TMI Tuesday

The Dating Game

1. Consider your current lover and your relationship as it stands. If this person were on a dating app would you swipe left or swipe right?

I’m sure I would. He’s still as sarcastic and funny as the day we met. Of course, I met him thanks to a completely random and anonymous yahoo messenger message.

2. Have you ever done speed dating? Did you like it? Did you get a real or full date out of it?

I haven’t, and I don’t know that I would like it.

3. If your date texts during a date, do you find it annoying? If yes, do you say something about it?

Eh. As long as it isn’t obsessive.

4. How do you like to arrange dates–with an actual phone call or all via text messages?

Text messages, usually, but if I really like someone, I can talk on the phone for hours.

5. For a first date, which do you prefer–drink date or dinner date?

Breakfast, actually. It can be a quick meal, but doesn’t have to be if the date is going well.

Bonus: Have you ever been a cockblocker? Why did you do this?

I haven’t been intentionally. If I have, I’m not aware of it.

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