal? (virtualsin.wordpress.com)

Jayden: Yeah. I don’t particularly care about candidates’ personal lives. I am also sure that anything done would be blown out of proportion.

Richard: I guess it depends on the sex scandal. Probably, as long as it’s not something absurd like a ritual sacrifice sex cult.

4. October 11, 2010 – Do you masturbate to porn, and if so, what is your favorite genre? (virtualsin.wordpress.com)

Jayden: The only two times I can remember masturbating in the last two years have been for Richard’s amusement, and we weren’t watching porn. Prior to that… I didn’t watch a lot of porn, but my favorite porn genre is predicament bondage and/or forced public nudity/public sex.

Richard: I’ve always been more of an erotica guy. Either way, pretty similar to my actual sex preferences. BDSM, humiliation, etc.

5. September 7, 2010 – What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them? (www.pleasure-principle-hedone.blogspot.com)

Jayden: Being unnecessarily rude to the server, finding out they aren’t supportive of women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, or were racist (though I try to ensure that before the first date), and if they were checked out and not interested in me at all.

Richard: 3 feels like a lot, but I’m sure there’s actually thousands. Let’s go with ones that’ve actually happened. Lying, being boring, or being rude (especially to the server.)

(I didn’t get checked by Jayden ahead of time. ;P)

Jayden: I had a panic-meltdown worrying about it until we had The Talk. Turns out, Richard and I are 80% the same person and 18% complementary.

Bonus: Is your sex drive in park, neutral or over-drive. Explain.

Jayden: Over-drive. Richard and I have been together for over two years, but I think I’m still making up for a lackluster sex life in the past.

Richard: Yeah. Sometimes I think we need to downshift for more traction or something. We’re just so busy.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Determined Dominatrix – Chapter 8

Welcome back to Chapter 8 of my Dominatrix Series! If you missed the previous chapters, you might want to start back at Chapter 1. Get ready for the bruising caning James is about to receive!

Chapter 8:

I swing the cane nice and hard for the first hit. It’s probably about the same as the first hit that was meant to shock him, but now it’s not shocking.

“One. Thank you, Mistress.”

He braces himself for the next hit. It comes harder.

“Two. Thank you, Mistress.”

I swing harder yet.

“Three. Thank you, Mistress. Four. Thank you, Mistress. Five. Thank you, Mistress.”

The fifth hit is so hard that I don’t know how he can stand it, but he still mutters the words. I switch sides so the bruises will be even.

“Six. Thank you, Mistress.”

I start back at a slightly lower hardness.

“Seven. Thank you, Mistress.”

Harder and harder, but I can tell he knows he’s almost done, and there’s a relief that comes with that.

“Eight. Thank you, Mistress. Nine. Thank you, Mistress. Ten. Thank you, Mistress.”

He breathes a huge sigh of relief. He thinks he’s done. But I have a secret. I was never planning to only give him ten hits. I am planning on eleven.

The last one takes him by surprise. He had been relaxed, but now he is tense, alert. “Mistress?”

“Sorry, pet,” I say, in a tone that tells him I’m not sorry at all, “I was so into it, I lost track.”

He knows it’s bullshit, but he also knows he shouldn’t call me on it. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you ready to come down from there, pet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I get the handcuff key and unlock him, letting him stretch out his sore limbs.

“On the floor, on all fours.”

He knows what’s coming now. I get the strap on out of the closet and put it on while he arranges a pillow on the floor for me to kneel on.

“You can have some cushions for yourself if you’d like, pet.”

“No, thank you, Mistress. I don’t want to make a mess of your cushions.”

“Do you think you’re going to be allowed to cum again, pet?”

“I don’t know, Ma’am, but even if I’m not, I imagine there will be a lot of precum. I’m sorry, Mistress. I can’t help it. I’m so turned on by you.”

I scritch him behind the ears again. “That’s okay, pet. I’m glad you’re turned on by your Mistress.”

He rubs his head against my thigh, and I know his eyes haven’t left the large dildo strapped to my body.

“Whenever you’re ready, pet. Suck my cock.”

Sometimes, when he’s being bad, I don’t even let him suck the dildo before I fuck his ass. Sometimes, when he’s really good, I let him put lubricant on it. But today, he is in between, so I’ll let him suck it, but I won’t use any lube.

He begins to suck on the dildo. His eyes meet mine, looking down at him. He makes a show of it, swirling his tongue around the tip. I wish that I could feel what his tongue was like on my clit instead of the tip of the fake cock bobbing in front of me. I can feel my cunt dripping at the thought. Fuck.

I know he can smell my arousal. He inhales deeply and moans softly. “I am ready whenever you are, Mistress.”

“I’m ready,” I say, and I pull the cock away from his face and wait as he gets down on all fours on the bare floor. I kneel on the cushion and slide the cock into his ass, pressing it deep. He moans, and he lowers his upper body to the floor.

“Oh god, thank you, Mistress.”

“Jerk off, pet,” I say.

“Yes, Mistress,” he says, and one of his hands slides underneath his body so he can stroke his cock, which I know is rock hard already.

I rake my nails down his ass cheeks when I pull back, and he screams. I can see his arm pumping faster.

“More, Mistress, please,” he whispers.

I thrust in deep, then pull back and spank his ass. I keep going like this, thrusting deep each time and scraping my nails down his ass or spanking him when I pull back. He moans loudly each time, and as I continue, his arm pumps faster and faster.

“May I cum, please, Mistress?”

“No,” I say.

He falters, his pace slowing and then stopping abruptly. “Mistress?” he whimpers.

“You may not cum, pet.”

He whimpers some more as I thrust into him a few more times, being extra hard on the scratches and slaps of his ass. “Mistress?” he whimpers again, and I smile, knowing that I am about to give him the best orgasm he’s had this month.

Thanks for reading Chapter 8! Come back for Chapter 9 next Friday, and don’t forget TMI Tuesday every week!

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group #IWSG

The Insecure Writer's Support Group

If you’d like to chime in and let us know your answers to the questions or drop a link to your post if you’re participating, please do so in the comments! And check out the IWSG website for more answers!

March 1 question – Have you ever read a line in novel or a clever plot twist that caused you to have author envy?

Jayden: Oh, many times. Mystery twists that take me by surprise are the ones that usually cause me to have author envy. I’m not good at figuring them out, much less writing them myself. (And let’s be real: I have major author envy for E.L. James. Fifty Shades isn’t even that good and she’s earned over $50 million. That would set me up for life.)

Richard: I don’t think so? There are certainly times I have a lot of admiration for a well written paragraph or great idea or whatever, but not envy.

TMI Tuesday: February 28th, 2023

The author of TMI Tuesday has decided to end her reign, but we have decided to continue on, going back to the archives. In fact, this day in 2012 was also a Tuesday. So here we are with an archived set of questions.

Sex & Romance

This week’s TMI Tuesday is about sex and romance. Who doesn’t enjoy a little romance or the art of seduction before engaging in sex? Often times the prelude is better than the actual ‘event’.

1. You are sitting alone in a restaurant because your lunch date is late. Do you:
a) Throw something and then make out with the waiter.
b) Check to make sure he or she didn’t get into an accident, then wait patiently for two hours and use the time to compose a love song or poem.
c) Send a nasty text followed up by a voice mail telling him/her that “romance is dead and so are you!”
d) Wait for 20 minutes, and then text-message a pal to join you for lunch.

Jayden: I don’t know… probably b, though I’d be more likely to pull out a book or something.

Richard: D. I don’t have all day, and I’m not letting a perfectly good lunch go to waste.

2. What’s more important, a romantic relationship or your career?

Jayden: Romantic Relationship, but that said, Richard always supports my career.

Richard: Romantic Relationship. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to car pool to my career.

3. You love to role play in the bedroom, which one of these is more likely to be your kink?
a. Doctor and the naughty nurse
b. You’re the gardener, I’m the hoe
c. Persnickety principal and the wayward pupil that needs a spanking
d. Me Tarzan, you Jane
e. Scattered-brain boss and the seductive secretary

Jayden: Maybe e, but I’d be the scatterbrained one. Or d. Primal is fun.

Richard: B. Only because I want to make Jayden try to pick me up.

4. When you want sex, who tends to make the first move?
a. Me! I like to go for what I want.
b. It varies. Sometimes my partner/significant other/date or sometimes me.
c. Oh definitely the other person. Even if I want it, I’m not about to admit such a thing.
d. I drop subtle hints hoping he/she will pick up on it.

Jayden: b – I love when Richard initiates, but I also like to let him know what I want.

Richard: B

5. When it comes to lovemaking, select the answer that best describes you/your attitudes
a. vanilla – meets society’s middle of the road standards
b. adventurous
c. kinky
d. trisexual – I will try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.  –Mae West

Jayden: c – duh, haha.

Richard: C

6. You want to seduce that sexy someone, what is the sweet-nothing that you’ll whisper in his/her ear?

Jayden: “Hurt me, Master?”

Richard: I’m going to kiss your brain!

Bonus: What’s your idea of a romantic getaway?

Jayden: A cabin in the woods where I can get loudly fucked and “raped” repeatedly without getting interrupted.

Richard: With snow!

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Determined Dominatrix – Chapter 7

Welcome back to my Dominatrix Series! If you missed the previous chapters, you should start back at Chapter 1. Right now, our Dominatrix’s pet is protesting that she’s going to use the cane on him, but we know he’s ultimately going to love it…

Chapter 7:

I pick up the cane and feel the weight of it. I find the place I like to hold it for the best swing, making a show of it. I can find my preferred spot with no effort, but it’s a nice mind fuck to watch the look on James’ face as I swing the cane a little, not hitting him, but just testing its weight.

He whimpers a little and starts to beg.

“Mistress, no, please, not the cane.”

“You know that’s not your choice, pet.”

“I know, but please, Mistress, please?” He climbs off the spanking bench in an uncharacteristic display of disrespect. He kneels in front of me, begging. “Please, Mistress, please don’t use the cane on me. Please use the paddle more or something else. Anything else. Please, Mistress, not the cane, please.”

I swing my free hand down and slap him hard across the face. He whimpers, his hands going to the spot where I hit him. “Bitch, get back on that spanking bench. Now.”

His hair is just long enough for me to wind my fingers into. I do and pull on it, directing him back onto the spanking bench. I grab a pair of metal cuffs from a basket and lock them onto his wrists. He can’t get off the spanking bench now. He still has a fair amount he can move, but getting off entirely is impossible.

“Mistress, pleeeease,” he says, but more weakly now.

I pull his hair so he has to look up at me.

“Why are you here, bitch?”

“To please you, Mistress.”

“Why else?”

“Because I can’t get off without it, Mistress.”

“Without what?”

“Without being made to be your bitch, Mistress.”

“That’s right,” I say. “You are such a pathetic bitch that you can’t even cum without me there to tell you what a pathetic little bitch you are.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So if I want to bruise your ass before I fuck it, I should, shouldn’t I?”

“Yes, Mistress. You should do anything you want, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“That’s right, pet. But what’s worse is that I’m not doing it for my pleasure. I’m doing it because I want to cause you pain. I want to hear you whimper and beg and whine. I want tears to stream down your face. I want you to remember this session when you leave me and go to school. I want you to remember every tiny, minute detail. I want you to remember how good it feels to be my bitch.”

“I could never forget, Mistress. Never. I’m trying to be your good boy. I promise.”

I let go of his hair, and his head falls down to rest on the spanking bench. Tears are streaming down his face again, and I try not to smile too much. I know it’s what he wants. And I can’t say that I don’t. It’s a huge turn-on for me to see how devoted he is. “That’s better,” I say.

I swing the cane against the spanking bench, making him jump.

“Now don’t move.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he whimpers, and I can see him tensing.

I take the first swing of the cane and hit him hard, harder than I usually start with when using the cane. He screams, but he doesn’t move. I hit him lighter then, making it tolerable for him, and none of it as bad as the first hit.

I get into a rhythm, and I can tell that he’s handling it better as he whimpers and whines less. So I build up my hits, going harder until he starts to whimper more. I stay there until he gets used to it and then surprise him with a harder hit.

One, two, three light hits. One hard one. One, two, three, four light hits. Two hard ones. One, two, three light hits. One hard one. One, two light hits. One hard one. There’s no pattern to it. I don’t want him to expect it. I want it to be a surprise. “I’m almost done, pet. Just ten more.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I say.

“You’re going to count every one of them and thank me for them.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

And we both know that those last ten will be the ones that leave him a blubbering mess on my spanking bench and the ones that leave the lasting bruises we both want.

Thanks for reading Chapter 7! Come back next Friday for Chapter 8, and don’t forget to stop by for TMI Tuesday and Insecure Writer’s Support Group on Wednesday!

What’s Good Wednesday? 2/22/23

What’s Good Wednesday?

We did this long ago, but we decided to bring back and a once-a-month chance to share what’s going well in our lives, and welcome you to share what’s good in your lives! Please comment below and let us know what’s good! Feel free to be vague or specific. We’re just happy to share good things!

This drink:

Richard took me to Plaza Azteca where I discovered this drink called Bonita Azul: Hornitos Tequila, Peach schnapps, Blue Curacao, and House Margarita Mix. It’s a drink literally made for me.

So we’ll sit and eat yummy food and read and toast to another good month full of love and laughter.

TMI Tuesday: February 21st, 2023

The author of TMI Tuesday has decided to end her reign, but we have decided to continue on, going back to the archives. In fact, this day in 2012 was also a Tuesday. So here we are with an archived set of questions.

As I cruise around the Internet reading my regular blogs and discovering new ones, the content of other bloggers often gives me ideas for TMI Tuesday questions. A few of you did that for me this week. I encourage TMIers to click on the links and read the blog posts that prompted a specific question.

1. List ONE word to describe your last sexual encounter.

Jayden: Sexy

Richard: Moist

2. Can you recall your worst sexual experience? Why was it so awful? Did you do anything at the time to try to make it better?
Inspiration: http://husbandtwomindssexually.blogspot.com

Jayden: My ex and I had an encounter with another couple that was…weird. I don’t know why either of us didn’t call it off, and I’m not even sure exactly how to describe it. (And that was when I realized I was not a swinger.)

Richard: I had anal that was very painful for a partner once, to the point where I was somewhat concerned that it was going to cross the line from uncomfortable into assault. I stopped.

3. Do you fuck outside the box?
Inspiration: http://hausofmm.blogspot.com/2011/04/fucking-outside-box.html?
We all have a laundry list of things–features, demographic characteristics, etc. that we like and/prefer in a sexual partner. Do you ever deviate from that list? Give an example.

Jayden: I have long semi-joked my type is “gamer.” Every time I’ve tried to date someone who wasn’t a gamer, it just…doesn’t work out. All of my successful adult relationships have been with gamers.

Richard: I think the closest thing I have to a “type” is plus size women, but I’ve dated enough people that weren’t that it wouldn’t be earth shattering if I dated someone who wasn’t. I guess we’ll see how it goes now that Jayden is going all petite on me.

4. Do you blend BDSM in to your relationship? If yes, just in the bedroom or in other areas of your life? Explain.

Jayden: I wear a collar 24/7, so yeah it’s in all areas of my life. Outside of the bedroom, it often is an undercurrent rather than in the forefront, but it’s always there.

Richard: Jayden has to ask to pee.

5. Does the thought of your partner/significant other having sex with another person turn you on? Would you want to watch the act? Would you like to join in?

Jayden: Not particularly. I’d be more inclined to join in than watch.

Richard: Not specifically. I’ve watched Jayden have sex with other people before. It was ok. I would prefer to join in.

Bonus: Fill in the blanks.

I like it _____ on the outside and ______ in the middle.

Jayden: I like it crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle.

Richard: inside out/outside in

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Acceptance by Richard

Each month, Jayden and I are going to journal about a different word, inspired by Marquessa Matthews. This month is Acceptance.


I wrote a 5 page essay on accepting that my writing counts as art last month. I won’t give you the whole thing, but here’s the outline version:

  1. Art=creativity+skill+effort
  2. Creativity: Even the most derivative writing requires some degree of creativity. Maybe not if you’re literally transcribing, but anything even vaguely original, even if it’s instructions or ad copy or something.
  3. Skill: Writing is a skill that you can practice and develop, just like drawing or painting.
  4. Effort: Like creativity, writing always requires some (sometimes seemingly absurd amounts of) effort. Just tapping those little keys and putting words on the page is way more work than it feels like it should be sometimes.

So yeah, I guess I have to accept that I’m some kind of artist. Ugh.