Fetishes #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over! She’s going to share with you some of her crazy stories, mostly centered around working in a Sex Toy Shop. Take it away, Isola!


Gosh, there are so many fetishes. There are ones that are totally taboo, and there are ones that a little more the norm. I can’t even decide which one of the fetishes is my favorite. But my favorite type of customer is the one who has a fetish, and they have trouble admitting it. Obviously, I want my customers to leave the store happy, and when it comes to making purchases, you have to admit what you want in order to leave happy.

Last week, this woman came in, and the first thing I thought was that she looked like a mouse. Not in appearance, but in stature. She was tiny, yes, but it was more the way she was carrying herself.

“Hello,” I said brightly. “Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with today.”

She nodded slightly, but I noticed that she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at the floor.

I didn’t want to pressure her. I knew that I was more likely to make a sale if she felt comfortable. I gave her some time, watching her surreptitiously. She wandered the whole store, walking down every aisle, looking at every shelf. I noticed that she lingered more on the butt plugs than anywhere else.

When she had gone back to the butt plugs for the third time and wandered away again, I knew that I had my chance. I walked over to the butt plugs and started going through each one, arranging boxes neatly and tidying the area.

“Oh, I love this one,” I said, picking one up and smiling at it. I acted as though I was talking to myself, but she took the bait. I noticed that she walked a few feet closer to me, peering over my shoulder at the box. I turned to her and smiled brightly, “Sorry, did you want to look at it? It’s my favorite.”

She blushed from her neck under her modest cut blouse to the roots of her auburn hair. She shook her head slightly, but I could see her hands itching to reach for it.

“It’s okay,” I said, “don’t be shy.” I dropped my voice even though there was no one else in the store. “I don’t know about you,” I said in a conspiratorial whisper, “but I love that this one vibrates. There’s nothing quite like it.”

She looked at me for the first time, and I couldn’t tell if her eyes were always open that wide or if it was because she was surprised at what I said. I was reminded of a girl I had a crush on in high school who had these big beautiful eyes. She probably thought they were too big, but I would get lost in them if I had ever had the nerve to stare into them. I mentally shook my head to get out of my past and smiled at the woman in front of me.

I turned back to the shelf and put the vibrator back, organizing and situating boxes again, even though everything was done already. “This one is nice. The base is particularly flared, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.”

“That is a good quality,” she whispered.

Her voice was so low, I wasn’t sure that I was even supposed to hear it, but I nodded anyway.

“H-have you used all of these?” she asked, stuttering just a little.

I turned back to her. “Not all of them, but many.” I paused long enough for her to process what I was saying, “I have to say that anal play is definitely one of my fetishes.” I grinned. I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t lying.

“Me too,” she whispered.

“Well, then you should definitely pick out one of these.” I went back to the one that vibrated and held it out to her. “This one is my recommendation, but they’re all good in their own way. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with,” I said, and then I slowly wandered away.

She did come back to the store later. But for more on my mousy friend, you’ll have to come back for N is for Nipple Clamps!


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Edibles #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over! She’s going to share with you some of her crazy stories, mostly centered around working in a Sex Toy Shop. Take it away, Isola!


Edibles are one of the most fun things to pick up in a toy store. The most popular is edible underwear. Honestly, I just think they are so gross. If I am going to put underwear on my body, it’s going to be all yucky by the time you go to eat it. I guess if the length of time is short, then it wouldn’t be so bad, but at that point, why bother? I would rather just be naked. (Totally tell me if you have tried edible underwear and you like it. I’m dying to hear real stories.)

But there are lots of awesome edibles that are fun novelty items. I really like the gummy penises. They are great for bachelorette parties, sure, but I highly recommend mixing them in with a bunch of regular gummies to see if anyone notices. It’s hilarious to see people actually look at the gummies and get suddenly surprised at what they find. Just make sure you don’t leave them where kids can find them. That can cause awkward questions.

My favorite memory of this is when I went to a gaming convention. It was all tabletop games, and very family friendly, but apparently I have a reputation. I was browsing the options at one of the vendors, and all of a sudden the owner of the stand is motioning me over. I go over smiling, as I had known him at least in passing for quite some time.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Very well, and you?”

“I’m fine. What’s up?”

“I have something to show you.” He pulled out a box and opened it, holding the lid so it would block the view of anyone passing by. At first, I was afraid he was going to show me something illegal, but no, they were penis gummies. I just laughed.

“You know I sell these at my store,” I said.

He shrugged. “I thought you might, but feel free to spread the word if you know anyone else might be interested. All they have to do is ask.”

I walked away a few minutes later with a bag full of regular and penis gummies, as well as some other novelty gaming items. I didn’t do the math, but I was pretty sure he hadn’t charged me full price for the lot.


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Dungeons #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over!

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And now over to Isola!


Dungeons are a fun place, wouldn’t you agree? But what is more important than outfitting a dungeon with precisely the right materials? The answer is nothing. There is nothing more important than making sure you have the right equipment and safety items. So I am here to provide you with a list of all the most important things you can get at our store for your home dungeon.

First and foremost, if you don’t live alone, and probably even if you do, get a lock for the door. You don’t want your children or your parents wandering in on you in your dungeon. Trust me; it’s awkward.

Second, make sure you have safety equipment. If you are going to play with rope, you should have rope scissors for easy, quick release. If you have handcuffs that lock, you should have extra keys on hand, and maybe bolt cutters. If you are going to play with fire or wax, you should have burn salve. You get the idea. Hopefully, you will never need any of those things, but they are all available in our store, and I encourage you to do your research and get whatever you need to make sure that you and whoever you are playing with are safe.

Safety first people!

Then you can start looking at what toys you enjoy. Are you into impact play? Then you should look at floggers, riding crops, canes, paddles, and whips. Are you into nipple play? Nipple suction toys, clamps, and rings may be up your alley. Are you into pleasure? Vibrators, massaging oils, massagers, and feathers may be more in your league. Are you into pain? Wartenburg wheels, nipple clamps, cock cages are great for that! So are many other things. Do your research and decide what areas you are most interested in trying and start with one or two items from that genre.

If you have no idea, I would recommend attending demonstrations at a convention or a professional dungeon so you can get an idea of what you want.

My last piece of advice if you are trying to create your own dungeon is that you should do lots of research from reputable sources, ask lots of questions, and never be afraid to talk to your partner about what you both want to try.


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Corsets #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over! She’s going to share with you some of her crazy stories, mostly centered around working in a Sex Toy Shop. Take it away, Isola!


Ah, Corsets. They are some of my favorite and yet most hated clothing items. We sell them, in various shapes and sizes and colors. Most of them are made with steel bars now, so there are no animal bones to deal with. It’s much more humane, but they honestly aren’t as nice.

Corsets do a great job of narrowing the waist, but they can make it hard to breathe. And any woman who knows anything about corsets knows that they can make a woman with a small chest look like she has a big chest. One such small chested woman came in one day.

“Hello,” I said, greeting her as she walked in the door.

“Hello,” she said with a slight blush. It was obvious she was someone who had never been in a sex toy shop before.

“How can I help you?” I asked.

“Well, I need to get a corset,” she said.

“Okay, do you have any preferences in size or color?” I asked.

“I need it to be black or purple, and I need it to help me look like I have a big chest.”

I chuckled, “Well, any corset we have is going to make you look like you have a big chest if it’s laced right.”

“How do I know if it’s laced right?” she asked.

“I can show you how, or I can show someone else if you have someone interested in learning.”

“Thank you,” she said, but she didn’t indicate which one she preferred. I guided her back to the corset section and let her pick the color she wanted. I measured her waist and her bust and helped her choose the right size. And then I strapped her into it. It was one that once it was set, she might be able to get it back on just by unclipping the front and reclipping it, at least for a while.

I tightened it until just before it would stop her from breathing. She took a look in the full-length mirror and was surprised at what she saw.

“Look at me!” she said.

“I am,” I said with a smile. “You were beautiful before, you know,” I said. She shrugged. “There are impossible standards of beauty for women. You should accept your body for the way it is. It’s beautiful.”

“But with this corset, I have breasts!” she exclaimed.

“They are certainly accentuated,” I said.

“I’ll get him for sure with this outfit,” she said, but it was clear that she wasn’t talking to me.

I checked out her purchase a few minutes later, and I didn’t see or hear from her for another six months. Then one day she came into the shop and handed me an envelope.

“What’s this?” I asked when she handed it to me.

“Open it,” she said.

I did, and it was a wedding announcement. “Remember the day you helped me buy a corset?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“I went to the Renaissance Faire afterward with some friends. I was trying to date one of them, but he never noticed me. But thanks to that corset, he noticed, and now we’re getting married!”

“Congratulations!” I said. I wasn’t sure if I was expected to attend the wedding.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile. She showed me the ring. It was small but beautiful, and it was just perfect for her tiny hands.

“I hope that you’ll come to the wedding,” she said in her tiny voice. “We never would have gotten together if it hadn’t been for you and your great advice.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It wasn’t just the corset that I wore. He said that it was confidence I had that made him notice me. He had never seen me so confident before. What you said about being comfortable in my own body and accepting my own beauty, that’s what made all the difference in my life. Thank you so much for helping me.”

She threw herself into my arms, and I hugged her without being conscious of what I was doing.

A few weeks later, the invitation to the wedding arrived. I sent a gift, but I didn’t attend.


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Books! #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over! She’s going to share with you some of her crazy stories, mostly centered around working in a Sex Toy Shop. Take it away, Isola!


As you can imagine, there are any number of books in a sex toy shop. Some are graphic in all the right ways. Some are instructional. Some are pure entertainment. But I want to tell you about a particular customer who tried to treat my book section like a library!

One day, I went to work as usual, expecting nothing out of the ordinary. I opened up the store. I counted the cash in the cash drawer. When I flipped the closed sign to open, someone came in almost immediately. That in and of itself was unusual. I often thought that we opened earlier than we needed to, but I was paid hourly, so who was I to complain?

A tall man walked in. I don’t know his name, so let’s just call him Bob. He didn’t make eye contact with me, even when I greeted him, which wasn’t unusual. He went to the book section, and I went back to making sure everything was set for the day.

It took me a little while to realize that Bob hadn’t come back out of the book section. I wandered back there and saw him, standing with his back to me. For a moment, I didn’t understand what he was doing. And then I figured it out.

He wasn’t actually jacking off, but it was close. He had a book open in front of him in one hand, and his other hand was rubbing his cock through the outside of his jeans.

I cleared my throat, and he turned around, startled.

“Oh. Uh,” Bob said, and then he hastily closed the book and put it back on the shelf.

“Wait,” I called, but he didn’t stop, and I watched him leave, which wasn’t my intention at all.

A few days later, he was back. As before, he didn’t acknowledge me at all. He just ignored me and went back to the book section. I gave him some time, and then I went back to see if he needed any help. He was reading the same book as before, but he wasn’t rubbing against his jeans this time.

“Can I help you with anything?” I asked.

“No,” he said, and he hurriedly left again.

After the third time, I felt like I needed to say something. He entered the store, and I said, “Good morning.”

He looked at me this time at least. I stepped out from behind the counter and went back with him.

“How can I help you, Sir?” I asked. He looked like he was going to book it again. “You don’t have to leave,” I said. “Please stay and let me help you find what you need.”

He just looked at me and said, “there’s nothing you can help me with,” and then he left. I never saw him again. Weird.


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An Ad for Roommates #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over! She’s going to share with you some of her crazy stories, mostly centered around working in a Sex Toy Shop. Take it away, Isola!


One day I was working at the sex toy shop when a woman rolled in the front door in a wheelchair.

Feeling a little saucy, I said, “Welcome to Aphrodite’s Toychest. Can I help you find your fantasy today?”

“I, no, well, I mean, maybe.” She seems thrown off by my comment.

I smile at her. “Well, we’ve got lots of toys, depending on your preferences. For yourself or to use with someone?”

“Oh. I don’t have a someone. Actually, that’s kind of why I’m here.”

I raise an eyebrow, though it’s partially hidden behind my long, straight hair. “I’ve got dolls, but there are no hookers in the back.”

She laughs, and I find her to be endearing. Generally, I am attracted to laughter, but there was something special about hers that made me tingle. Not in a sexual way, just a feeling. “Good to know,” she says. “I’m actually looking for roommates — the more open-minded variety. I run a psychic business out of my converted garage. I’m hoping to avoid the judgmental types. You know?”

I nod. “Yeah, I can see how a place with fuzzy cuffs probably has a better market for you than a grocery store.”

She hands me her ad. “Fuzzy cuffs? My ex stole my old pair. So, since I’m here…”

“Leopard, pink, purple, black, or red?” I offer.

“Hmm. My favorite color is copper. Don’t suppose you have that?”

“Not in fuzzy cuffs,” I reply. “Nipple clamps though!”

She laughs. “I’ll take the leopard print, please.”

I get them and ring her up, thanking her for her business, and promising to get the ad seen by the right people.

After she leaves, I read over the ad. She’s looking for someone for the second floor and basement in a house. It’s no mystery to me why she would need someone to live in those spaces. Unless the house was majorly wheelchair accessible, those wouldn’t be areas she could use much. Though, I didn’t know if she was entirely wheelchair bound. I hoped not, for her sake.

I hung the ad up on the board on the wall. Something was still tingling in the back of my mind about the woman. Had she given me a name? I didn’t think so. But then another customer entered.

“Hello,” I said cheerily, setting aside the thoughts of the woman looking for a roommate.

All of my thoughts were focused on the customer who had entered. Of all the things I thought I would have to deal with when I took this job, I hadn’t considered creepy guys. But here I was, looking at a creepy guy who came in at least once a week. He had never stolen anything, to my knowledge, but he would sometimes hang around and ask awkward questions. I was okay with that until he tried to take a girl home with him and didn’t take no for an answer. She had handled herself well, but I was ready to call the police if he hadn’t buggered off when he did.

He came in and wandered over to the board where I had just posted the ad. And I knew. I knew that he should not see that ad.

I got to the board at the same time he did. He was just looking at the paper when I snatched it off the board and crumpled it up.

“Hey,” he said, “what was that for?”

“I just got a call to take that down. The place has been rented.”

“So soon?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, feigning confidence I didn’t feel. “Sorry it didn’t work out for you.”

I stuck the crumpled piece of paper in my pocket and went back to the desk, watching as he perused the store. He picked out a new pair of leathers and brought them to the counter. I rang up his purchase and watched as he left.

When he was out of sight, I realized that I had pulled the paper out of my pocket and smoothed it out subconsciously. The phone number on the bottom of the ad was almost pulsing with the need for me to call it. I hadn’t been planning to move, but my lease was only month to month, so I could leave any time…


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A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal!

Two of my fellow authors and I have been working on a novel starring three eccentric women. We hope to have it out in the near future, but I would like to introduce you to my main character. In order to get to know her better, I decided to use my A to Z Blogs to tell some of her stories. These stories may or may not end up in our novel, but it’s still fun to get to hear her entertaining stories. Without further ado, I’ll let her introduce herself.


Hello. My name is Isola and I’m going to tell you a little bit about me. I work in a sex toy shop. As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment! Okay, so maybe there are some dull moments. But there are lots of exciting ones as well. Stay tuned throughout the month for 26 crazy stories of my life!

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