Yes Ma’am #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019YTo me, there is nothing sexier than the phrase “Yes, Ma’am” or “Yes, Sir.” I can’t wait to see what Isola has to tell us!


I discovered that the nice woman’s name was Nellie and her submissive was Issac. They had been together for just a few months and had only begun seeing each other shortly before she came into my store the first time. She and I hit it off very well. I liked her style.

Issac had been interested in being a 24/7 submissive to a woman for a long time but hadn’t had the opportunity. She had been the first woman willing to take him on. He was so excited to serve her, but it was hard breaking old habits of behavior. Now they were trying to find his comfort levels with different things. They had watched some porn and discussed what he was willing to try, but she needed some assistance in trying out some of the things he was interested in. Not having a lot of friends who were in the BDSM lifestyle, she had come to me.

One day after work, I went over to her place and knocked softly. She opened the door with her finger to her lips. I smiled, and we hugged. We had already arranged everything by text, so I knew what I was doing.

She led me through the house and into the bedroom where Issac was laid out on the bed, his wrists strapped down to the bed, a blindfold on, and his ass in the air. He looked so cute all displayed in front of me. Nellie wanted to go for a little bit of humiliation as well as some anonymous sex, at least at first. She had asked me if I would fuck him with a realistic strap on to see how he would react. She had given me the option to wear clothes if I felt more comfortable that way. If she hadn’t said that, I would have backed out for sure. Being naked in front her made me nervous.

I was comfortable enough to ditch my shirt and pants, but I left my bra and panties on and slipped the strap on over top. Nellie lubed me up, and I pressed the rubber cock to his ass. He pressed back against me, moaning softly. Well, that was positive! I pushed the tip inside him and held it there, teasing him, pulling back out. I kept repeating the process, pushing a little deeper each time. When I was buried to the end, I knew he would likely be able to tell that it was a strap on and not a person, but that was okay. Fucking him in earnest now, he pushed back against me, moaning as I fucked him.

And then Nellie came around to his wrists and unstrapped them. I could feel him falter a little bit, wondering how in the hell one person could fuck him and release his arms at the same time. And then Nellie made sure he knew that she wasn’t fucking him. She had stripped down while I was fucking him and she pressed her pussy to his face.

He inhaled deeply, and I could tell he was smelling her sweet scent. His spine stiffened as he realized for sure that Nellie was in front of him. But then he began to push back against me again, letting me fuck him as he licked his Mistress’s pussy.

This was obviously something he did a lot, because he was bringing her to orgasm very quickly. She was panting and writhing beneath him. She cried out then, and I saw her hand press his face deeper into her pussy, and I knew she had reached her climax.

When she let him go and collapsed flat on the bed, I knew it was time to remind him that he didn’t know who was behind him. I picked up the pace and began to really fuck him. Nellie worked her way lower so that she could play with his cock, and before I knew it, he was grunting.

“May I cum, Mistress?” he asked.

“Yes, pet,” she said, and he did. He came all over the blanket that was spread on the bed. I slowed my pace but continued to fuck him a little longer before I pulled out and slipped the strap on off. I laid it on the floor as Nellie had told me to do. She got up off the bed, hugged me, and thanked me at a whisper. I enjoyed watching them together, even with my limited participation. She had offered to have Issac get me off, but I was too nervous for that. I told her that maybe we could try another time.

I left the room, taking my clothes with me. I waited in the hallway, listening to see how he was taking things, but I couldn’t hear anything. Finally, the door opened, and Issac was on his knees in the doorway, no blindfold, totally naked looking up at me.

“Did you have fun, Issac?” I asked.

“Yes, miss,” he said. “Would you come back in, please?”

Whoops, I got a bit carried away with this story. I have a bit more though. Check it out in Z is for Zebra Print!


Thanks for reading my blog! Come back to read more of Isola’s stories throughout the month of April, and check out other A to Z Blogs here!

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