Q is for Quitting Time #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallenge Q

Welcome to my A to Z Challenge Blog! Like or comment on this post, or vote at the end of the week for your favorites and I’ll continue the top four stories next month! (For details, see my Theme Reveal.) For the third week, there is no theme! Anything goes in these erotic stories. Don’t forget to come back for Week 4 (Non-consent). Without further ado, enjoy Q is for Quitting time.

Quitting time! I was so excited for it to be quitting time. I was really looking forward to going home and putting my feet up and binging something on Netflix. My girlfriend was working the overnight shift, which meant I could watch whatever I wanted. The low heels I had chosen to wear to work were killing my feet. I shouldn’t have worn them, but they looked so cute with my black skirt. I longed to get my skirt off, too, but before I could get to that, I had to clock out and drive home. Ugh.

I clocked out and waved to the last server cleaning up in the back of the restaurant. I had finished cleaning up my assigned areas and had been approved to go home. There was the one other server wrapping up the last customer of the night and the manager who was wrapping things up at the bar. Other than that, the restaurant was deserted.

When I got out to the parking lot, something felt off. I had walked out the back door through the kitchen where the employees entered and exited. We weren’t supposed to park near the restaurant to leave spaces for the guests, so this door was the most convenient anyway. The parking lot was long and narrow. Since the restaurant was on the corner, we had a seldom-used side street bordering one side of the lot. Employees parked along the other edge which bordered a short strip of trees. The trees made it feel like being on the border of the woods, except it was only about ten feet deep. On the other side of it was a small convenience store which had closed for the night hours ago.

I couldn’t place my finger on what was bothering me. I just had a little tingle at the back of my neck. I looked around but didn’t see anyone or anything out of the ordinary. None of the four cars parked in the employee section had any lights on. There was no movement near the cars. The one streetlight that illuminated the parking lot was flickering, which was typical. The light from the restaurant at my back made my shadow look long and thin.

I shrugged and beeped my car remote to unlock the doors. It chirped as I approached and I opened the back door. I looked at my phone one last time before tossing it in my purse. I had started putting my purse in the backseat with my phone in it so I wouldn’t be tempted to look at it while I was driving. When I got my first phone, it was big with less than 15 buttons. I could use it without looking. But the new Smartphones were super dangerous to use on the road, but at 29, I was still struggling to break the habit. Keeping my phone out of reach seemed the best plan.

Once my purse was safely placed in the back seat, I stood and shut the back door to my car. That was when I was hit from the side. There was a searing pain in my head and then blackness.

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