B is for Blackmail #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallenge B

Welcome to my A to Z Challenge Blog! Like or comment on this post, or vote at the end of the week for your favorites and I’ll continue the top four stories next month! (For details, see my Theme Reveal.) For the first week, my theme is kinky stories. Come back for Week 2 (Romantic), Week 3 (Anything Goes), or Week 4 (Non-consent). Without further ado, enjoy B is for Blackmail.

It was Monday. For as long as Bree could remember, Mondays were a day of mixed emotion. Okay, maybe not as long as she could remember, but for at least a year. Somehow, Brandon had gotten a hold of a picture of her all trussed up in bondage gear, and he had been using it to blackmail her. Brandon was a coworker who she had secretly had a crush on before all the blackmail started. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for her, he had decided to blackmail her for sexual favors.

So every Monday, she was his for the day. From 9 am, when they arrived at work, until midnight, she was bound to do everything he asked. At midnight, her life was her own again. She had conflicting emotions about it. After all the time they had spent together, she sort of liked serving Brandon. But she wasn’t sure it was wise for him to know that. He could easily use that knowledge against her.

She got to work at 8:40, far earlier than she needed to be there. She was eager to start her day. She settled in at her desk and started to work. She glanced up when she saw Brandon walk past. She stopped what she was doing immediately and picked up the coffee cup she had sitting on her desk. Following Brandon to his office, she closed the door behind her and put the cup on his desk. He didn’t say a word to her as she did it. He tossed his coat at her, and she caught it and hung it in his closet.

He sat down at his desk and ignored her. She was thrown by his attitude. He was usual cordial to her, especially on a Monday morning. Often he made her get down on her knees and suck him off before he began working. But not today.

“Um, Sir?” she asked tentatively. “Should I go back to my desk?”


“Yes, Sir,” she responded automatically. “If you need anything, I am more than happy to oblige you.”

“Of course. Go.”

His abrupt dismissal bothered her, but she went back to her desk and tried to get some work done. She found that she had a lot of trouble focusing. By the time she was packing up for lunch, she was nearly out of her mind. She couldn’t believe that Brandon hadn’t called her into his office for something. He usually would text her if he wanted something and her phone had been right on her desk all day, and yet it stayed silent.

They both had an hour break for lunch, and she expected to be told what to do. Often, Brandon would drive her to a deserted parking lot so they could fuck in the car.

She went to his office door five minutes before lunch and knocked lightly. “Come in,” he barked. She entered and shut the door behind herself. Glancing around, she saw that they were indeed alone.

“Sir?” she asked, drawing his attention from his computer.

“What do you want?” He looked back at the screen in front of him.

“I-I,” she stammered, “I wanted to know how I could please you today.” She knew that she should be relieved that he didn’t want to use her today, but she couldn’t summon that emotion. She just felt dismayed at the change in her routine.

“There’s nothing you can do for me today.”

“Please, Sir, did I do something wrong?”

He looked up at her and took off his glasses, and then dropped his head into his hand. “No, pet, you didn’t do anything wrong. Come here,” he directed, and he reached his other hand out to her.

She went to him eagerly, kneeling down to the side of him, behind his desk. He ran his hand through her hair, and she felt comforted by his touch. She didn’t dare speak. She didn’t know what to say anyway, so she stayed silent, and as the moments passed, he just continued to stroke her hair gently.

“I’m sorry, pet. I didn’t mean to snap at you. Things are stressful at work and home.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she murmured. “What can I do to help?” She was surprised he had said things were stressful at work. Although they worked on different projects, they held the same position, and she hadn’t heard about anything bad going on.

“Nothing right now. I don’t know if I can come over after work today, though.”

She couldn’t stop her body jerking in surprise.

“I will try.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied. Brandon was married to a witch of a woman who hardly ever had sex with him and never attended to his needs. He had never told her why he stayed with his wife and given their relationship she hadn’t felt that she could ask. He had explained to her that he told his wife he had a weekly poker game with the guys from work on Mondays and that was why he never came home until late at night. She wondered what had happened that would pull him out of his routine.

“Go now. I have to work through lunch.”

She was disappointed, and she was sure she wasn’t hiding it well. “Yes, Sir.”

She was halfway to the door before he spoke, “Wait!” She stopped at his word and turned back. He stood and reached out to her. “Come here,” he said, and she did. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. As their lips touched, fire rushed to her toes, and she kissed back with all the passion and uncertainty she had inside her.

It was at that moment that their boss chose to open the door.

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