X is for… #AtoZChallenge (AC)

Welcome to the X Chapter of Runaway: A Choose Your Own Adventure Novel. Please be advised, there may be adult content depending on the choices you make. Please vote for your choice and I will post the next chapter tomorrow. To start at the beginning of the story, click here or scroll through my blog for all my A to Z posts.

Your choice for X was a tie! By random choice, you get No! She doesn’t want to go to the X-rated Movie Theater.

Aralyn wasn’t sure why, but she decided it was better not to go to the X-rated movie. She wasn’t even sure what her reason for saying no was. It was certainly true that it would be a new experience for her and she was sometimes uncomfortable with new experiences. On the other hand, the thought of going to an X-rated movie with Sevy made her very nervous. She really wasn’t sure how she would feel about it. In the end, she just wanted to spend some time with Sevy where they could talk. It would be better for them to spend some quiet time in the hotel.

“Let’s just go to the hotel,” she said, and he smiled.

“It’s all good,” he said. “We can absolutely do that. No worries, sweetheart.” He placed a hand on the back of her neck. “Please, don’t worry about saying no to me.”

“Okay,” she said and smiled. She relaxed now that she knew Sevy wasn’t going to be upset with her for not wanting to go to the X-rated movie. “It’s not the movie,” she said quietly. “It’s just that I would rather be able to talk.”

“That’s fine,” he said with another smile.

“Okay,” she said, still somewhat uncertain about what her position with him was.

“Though, are you saying that we could go back to the hotel and watch porn on my laptop?” he winked at her, and she looked at him almost scandalized. “I’m kidding!” he protested. “Unless the answer is yes, in which case, I’m all in.” He winked at her.

She really wasn’t quite sure what to say to that one, but she was glad he was teasing her and joking around with her. Things were in a good place.

Should she say yes to going back to the room and watching porn?

Say yes!
Just laugh, like it was a joke.

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