O is for…

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Olivia Otten logged into her computer and switched on her favorite website. It was a website full of amateur porn stars. Some of them were webcams where people were available for requests and other times it was just a window into someone’s bedroom. She thought it was a really awesome experience to be able to see into other people’s lives. She considered herself to be somewhat of a voyeur but her true love was oral sex. Giving, in particular. She loved to go down on a guy. That power over someone else was incredible.

She selected a webcam from a woman she had never seen before. The woman was attractive. The guy she had with her was even more attractive. The guy was still fully clothed, so they must have just gotten started. She was mostly clothed too, though. Olivia could just make out her panties sitting on the floor of the room. She was wearing heels and nylons, but there was something different about them. The guy had a knife in his hand. Kinky! But as she watched, he switched the blade back into its holder and tossed it aside. Then she saw him pull a piece of nylon from beneath the woman’s skirt and she figured out what was going on. The guy had cut the top of the woman’s stockings off and discarded them. That was hot!

The guy appeared to be fingering the woman and she was writhing on the bed. Then all of a sudden she stopped. “Wait,” she said and he pulled his hand back immediately. Olivia couldn’t see the look on his face but she could see the disappointment in the set of his shoulders. Too good to be true. Olivia could see the woman’s mouth moving but she couldn’t make out what was being said. Usually the sound wasn’t terribly important so she didn’t worry about it being up. Olivia turned up the volume but the woman had stopped speaking. The guy turned and looked directly into the camera. Oh. The look on his face registered his surprise.

“That thing is on?”

“Yes,” the woman said, their voices clear now.

“And it’s live?”


“Is anyone watching?”

“Yes, you idiot,” Olivia muttered.

“Yes,” the woman said.

“Are you sure?”

“No, but I can check. Usually at least someone is watching when I have it on.”

“Wow,” he said, in disbelief.

“Do you want to stop? We can stop. Or we can go somewhere else. Or I can turn it off.” Her face fell as she offered him the options. She was trying to make sure it was okay with him to be on video. Wow. That was kind of a surprising move. Olivia wondered why the woman had let things go so far without telling him about the webcam. Maybe she was just caught up in the moment or maybe she had been trying to dupe him and chickened out at the last minute.

He didn’t seem to think it was the latter. Or at least, if that’s what he thought, it didn’t seem to bother him.

“No, I don’t want to stop,” he said. “That’s kind of hot, actually. I’ve never done that before.”

“Oh! Good, okay,” she grinned and he grinned back, but he was looking at the screen.

Olivia laughed out loud. The girl had totally just lost his undivided attention by telling him about the camera. Too bad she hadn’t kept her mouth shut, but then it seemed like she had not anticipated the response she had gotten.

“Why do you have the camera on?” he asked.

“I leave it on all the time. I like it. I don’t know.” She blushed furiously and Olivia smiled. She wouldn’t leave her own camera on very often, and certainly not all the time, but she could understand the other woman’s feelings. It was hot.

Olivia watched as the woman lay on the bed with her legs spread and the guy crawled between them. He clearly wanted to be positioned so he could see the camera better. It was proving to be quite the distraction. But he appeared to at least be making an attempt to please her and he nuzzled his way up her leg to her thigh, then down the other thigh. She was squirming on the bed. Clearly she desperately wanted to have sex or wanted him to lick her pussy or something. But he was teasing the hell out of her. Olivia guessed that he had a fetish for the nylon stocking she was wearing. The woman on the screen reached over to her bedside table that she just had to stretch to reach. She pulled the door open and pulled out a small vibrator. She pulled it out on the bed and he saw her do it. He reached over and took it from her.

“Allow me,” he said and she didn’t protest.

He turned the vibrator on one handed. “Experienced,” remarked Olivia. He pressed used one hand to spread the woman’s pussy lips and pressed it to the hood protecting her clit. She gasped and her whole body shuddered but she seemed to be doing her best to stop squirming on the bed.

Olivia heard the door open and she looked at the clock. She had totally lost track of time watching the couple on the screen that she hadn’t realized it was time for Pascal to come over. She wouldn’t call him her boyfriend but he was a friend who she slept with and she did care about. Friends with benefits didn’t seem to quite cut it but she supposed it was the closest term she was going to get. Pascal had a key to her apartment, mostly so he could watch after her cats when she went away but if he knew she was expecting him, he would use it to save her the trouble of letting him in. And she had been expecting him, except she hadn’t realized what time it was.

“Hi!” he called.

“Hey, I’m in here,” she called back, assuming he would be able to follow the sound of her voice. He had no trouble realizing she was in the bedroom and he walked down the hall to her room.

“Hi Olivia,” he said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Pascal. How are you?”

“I’m good. Ooo, what are you watching?”

“You know my favorite site.”

“I do, anyone you know?”

“Nope, this is a new one to me.” She filled him in on the conversation in which the girl had to tell the guy that he was on camera but that he really got into it once he knew. “They are pretty good,” she said.

“Excellent.” She moved as though she was going to switch the laptop off and he stopped her. “No, leave it on. It will make nice background music for us.”

She laughed. “Okay,” she said and she left it on. Pascal was already shedding his clothes and Olivia began to do likewise. While they were friends outside the bedroom, there was no mistaking why he was coming to her apartment tonight. He was coming for sex. He came over about once a week so they could fool around. They were a good pair because both of them enjoyed the other’s fetishes and were more than willing to help the other one out. Olivia loved sucking Pascal’s cock and most guys were more than willing to let a girl go down on them. In turn, Olivia would peg Pascal. Pascal apparently loved the feeling of a dildo in his ass when there was a woman on the other end. Olivia couldn’t figure out why he didn’t just find a guy to get the real thing, but for whatever reason, he just really loved it to be a strap on. Olivia had large thighs and at first they had trouble finding a strap on that would work for her. Amazon, of all places, had come through with a reasonably priced plus size strap on. It went around her waist without having to go around her thighs.

He went over to the drawer where she kept her sex toys and started pulling things out. Clearly he had no problem making himself right at home in her place. Not that she minded at all. In fact, she still had half of her attention on the computer screen. The couple on the screen was fucking now. It looked like she had flipped back over and he was taking her from behind. His hands were still on her thighs, touching the nylon.

“Oh he definitely has a thing for nylons,” she said to herself.

“What’s that?” Pascal asked.

“Oh, nothing important,” Olivia replied. “I was just saying that the guy on the screen has a thing for nylons. You can tell by the way he keeps touching hers. I wish I had turned it on a few minutes earlier. It seems like they were full length stockings and he used a pocket knife to cut the top of them off. I bet it was hot.”

“Sounds like it!” He came over and looked over her shoulder at the screen. “That’s just how I want you to do me,” he said.

She laughed and pushed him lightly like a sister and brother would do. “I know,” she teased.

“Hey, sometimes I like to be on my back with my feet in the air.”

“Sometimes,” she agreed. “Doggie style it is for today.”

“Excellent,” he said as though she wouldn’t have done it the way he wanted. “Are you okay?” he added. “You seem so distracted.”

“Yes, I’m fine. I lost track of time. Otherwise I would have gotten everything out. I’m looking forward to fooling around.”

“Oh good,” he said. “You just didn’t seem as into it as you usually are.”

“Oh no, I’m totally into it,” she assured him.

“Good.” He smiled.

“I want to suck you,” she said.

“If you must,” he winked at her and laid on his back on the bed. She rolled over to be between his legs, the laptop still showing the couple she didn’t know. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. He groaned.

Then she took his whole cock into her mouth. She sucked lightly on it and then deep throated until she was about to gag. She pulled back, but kept his cock in her mouth. She was in heaven. She loved having a cock in her mouth and he always tasted so good, a little salty, a little sweet. It was intense for her. She could feel herself getting wet just sucking him. Her pussy clenching and her clit pulsing with desire and need. She wanted nothing more than to have him in her mouth.

He was groaning, and rocking his hips in pleasure at her motions. “Oh god, I’m going to cum,” he said after what seemed like not enough time to her. He knew that she required him to let her know before he came. Sometimes she wanted to know so she would be ready for it. Most of the time it was so she could delay his orgasm. It frustrated him but he enjoyed the control she had over him and she enjoyed the power.

This time, she pulled back so that only the tip of his cock was in her mouth and let him get control of himself.

She let his cock go and said, “Not yet,” and he groaned in frustration. She hadn’t pushed him so far as to ruin his orgasm but she was close and she knew it.

“Please,” be began to beg and she took his cock all the way into the back of her throat. He grunted and put his hands on her shoulders. She knew he was being careful not to take control from her, but let her know that he wanted to. She began to fuck her throat with his cock, being careful not to let it get so far that she would gag. “I’m going to cum,” he said again. She let him this time. His cum shot into her open mouth and she caught most of it. She swallowed his cum and then she licked up the cum which hadn’t quite made it to her mouth.

Then she crawled up his body, nipping lightly at his stomach and nipples, and rested her head on his shoulder. After a little while of quiet cuddling, he picked up the strap on and slipped it around her waist. He belted it for her, knowing exactly how tight to make it. “Thank you,” she murmured.

“Of course,” he replied.

She watched at he went over to the drawer and brought out the bullet vibrator that fit into the inside of the strap on. He slipped it in for her and switched it on. She moaned softly. Her clit was terribly sensitive since she had wanted to cum so badly while sucking him.

He got the lube out and began to apply it to the dildo that was protruding from her body. She could tell his excitement was mounting again as he did so. Every time he pressed against the dildo, he also pressed the vibrator closer to her clit and she moaned softly.

His cock was rapidly getting hard as he lubed up the dildo. Then she watched as he lubed his ass before presenting it to her. He was on his bed, on his knees, using only his elbows to support himself so his ass was high in the air. He left her enough room to kneel behind him which she did. She eased forward so the head of her dildo was right at his ass hole. She leaned forward slightly to apply pressure and it began to slowly open his hole. He started groaning into the pillow. He did this every time she began to fuck him. He had explained to her before that no matter how much he prepared himself for her rubber cock, the initial entry was difficult for him.

Once she had pressed the dildo all the way in, she stilled and waited for him. As soon as he was ready, he started to move his hips, first in a circular motion and then he started to fuck himself on the cock. Then she took over. “There’s my boy,” she murmured encouragingly and the fucking began. She began to fuck him fast and hard. The whole bed rocked beneath them. She felt powerful as he groaned and moaned and their bodies rocked together. She felt her orgasm mounting with the vibrator pulsing against her clit. “Oh god,” she groaned to herself over and over as she felt the orgasm overtake her. She stilled deep inside him, pressing the vibrator against her clit as she felt her pussy clench and pulse and a gush of her own juices coat the inside of her thighs.


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