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Every Saturday in July, I’m going to treat you to an excerpt of one of my published novels. Last week, I gave you a peek at Runaway. This week, we have another novel born of the A to Z Challenge:

Y is for Yes:

A chance encounter after hours at her new office job ropes Yvonne into a world of BDSM and exploration she never imagined. Join Yvonne on her adventure to ditch the business suits for lingerie in Y is for Yes by J. R. Vincente.

Y is for Yes
An erotic novel by J. R. Vincente

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As my lips pressed against Derek’s, I felt my control slip. Our bodies pressed together as though they were molded that way. I could feel the scratchy material of his shirt against my nipples. I moaned softly against his mouth. His arms wrapped around me.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, but I knew it must have only lasted a few seconds. He picked me up and my legs wrapped around him automatically, pressing my pussy right up against his cock. If we had been naked, I was sure he would have been pressed inside me. I could feel how hard he was.

“Yvonne,” he said my name in a tone that spoke of warning.

“Hmm?” I asked, my vision a little hazy from my arousal.

“You’re going to get my pants all wet, little one.”

My face burned with embarrassment again. “I’m sorry, Sir,” I whispered.

He turned and set me down on the table in my office. My desk was organized but cluttered, but the table had nothing on it. He quickly undid his pants and belt and let them fall to the floor. I watched as he stepped away from me and pulled his shirt over his head. A smattering of hair covered his chest and tapered off into his boxers. I was so focused on following that trail of hair that I didn’t realize he had started pulling his boxers down so that his cock sprang free. I licked my lips

without thinking about it, slid off the table, and dropped to my knees in front of him.

“Is there something you want, Yvonne?” he asked.

I tore my gaze away from his cock and up to his eyes. “Yes, Sir,” I whispered.

“Tell me what you want, Yvonne.”

I hesitated. I got embarrassed talking about sex. But it was clear that Derek wasn’t going to give me anything if I didn’t tell him what I wanted. I swallowed hard and whispered, “I want your cock.”

He curled his fingers into my shoulder length hair and pulled my head closer to his cock. “Suck me, Yvonne,” he directed.

I opened my mouth wide and took him inside. He tasted amazing, just a touch of salt from his skin, and the skin on the head of his cock was silky. He was big enough to fill my mouth and press against the back of my throat with inches to go. I moaned around his cock and felt a shudder go through him.

He used his grip on my hair to push me onto his cock and pull me back so that I was sucking him. Every time he pushed me onto him a little further until he was sliding down the back of my throat. I gagged, but he didn’t let up. The force of it made my pussy spasm with desire for him.

When he stopped, I made an involuntary sound of regret.

“Don’t worry, Yvonne, I’m not done with you.”

The corners of my mouth turned up just a bit as I looked up at him.

“But first,” he said, “I want you out of those panties.”

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered, and I slid the panties down my legs and stepped out of them. I was standing in front of Derek now with nothing on except my shoes. I had trouble believing that this was real life, but I kept my mouth shut.

“Beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said, not entirely believing him, but not willing to contradict him either.

He smiled at me. “Turn around,” he said, and I followed his directions. “Put your hands on the table. Spread your legs wider.”

I heard the rip of a condom wrapper, and a few moments later, he came up behind me. I felt his cock slid along my slit before entering me. I groaned. It had been so long since a cock had filled me so completely. I was stretched out, and it felt wonderful. “Oh god,” I groaned.

He pulled back and then pressed hard into me again. I moaned loudly as he began to thrust in and out, harder and harder, over and over. I couldn’t tell if it had been minutes or hours, but some time later, I felt his grip on my hips tighten as he grunted and came inside me.

He took a step back from me and admired my ass where I stood, hands still on the table.

Shaking his head, he repeated, “Beautiful,” and then he started getting dressed.

I suddenly felt very exposed and reached for my discarded clothes.

“No,” Derek said suddenly.

“What?” I said, shocked. The intimate moments had passed, and I wasn’t feeling quite so shy.

“There’s still coffee on them. Let’s go get these clothes cleaned up,” he said. I rolled my eyes, and he suddenly pinned me against the wall with his body. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

A touch of fear fluttered in my stomach. “I’m sorry,” I said. I knew then that I didn’t have any real power in this relationship.

“Take your clothes to the bathroom and wash them out. Now. You may get dressed when they have been washed out and dried with the hand dryer.”

“Yes, Sir,” I nodded, picked up my discarded clothes and left. When I came back to my office a while later, he was gone. There was a note on my desk.

“When I see you tomorrow, don’t mention tonight.” Now what the hell was that supposed to mean?

Buy the book to find out!

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