Rope #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019RI can’t wait to hear the conclusion of Seth’s story. I feel so bad for Isola though!

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Kathy looked around the room and settled her gaze on me. “Isola! Would you do me the honor of being my rope model?”

My eyes went wide.

“You don’t have to be naked,” she said. “You can be as clothed as you feel comfortable.”

As much as I wanted to say no because I was so queasy with my coworker Seth sitting next to me, I wanted to try rope play so badly, and I had never had the opportunity before. Seth had seen me in my underwear before, and I wasn’t that self-conscious. It was just different being next to him at a play party instead of passing at shift change at work.

But I nodded to Kathy.

“Wonderful!” she clapped her hands and pulled me up from the couch.

She and I spoke for a few moments, and then I slipped my skirt and shirt off so that I was standing in the middle of the room in just my lingerie. I felt my pussy contracting with excitement. I wanted someone to touch me so badly, but I knew that it was going to get worse before it got better.

I was glad that Kathy was the one doing the rope demonstration. I had known her in passing for a long time. It was definitely better than it being a total stranger. She had me stand in the middle of the room while she demonstrated a pattern that went around my breasts. With the lingerie on, it didn’t lay quite right between my breasts, but I think everyone got the idea. It was so limiting to have my hands unable to move, but my breasts thrust out to the room. I could feel my pussy getting wetter.

When she untied me, I whimpered at the loss of the restriction.

“You like this, don’t you?” Kathy teased me lightly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said automatically. She smiled at me.

She started another one, using a hook on the ceiling this time. She did predicament bondage with me. It wasn’t particularly painful, but I vaguely remember her explaining how the use of clamps in particular places would make it excruciating, and so much fun.

“But I don’t know if our wonderful model would like that level of pain.” I could hear the joking nature of her voice, but I saw her look to me, asking for permission. My mind was at war. Seth was there, and I wasn’t sure if he was uncomfortable about me being the model, but I wished it had been all strangers besides Kathy.

My brain was running so fast, trying to decide what to do. I liked pain, quite a bit actually, and I loved predicament bondage and hadn’t had an opportunity for it before. But being nude in front of all these people… That was not happening.

I shook my head.

She untied me without another word. “Thank you so much for modeling for us, Isola. Everyone, enjoy the party!” She took me by the arm into another room and thanked me again for modeling. “I can tell this isn’t your cup of tea,” she said kindly, “but you did great.” I smiled. “But remember, you can leave anytime.”

I nodded, “Thank you.”

She patted my cheek gently as a mother would, and then we rejoined the party.

I didn’t stay long. It was uncomfortable for me. With Seth there and my intense fear of being nude in front of strangers, I found myself leaving shortly after the rope demonstration ended. It wasn’t my last play party, but I was definitely a lot more selective about which ones I would attend after that.

As I waited for my car to be brought around, Seth came out of the party and stood next to me.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” I replied, not making eye contact.

“I’m sorry if this is awkward,” he said, and I was surprised he wasn’t teasing.

“It’s not your fault,” I assured him.

“I know, I just,” he faltered. This was so unlike him. “I wouldn’t have come if I had known you would be here.”

“Me neither,” I said, and I wasn’t sure how to take his statement.

“I don’t want things to change between us.”

“Me neither,” I replied again. At the time, I was so confused about what Seth meant. Later, I over-analyzed but came to the conclusion that he wasn’t interested in me and didn’t want to see me at parties.


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