#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal!

Theme Reveal

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am a writer of adult fiction (sometimes very adult). If that’s not your thing, then that’s cool. We’ll just leave this here and thanks for stopping by! But for those of you who are interested in a little adult fiction, stick around and wait until you hear what I have in store for April!

I have written an A to Z Choose Your Own Adventure! The whole novel is written (it’s called Runaway) and I am in the final stages of editing. As a special treat, you will be the first audience to view this novel. Below you will find the introduction. At the end of the introduction is a choice. You, my wonderful blog readers, will make the decision. Vote by commenting. Then come back April 1st and I will share the next chapter based on your votes. Keep coming back throughout April to vote and read each chapter, 26 in all for the A to Z Challenge!

But remember, this will only be ONE possible combination. There are 32 endings and thousands of possible paths to get there. Join me on this Choose Your Own Adventure: A to Z with Runaway!

Aralyn woke up, and everything seemed blurry. What the hell happened? Memories of the night before flooded her brain. They knew. They all knew her terrible secret. She had to go. She had to get out of town right away. But first, she needed to get her head on straight. She went to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

Her tangled blonde hair and ragged clothes made it look like she had been dragged through the mud. Her light blue tank top strap was hanging on by a thread. She was disappointed that it was in such bad shape since it was the exact shade of her eyes. She stripped and stepped into the shower. The water was warm and soothing. She could almost let herself believe it would all be okay. She could almost believe that she could get dressed and go in for her shift at the Albino Weasel Cafe. But she knew that was impossible now. She had to leave, that was all there was to it.

After her shower, she shoved herself into sweatpants and a t-shirt. She covered up her slightly pudgy body with a zip up hoodie to blend in with the majority of people her age–college students in Iowa City. But the news was out there now. She knew she would be too recognizable, no matter what she wore.

She attempted to do her hair in a different style, but it was barely touching her shoulders so there wasn’t a lot she could do with it. At least it was sunny and cold so wearing her hood and sunglasses wasn’t out of the ordinary.

It didn’t take long for Aralyn to pack a bag. Somehow she knew this would be her fate all along and she had given a lot of thought to what essentials she would need to bring with her if she had to leave town suddenly.

So she threw the bag in the car and headed east. She’d never seen the Atlantic Ocean. She wasn’t sure she wanted to end up that far east, but who knew where the car would lead her.

Where does her car lead?

Allentown, PA

Albrightsville, PA

46 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal!

  1. I absolutely vote Albrightsville!

    By the way, This sort of fiction has existed for years! It’s a wonderful way to engage the audience! If you ever get the chance, search for something called RubyQuest or NanQuest. Both of which are examples of picture versions of what used to be called ‘Forum Games’.

    I wish you the best of luck and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next post!


      1. I’ve never considered writing one…. if only because all of the branches would confuse me after a while! XD But hey, you should also check out “Choice Of Games”. They teach you how to make novel-games that are a lot like “choose your own adventure games”


  2. You can’t see the Atlantic Ocean from Pennsylvania, but you can from Altantic City and Absecon, NJ is just a stones throw away.


  3. Hello, fellow A-to-Zer! Choose Your Own Adventure, eh? Awesome!!!! Have you ever heard of Twine? If not, it is a free program that makes it easy to make Branching Narratives in a Digital Format. If you have heard of Twine, do you make Twine games? I’ve made a couple, and it is kind of ridiculously fun.
    -Melanie Atherton Allen

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You should Google it; it is Splendid. If you do use it, and need my totally amateur advice, PM me on Twitter (@Athertonme) and I’ll give you my e-mail address.
        Oh, and I added your blog to my list of A-to-Z Fictioneers!


        1. I will do that! I’ll play around with it when I’m more awake. 🙂

          And thanks! I popped into your Blaugh. It’s awesome! I love the story telling through pictures idea!


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