Dungeons #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over!

But before she does, check out my post over on the A to Z site: Decisions, decisions…

And now over to Isola!


Dungeons are a fun place, wouldn’t you agree? But what is more important than outfitting a dungeon with precisely the right materials? The answer is nothing. There is nothing more important than making sure you have the right equipment and safety items. So I am here to provide you with a list of all the most important things you can get at our store for your home dungeon.

First and foremost, if you don’t live alone, and probably even if you do, get a lock for the door. You don’t want your children or your parents wandering in on you in your dungeon. Trust me; it’s awkward.

Second, make sure you have safety equipment. If you are going to play with rope, you should have rope scissors for easy, quick release. If you have handcuffs that lock, you should have extra keys on hand, and maybe bolt cutters. If you are going to play with fire or wax, you should have burn salve. You get the idea. Hopefully, you will never need any of those things, but they are all available in our store, and I encourage you to do your research and get whatever you need to make sure that you and whoever you are playing with are safe.

Safety first people!

Then you can start looking at what toys you enjoy. Are you into impact play? Then you should look at floggers, riding crops, canes, paddles, and whips. Are you into nipple play? Nipple suction toys, clamps, and rings may be up your alley. Are you into pleasure? Vibrators, massaging oils, massagers, and feathers may be more in your league. Are you into pain? Wartenburg wheels, nipple clamps, cock cages are great for that! So are many other things. Do your research and decide what areas you are most interested in trying and start with one or two items from that genre.

If you have no idea, I would recommend attending demonstrations at a convention or a professional dungeon so you can get an idea of what you want.

My last piece of advice if you are trying to create your own dungeon is that you should do lots of research from reputable sources, ask lots of questions, and never be afraid to talk to your partner about what you both want to try.


Thanks for reading my blog! Come back to read more of Isola’s stories throughout the month of April, and check out other A to Z Blogs here!

3 thoughts on “Dungeons #AtoZChallenge

  1. Great tips, especially the safety stuff. And I imagine someone walking into your sex dungeon even if you’re not doing anything at the time could be rather awkward lol

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