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Welcome to my A to Z Challenge Blog! Like or comment on this post, or vote at the end of the week for your favorites and I’ll continue the top four stories next month! (For details, see my Theme Reveal.) For the second week, my theme is romantic stories. Come back for Week 3 (Anything Goes) or Week 4 (Non-consent). Without further ado, enjoy K is for Kiss.

It was a kiss. One kiss. What is it about this guy that has me so hooked?

I went to the bar to let off some steam. I didn’t expect to meet anyone. I didn’t expect to go home with anyone. In fact, I really didn’t have any expectations at all except a night out. Pounding music, sweaty strangers, anonymity. That’s what I was craving. Not a kiss. So how the hell did I end up sleeping in someone else’s bed?

The scary thing is? I don’t remember.


Friday at work was terrible. Usually, Fridays were happy days! The weekend was upon us, and with that light at the end of the tunnel, everything seems lighter and easier to manage. But this particular Friday was terrible. My company was downsizing, and they announced there would be a layoff on Friday morning. Way to ruin a weekend. The worst part was that they announced there would be a layoff, but didn’t actually do it! They were offering a decent severance package, and their announcement asked for volunteers. So my job likely relies on some number of people volunteering to leave their job. If not enough people volunteer, I might be out of a job. Well shit.

I did graphic design for a company that grew too quickly. They hired a bunch of people two years ago, but now they couldn’t sustain the size. I was one of the new hires two years ago, so it was likely my job was on the chopping block.

So after that lovely news, we all needed to blow off some steam. I went out with a bunch of my coworkers to a bar and had a drink or two, but then they all went home to their families and significant others. I was alone though. No job for me didn’t mean that my husband would have to pick up more of the bills because I am single. And with no job, I am screwed. I knew that I should start looking for other work immediately, even if I escape still employed. But I just couldn’t bring myself to start the search. One night of blowing off steam, and on Saturday I could update my resume and get back on the job search websites.

Best laid plans… or so they say.

When my coworkers left, I stayed at the bar. No one seemed to notice that I went to the restroom when they all went out the door and after they were gone, I went back to the bar. I talked to the bartender for a while and had a few more drinks. And then the real dinner rush came in, and I had talked to the bartender a little too much. I knew it was time to move on.

I walked out of the bar and turned left. I didn’t really pay attention to where I was going, I just walked. One of the benefits to a big city was that I didn’t have to drive and I could just pick a random direction, and I would almost always find something interesting. In this case, I found a dance club. It was perfect. Exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately, the dance club didn’t open until 9, and it was only 7, so I found a coffee shop and sobered up. I had downloaded a romance novel on my e-reader app on my phone, so I read that for a while. By the time I was ready to go to the dance club, I was totally sober. I figured it was wise to be sober at a dance club anyway.

I went in ten minutes after they opened, and the place was pretty empty. I got a drink at the bar and sat watching the door, hoping crowds of people would filter in. The DJ was ready, playing some good dance music, but I didn’t want to be the only one on the dance floor. After 40 minutes and two drinks, I decided I was going to dance anyway. It was so empty, I just left my drink on the bar while I danced. Looking back, I realize it was a stupid mistake. I am pretty sure that’s how I got drugged. It’s the only explanation I can come up with.

After I danced for a little while, I went back to my drink. I didn’t give it a second thought as I tossed back the contents. I remember there was a guy hanging around the bar where I had been sitting. I gave him a shy smile but didn’t engage. He just watched me. It was very creepy.

With no drink to worry about, I went back out onto the dance floor. And that was where I had the kiss of my life. As I danced, I was keeping an eye on the guy who had been hovering. While I watched him, another guy came up behind me and started dancing really close to me. I felt him brush my hips and ass lightly a few times. I gave up my vigil on creepy guy and turned to see who was dancing with me. He turned out to be the most attractive guy I had ever seen. Not perfect, but just enough imperfection to make him insanely gorgeous. There was no way to talk on the dance floor, but he reached a hand out as though to shake mine. When our hands touched, I felt a jolt of energy race through me, and I felt my heart pound. Then he leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I melted against him right there on the dance floor.

The next thing I remembered was waking up next to him in an unfamiliar place.

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