Play Parties! #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019PPlay Parties are fun, and so is my blog post over at A to Z about Passion, and other things that make great blogs!

This should be exciting! I can’t wait for the awkwardness that is Seth.


Remember back in H is for Hot when I told you something had happened between Seth and me that told me we would never be an item? Well, I promised I would tell you the story, so here it is:

One Friday afternoon, I was helping a regular customer pick out an outfit for a play party she was hosting. After many failed attempts, she finally made a decision. I was glad that I could help her out, and rang her up with a smile.

When she took her credit card back, she slipped me a piece of paper. “Join us for the party tomorrow, darling. It will be a blast.” I stuttered a thank you, and she grinned over her shoulder calling, “Trust me! Just come. It will be fun!”

I caught the double entendre and smiled. Maybe she was right, but I had never been to a play party before, and the thought of a bunch of strangers having sex right in front of me was nerve-wracking. Sometimes my inexperience surprised people. One would think that having the contacts I did working at a sex toy store I would have experienced more, but that wasn’t the case. I had done many things by myself, and I had had both male and female partners, but I had never been to any play parties. 

By the end of my shift, I had forgotten all about the play party and the customer who had invited me. It was unusually busy, even for a Saturday, and the customers drove her from my mind. It wasn’t until I undressed at the end of the day, checking that my pants pockets were empty, that I realized I had left the invitation in my pocket. Folded up, it was the size of a business card. I unfolded it and realized that it had all the answers to my questions. Where, when, what to wear, what to bring… and to round out the “w” questions, I knew who and why!

I set it on the dresser and climbed into bed naked. Slipping my fingers down between my legs, I felt my hot core. I didn’t know why my pussy was wet, but I was so wet that I was in danger of making a mess on my sheets.

I angled my fingers so my nails wouldn’t press into the folds of my pussy and began to fuck myself with them. Then I switched to playing with my clit. My other hand wrapped around the comforter and held on tight like a lifeline.

As I neared orgasm, all I could think of was a room full of naked, sweaty, sexy bodies and how amazing it would be to be one of them, even though the thought of being naked in front of strangers terrified me.

After I had orgasmed, all I could think of was that party.

You see where this is going, right?

It never crossed my mind that anyone from the store would be at the party, but I would be so so wrong. But my roommates and I are getting ready to play Pathfinder, so I need to go prepare. You’ll have to wait for my next entry to see just how Queasy a play party can get…


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