Gratitude by Jayden

Each month, Richard and I are going to journal about a different word, inspired by Marquessa Matthews. This month is Gratitude.


I try to start every day with gratitude. Every morning, I give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life. Even on the worst days, there are so many good things I have, and I am always grateful for them. My parents did their honest best to raise me, and I think they did a damn good job. I love them both (and the bonus parents I’ve had). I have amazing friends, whom I love dearly. I was blessed to have found a partner young and have my daughter when I was in my early 20s. I adore her more all the time, and I can’t wait to see the adult she grows into. And now I am so ever grateful for my partner in life: Richard. I didn’t understand what I was missing until I met him, and I am so thankful that he’s here with me every day, supporting me, pushing me, and loving me.

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