Z is for…. #AtoZChallenge (AC)

Welcome to the Z Chapter of Runaway: A Choose Your Own Adventure Novel. Please be advised, there may be adult content depending on the choices you make. Please vote for your choice and I will post the next chapter tomorrow. To start at the beginning of the story, click here or scroll through my blog for all my A to Z posts.

Your choice for Z was Ask permission.

She knew that asking permission would be the way to go. If she didn’t ask for permission, she ran the risk of getting in trouble. She was hesitant to ask him, though. What if he said no? What if her asking threw him off? She didn’t know, and she was terrified to find out. But the thought of trying to touch him without permission, when he was clearly in a dominant mood, terrified her more. So she knew she would have to ask.

“Sir,” she started. He didn’t respond, and she realized she had probably spoken so softly he couldn’t hear her. “Sir,” she said again, a little louder this time.

“Hm?” he asked.

“Sir, may I unzip your pants?”

He looked at her questioningly for a moment, then he nodded his assent and moved closer to give her access to his pants. She unzipped and unbuttoned him and took his pants and boxers down, so his cock was exposed in front of her. “Why did you want to unzip my pants?”

She hesitated for a moment on how honest she could be. “I wanted to suck your cock,” she finally whispered, a flush creeping up her face.

“Well, I suppose you could do that,” he said with a wink.

“I would like to, Sir,” she whispered, almost embarrassed at her admission.

“Then do,” he said, and he pressed his cock to her lips. She licked the length of him, savoring the salty taste of his skin. He shuddered, and she did it again. Then she took the head of his cock into her mouth and flicked her tongue across the very tip. She moved up and down on his shaft, pressing her tongue against his flesh and allowing him to push into the back of her throat. She nearly gagged but was able to control it.

He moaned and started to buck his hips against her face so that she had to take more and more of him into her mouth.

She frequently swallowed hard to stop herself from gagging. He didn’t seem to care though as he kept moving his hips against her. “That feels so good,” he groaned.

She murmured against his cock, and she knew the vibrations would drive him wild. The way he moaned confirmed her suspicion that it would. Letting his cock fall out of her mouth, she whispered, “Please fuck me, Sir.”

“Oh?” he asked. “You want to stop sucking my cock?”

“I enjoy sucking your cock, but I really want to feel you inside me, Sir.”

“I think we can accommodate that,” he said with a grin.

He rolled her onto her back and pressed his hips against hers. She opened her legs wide to him, and he pushed himself right at her opening. “Please fuck me, Sir,” she asked quietly.

“Do you want to feel me inside you?”

“Yes, Sir,” she responded promptly.

“You want me to fuck you, just like this?” he asked.

“Yes, please, Sir, please.”

He didn’t verbally respond to that, but he slipped on a condom and pressed his hips forward. Her body opened for him. She was so slick and wet with desire that it was easy for him to bury himself inside her. She moaned as he filled and stretched her.

“You feel so good, Sir,”

He didn’t respond, just grunted as he began to thrust in and out of her. He never let his cock completely leave her body, but he got close. She kept her legs open wide to him, and he kept moving in and out of her as they both groaned and gasped and moaned.

Then he suddenly stopped, buried inside her. He leaned back onto his feet and moved between her parted legs. Pressing his thumb to the tender nub beneath the folds of skin, she began to writhe beneath him, her pussy clenching. She knew that her desire was written all over her face.

She moaned as he began to fuck her again while pressing against her clit with his thumb. “Oh god,” she screamed, “Oh thank you, Sir!”

She began to buck against him as she neared orgasm. When their rhythm was off just enough for him to stop, he said, “Hold still, little one.” She tried her best to stay still, but it was so hard with him rubbing against her clit and fucking her at the same time.

When she was near to orgasm, she asked if she could. “May I orgasm, please, Sir?”

“You may,” he grunted, and it was clear that he was close to orgasm himself.

“Thank you, Sir,” she yelled as the orgasm rolled over her. As her pussy clenched around his cock, he began to pound into her faster, and she felt his release. His cock pulsed and he collapsed on top of her, just barely keeping his balance so that he dropped his weight on the bed instead of directly on her.

After a few minutes of laying there, Aralyn realized they didn’t even need to watch porn; they were practically making their own. After a while, he whispered, “I love you, Aralyn.”

“I love you, too,” she whispered back.

He kissed her on the forehead, and the two lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms.
The End

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