J is for… #AtoZChallenge (AC)

Welcome to the J Chapter of Runaway: A Choose Your Own Adventure Novel. Please be advised, there may be adult content depending on the choices you make. Please vote for your choice and I will post the next chapter tomorrow. To start at the beginning of the story, click here or scroll through my blog for all my A to Z posts.

Your choice for J was “Maybe” on the Jacuzzi Party.

“Can we see how the night goes?” she asked, tentatively. She didn’t want to disappoint him, but she just wasn’t sure that she was up for it. “I mean, I don’t have a bathing suit.”

He chuckled but not meanly. “You don’t need one,” he whispered in Aralyn’s ear, and comprehension dawned.

“Oh, well then I suppose that would work, but can I think about it?” she smiled, but she felt like something was doing back flips in her stomach. Naked hot tubbing with strangers. That sounded both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. He nodded. “What time is the party?” she asked.

He looked at his watch. “Two hours from now. Eight,” he said, and Aralyn nodded. “We’ll do whatever you want, Aralyn.” She nodded again.

So she had two hours to worry about it. Or two hours to forget about it and she could worry about it later.

“Hey, are you hungry?” he asked her. She realized it had been a while since she had eaten.

“Yeah, kind of,” she admitted.

“Let’s get some snacks here,” he said. “I don’t want to leave and have to come back.”

“That’s perfect,” she said, meaning it.

They were approaching the automatic doors now. Arlyn felt her nervousness growing. Would Sally still be sitting at the reception desk?

As the automatic doors opened, Aralyn saw that she was. “You’re back.” Sally sounded sulky and defiant.

“Yes, we are,” Sevy said with confidence. “We are going to the bar.”

“Fine,” Sally said, but it didn’t sound like she thought it was fine. She didn’t respond, though. She just sat there while they walked to the doors and she buzzed them in.

Aralyn had a sudden thought. “What if Sally hadn’t buzzed us through the doors?” she asked.

“I would have throttled her,” he said immediately. “No, not really,” he replied at the stricken look on Aralyn’s face. “There’s a hidden keypad next to the door I could have used. But I kind of wanted to make her open the door.”


He laughed heartily. “You have no idea.” he winked, and Aralyn raised an eyebrow at him. She was pretty sure he wasn’t talking about Sally anymore.

They went into the bar, and he directed her to sit on a bar stool. He went around through the employees only entrance to the bar and offered her a small menu on laminated paper.

“Anything strike your fancy?” he asked.

She picked mozzarella sticks, and he busied himself in the prep area, making the food she had requested. She looked around the large room. She could see that several employees were setting up for the party. The hot tubs were already set up and filled, though she guessed they weren’t completely hot yet.

“How long does it take to heat the hot tubs?” she asked.

“A few hours,” he said.

“Is it worth it for just one night?” she asked.

“The money we make on one of these parties totally makes it worth it,” he said. “Plus, would you want to sit in a hot tub that was here permanently?”

She pondered that for a minute. “Probably not.”

“Me neither,” he said. “These are emptied at the end of the night and cleaned immediately. Every time they are used, it’s fresh water. It’s definitely preferable to having them permanently installed.”

“That makes sense,” she said. Sevy’s ideas were indeed well thought out. That said a lot about his personality.

“So, let’s pick a room,” he said as he brought out the mozzarella sticks. Aralyn began eating them, but they were scalding. A piece of cheese pulled out and stuck to her chin. Quickly Sevy wiped it off her face with his finger, and she was relieved. He grabbed her a glass of ice water. “Allow me,” he said.

“It’s not bad, honest,” she started to protest but stopped when he grabbed an ice cube between his teeth and began to rub it against her chin. It was highly sensual, considering he was trying to help her with her mildly burned skin.

When there was water dripping down her chin, he pulled the ice cube back into his mouth and licked her chin gently to clear the water. Then he kissed her, and they passed the dwindling ice back and forth between their mouths. Aralyn found herself getting even more aroused, and she hadn’t been sure that was entirely possible.

When the ice was gone, he broke the kiss and looked her in the eye. “We could just go fuck in the kitchen right now,” he whispered. “No one would know.”

Aralyn looked at him wide eyed. “The kitchen?” she whispered.

“Why not?” he asked.

Aralyn could think of a dozen reasons why not. Making him wait for her to finish eating, security cameras, someone walking in on them,… But then again, that might actually be a turn on.

Should Aralyn accept the invitation for sex in the kitchen?

Yes OR No

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