I is for…

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Isabella Isaacs was sitting on a city bench next to her former therapist, trying to figure out how to get him to sleep with her. Maybe she needed to go back to therapy. Oy. What was wrong with her? Oh yeah, she had a massive fetish for being immobilized. Her former therapist, Holt Holland had tried to “help” her with it, despite his assurances that her fetish was perfectly fine and there was nothing wrong with her. She had had other issues that were significant, so they had dealt with that and eventually she had stopped seeing him. But here they were, randomly meeting on a bench in the middle of New York City. Maybe it was meant to be.

He kept looking at her shoes. She was wearing 4 inch heels in the city, though. So she guessed that wasn’t a totally unnatural thing to do. The heels were the reason she sat down on the bench in the first place. Otherwise she wouldn’t have bothered to sit and rest on her walk home. This morning, the heels had seemed like a good idea. It was one of the first warm days of Spring and the short skirt and hot heels seemed natural. Being the first time she had worn high heels for the season, she wasn’t used to them yet. She should know better.

“How have you been?” she asked Holt.

“Oh just fine,” he replied.

“Are you still a practicing hynotherapist?”

“Yes. Things are going very well, actually. I’m hiring another office staff member.”

“That’s wonderful. I happen to be looking for a job,” she said. She wasn’t really looking for a job. Why did she say that? She realized with a start that she had a crush on Holt. Had she always had a crush on him or was it just a recent thing? She had no idea.

“Oh really?” he said. “Hm.” He appeared to be chewing over the idea of hiring her, or maybe just chewing over the idea of interviewing her for the position.

“Yeah, well, maybe,” she back peddled. “I mean, if the right job comes along.” The truth was that she wasn’t particularly happy at her current job but she wasn’t actively seeking a new job either.

“You should consider applying with me,” he said and their eyes met and held.

“Okay, maybe I will.”

“Mmm,” he said noncommittally and she realized he was leaning in to kiss her. Her stomach turned with excitement and she could feel her heart pounding. Was it possible that he could hear her heart beating? She certainly felt like it was loud enough. She leaned in and felt an electric jolt as their lips met. It wasn’t actual static electricity, but it certainly felt like it. She melted into the kiss, but it wasn’t as hot as she thought it would be. Their noses bumped and their teeth touched. He opened her lips and he closed his at the same time. She hoped that he would be better in other areas of the bedroom. When they broke their kiss, he pulled back and looked at her. He had an expression of horror on his face. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean—”

She smiled and he visibly relaxed. “It’s okay.”

“It’s just you’re a—you’re a former patient…”

“I know, it’s okay. This has nothing to do with me being your patient a million years ago.”

“Right, okay.” He looked like he was trying to make up his mind as to whether or not it really was okay for him to do this. Even though their kiss was awkward, she wanted to explore more. She wanted to know if they could have a thing.

Isabella really wasn’t sure that they could have a thing, but she really wanted to find out.

“Do you want to…” she stopped herself. Could she really ask him that? But she felt like she had to. “Do you want to go somewhere?”

“Somewhere not on this park bench?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know…” she let her voice trail off. The only thing she could think of was that they could go back to her place, but that was really inappropriate. Really, really inappropriate. Right? She couldn’t ask him to go back to her place, could she? But what else could she ask him? A coffee house? A diner? Ugh.

He looked like he was having the same internal war she was but his decision wasn’t obvious on his face. “What if we go back to my place?” he asked.

She giggled and sighed with relief. “I was going to suggest we go back to my place, but I didn’t want to be too forward.”

His face split in a grin. “Your place is fine, too.”

“My place it is then,” she stood, hiding a wince as her feet protested the heels she was wearing. Within a few minutes, they were at her door and he was standing there nervously shifting from foot to foot behind her as she unlocked it. She pushed the door open and they stepped inside. “Welcome to my home,” she said standing aside.

“This is nice,” he said. Nice, a very typical guy term.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” she said. She had always wanted her apartment to be more. More cozy, more welcoming, more clean. But she kept up with things so that it was a nice enough place to live. She had no qualms about having Holt come to her place without any warning. That was definitely a plus.

“What did you want to do?” he asked her and she blushed a deep shade of red.

“I think you know the answer to that question.”

“So, you’re still into…”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Well that’s good to know. I guess there are some benefits to…” he stopped as though he didn’t know what to call it, “this arrangement. I know a lot about you.”

“And I know almost nothing about you.”

“That’s true,” he said. The tone of his voice indicated surprise at her statement. He must not have thought of the fact that she was in the dark about most of his life. He hadn’t shared much of himself with his patients, but Isabella supposed that was normal. What they were doing, or what they were going to attempt to do, was definitely not normal.

“So you know what I’m into…”

“I do.”

“Is that something you think you could do?”

“Immobilize you?”

“Yeah,” she said. She was blushing so deeply she could feel her face burning.

“I’ve never done it before.”

“That’s okay, I can walk you through it, so to speak,” she giggled. Her nerves were showing.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

“Great!” she said. She led him into the bedroom and she started to remove her clothes. Since she had bared her deepest darkest secrets to this man, taking her clothes off in front of him seemed to be no big deal to her.

“Can you do me a favor though?” he asked.

“What?” she asked. She never agreed to a favor without knowing what it was.

“Can you keep your heels on while we do this?”

“Sure,” she said, smiling. “Is that your,” she paused, searching for the right word, “thing?”

“Yes,” he turned a slight shade of pink himself, “it’s my thing.” He used air quotes around the word thing and she smiled.

“Okay,” she was happy to know that he had a ‘thing’ that he was slightly embarrassed about. She wasn’t the only one. But keeping her heels on was no big deal. The only thing that sucked was that her feet were already screaming for her to take them off. But since he was going to try immobilizing her which was new to him, she figured she would be willing to endure a little discomfort for his pleasure.

She was naked now, except for the heels and she was looking at him like she wanted to eat him, which, she supposed, wasn’t too far off from the truth. She wanted to suck him, at least. She loved being immobilized and forced to do things. Almost like a rape fantasy, but not quite to that degree. She just didn’t have any control when she was all wrapped up in saran wrap or rope or whatever other material was available.

“So, you want to start with my shoulders and work your way down,” she informed him. He nodded and picked up the large box of saran she kept in the bedroom and had placed at the foot of the bed when she came in.

“Is this what you want me to use?”

“Yes please,” she said. Even though disrobing in front of him hadn’t seemed like a big deal at the time, she was itching for him to get naked as well. He had kept all of his clothes on and to this point, he really didn’t need to be naked. In fact, it was definitely more demeaning for her to be the only one who was naked. “The beginning is the hardest. Once you get it somewhat wrapped around me, it will get easier. She was standing at the foot of the bed and she watched him as he wrapped saran around her shoulders. Once he got it to stick to itself, he began to slowly work his way around her body. “You can stop when it gets difficult and start a new wrap. It may be easier.”

He nodded and took her advice, cutting the saran off around her torso and starting a new one. The saran stuck well to itself and he had no problem getting it to wrap around. She could feel herself getting super wet. Between her legs, her thighs were getting slick.

“You’ll want to use some duct tape to secure the wrap.” He picked up the duct tape and followed her instructions. Isabella loved the feeling of immobilization. By the time he was to her waist, she knew she was in trouble. She was so turned on. “Lay me on the bed,” she instructed and he did. Then he continued to wrap her up, slowly, carefully. When she was wrapped down to her ankles, he stopped.

“Is that good?”

“Perfect,” she said. She wasn’t interested in complete mummification. Her face was completely free but the rest of her was unable to move.

“Now what?” he said.

“Well now you can do whatever you want to me.”

“Whatever I want?” he asked with wonder in his voice. The chances were good no one had ever given him that kind of power before.

“Whatever you want.”

“But you’re practically off limits.”

“Well…” she said, “you could release certain areas that you wanted access to.”

“Oh?” he asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Yeah, just get the pair of scissors. They’re in the drawer.” She instructed him on how to cut out areas of the plastic he wanted access to. He cut a hole for each of her nipples to poke out of and then she watched him enjoying himself playing with them. She could feel herself get more and more wet beneath the plastic, and it wasn’t just from sweat.

“What if I wanted a blow job.”

“Well, then you could have one. You would just have to use my face as you wanted to. I’m kind of stuck here,” she winked at him and he grinned in response. He slowly unbuttoned his pants and then brought down the zipper.

“Can I really do that?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “In fact, I would love for you to use me that way.”

“Excellent,” he said. He dropped his pants and boxers to the floor and the climbed up onto the bed. He touched her feet and shoes before he climbed up. “So sexy,” he said so quietly she almost couldn’t hear him.

She blushed, not knowing how to respond to his complement. He was already hard. Even though immobilization wasn’t on the top of his list of things to do, the fact that he had this naked and beautiful woman must have been a turn on for him since he was rock solid. He slipped his cock between her lips and she began to suck him. He was having trouble finding a rhythm, she noticed, and every once in a while he would push too hard and she would gag. That didn’t seem to bother him though and it honestly didn’t bother her either. She was mildly concerned that he would take things too far and she would be in trouble but she sincerely doubted it.

He pressed into her throat again and again until he seemed like he could barely control himself anymore and with a grunt, he began to fill her throat with his cum. After a moment, he pulled out and his cum began to spurt on her face. She squeezed her eyes shut and wrinkled her nose but she couldn’t do any more than that, immobilized as she was. When he was done, he climbed off of her and lay next to her, but he put his head at her feet. He was gently caressing her ankles and feet and her shoes, or so it seemed by the way he would suddenly not be touching her and then he was again. Was he really that into heels, she wondered? “Do you want me to let you out of there?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, “please.” He had wrapped her up because she liked it so she doubted he would have a problem letting her free and she was right. Some guys would want her to beg, so she was glad that this wasn’t an issue with Holt.

He picked up the scissors and gently cut her free. She spread her legs when she could and he reached down to feel how damp they were. “Wow,” he said. “You are really into this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” she agreed and he smiled.

“I mean, I always knew you were, but I didn’t realize how much…”

“I know, it’s intense.”

“Yes, yes it is,” he agreed. When she was fully released, she sat up.

“I feel like I should get you off,” he said carefully. He didn’t want to offend her, but he felt like he had to say something.

“Actually, I’m good,” she said. “I’m going out soon.”

“Oh really?” he asked, surprised. She blushed. She had a date that night with a guy named Jackson. She probably should never have invited Holt over but the date was a blind date so it wasn’t like she was cheating on anyone.

“Yeah, I’m good. Honest.” He seemed shaken by her abrupt dismissal of his offer.

“We’re okay, yeah?” he asked.

“Yeah, we’re good,” she smiled. She kissed him on the cheek and began to get dressed. She didn’t even bother to wipe away the juices that had flowed down her legs.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” she smiled again. “Maybe we can see each other again sometime,” she said and she really meant it. She was tempted to cancel her date with Jackson so she could spend more time with Holt, but that was rude so instead, she would meet Jackson, see what happened, and take things from there.


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2 thoughts on “I is for…

  1. Very interesting.
    Definitely not my fetish. Makes me itchy or something just thinking about it. Fuzzy cuffs are one thing. Total immobiliziation… yikes. But I have seen it, and known people who found it very relaxing.


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