Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

We are so excited to announce our project for the A to Z Challenge! We liked the Blogging from A to Z Challenge theme of “Bet on yourself to do more” so much that we’re running with that as our theme for our April A to Z.

The Plan:

Jayden is going to write three short-ish stories to run the first 1st, 3rd, and 5th weeks of April, and Richard is going to write two short-ish stories to run the 2nd and 4th weeks in April. Our short stories will center on the theme of a BDSM Casino Resort.

But since we’re betting people, we also want to make a bet with each other.

The Bet:

We each think that we can get more likes and comments than the other, on average, on our posts for the month of April.

Here’s where you come in. Tell us in the comments what the prize should be for the winner! We’ll announce the full terms of the bet at the end of March, so be sure to tell us what you think we should do. Thanks!

-Jayden and Richard

28 thoughts on “Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

    1. Thank you!

      We’re going to write five separate stories centering around the same setting. We’ll coordinate so we don’t both write the same stories. 🙂


  1. Loser dresses as the genie of the lamp and grants 3 wishes (not more wishes, and nothing permanent/ life-altering).

    I’m getting ready for the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge. And hoping to honor the wonderful women in my life on March 8 for International Women’s Day.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

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  2. Winner gets a crown (materials optional) and a victory lap. Loser has to take a pic to share with us. Filters optional if you want to preserve anonymity. This sounds like it will be a fun challenge. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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    1. That is clever. 🙂 I guess we’ll see!

      I will say that living together, Richard and I have done a good job of dividing the chores so that I do the dishes and he does the cleaning!


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