Books! #AtoZChallenge


As mentioned in my Theme Reveal, my character Isola is taking over! She’s going to share with you some of her crazy stories, mostly centered around working in a Sex Toy Shop. Take it away, Isola!


As you can imagine, there are any number of books in a sex toy shop. Some are graphic in all the right ways. Some are instructional. Some are pure entertainment. But I want to tell you about a particular customer who tried to treat my book section like a library!

One day, I went to work as usual, expecting nothing out of the ordinary. I opened up the store. I counted the cash in the cash drawer. When I flipped the closed sign to open, someone came in almost immediately. That in and of itself was unusual. I often thought that we opened earlier than we needed to, but I was paid hourly, so who was I to complain?

A tall man walked in. I don’t know his name, so let’s just call him Bob. He didn’t make eye contact with me, even when I greeted him, which wasn’t unusual. He went to the book section, and I went back to making sure everything was set for the day.

It took me a little while to realize that Bob hadn’t come back out of the book section. I wandered back there and saw him, standing with his back to me. For a moment, I didn’t understand what he was doing. And then I figured it out.

He wasn’t actually jacking off, but it was close. He had a book open in front of him in one hand, and his other hand was rubbing his cock through the outside of his jeans.

I cleared my throat, and he turned around, startled.

“Oh. Uh,” Bob said, and then he hastily closed the book and put it back on the shelf.

“Wait,” I called, but he didn’t stop, and I watched him leave, which wasn’t my intention at all.

A few days later, he was back. As before, he didn’t acknowledge me at all. He just ignored me and went back to the book section. I gave him some time, and then I went back to see if he needed any help. He was reading the same book as before, but he wasn’t rubbing against his jeans this time.

“Can I help you with anything?” I asked.

“No,” he said, and he hurriedly left again.

After the third time, I felt like I needed to say something. He entered the store, and I said, “Good morning.”

He looked at me this time at least. I stepped out from behind the counter and went back with him.

“How can I help you, Sir?” I asked. He looked like he was going to book it again. “You don’t have to leave,” I said. “Please stay and let me help you find what you need.”

He just looked at me and said, “there’s nothing you can help me with,” and then he left. I never saw him again. Weird.


Thanks for reading my blog! Come back to read more of Isola’s stories throughout the month of April, and check out other A to Z Blogs here!

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