X is for Xerox #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallenge X

Welcome to my A to Z Challenge Blog! Like or comment on this post, or vote at the end of the week for your favorites and I’ll continue the top four stories next month! (For details, see my Theme Reveal.) For the last week, each story has an element of non-consent or reluctance. Without further ado, enjoy X is for Xerox.

I watched as the Xerox machine pulled in papers, printed on them, and spit them out the other side. Another page went through. I was transfixed, not because I thought it was interesting, but because I was trying to process something and the repetitive motion of the paper in the machine was helping me to zone out and focus.

I had been a teacher for over ten years. I was single, still relatively young, and had romantic tastes that sometimes went to the taboo, or at least unconventional. Because of that, I had a hard time pursuing romantic relationships. Every person I met seemed to think that I was a teacher and therefore must be boring. It was hard to put in my online dating profile that I was a kinky woman who wanted to be fucked and maybe even beaten. I certainly couldn’t attach my picture to that description, and how many people even looked at profiles without pictures? (Not many, is the answer, in case you were wondering.)

So when someone had expressed an interest online, and the conversation we had included discussing sexual preferences, I was surprised to find someone who felt the same way I did. The problem was that after texting for weeks, he convinced me to send him a nude photo.

I know, I know that was a terrible idea. Terrible with a capital T. Maybe TERRIBLE with all caps. I get it, bad idea. But I really liked him, and I trusted him. But clearly, I had placed my trust in someone I shouldn’t have because now he was blackmailing me.

The school day was over, the kids were gone, and he was texting me assignments under threat of releasing a nude photo of me to my colleagues. Shit.

I sighed heavily and picked up the papers that were done running on the Xerox machine. I glanced at the clock on the wall and knew my time was almost up. I would either have to face the music and let the guy release the picture, or I would have to acquiesce to his request. I knew what choice I was going to make. I didn’t really have much of one, I felt. I didn’t see any way out other than to do what he asked and hope that I could get out of the situation eventually.

I went into my classroom and shut the door. He wanted me to take my panties off and take a picture of them on the floor of my classroom. I was so nervous. If I got caught, it would be a lot worse than someone spreading the picture around. So much worse. Thankfully I had worn a skirt by chance, and I slipped my pink panties down around my ankles and over my feet so they were on the floor. I took a picture and quickly put them back on.

I sent the picture off and took a few deep breaths. That hadn’t been so bad, in the end, had it? Plus, it was kind of hot. I was really turned on. I noticed when I put my panties back on that I was really wet.

But what would come next?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

My phone buzzed on my desk, and I looked at the text. “Good girl,” it said. “Now take those panties and put them in your mouth. I hope you can get them all the way in your mouth because you have to walk to your car with them in. I want a selfie before, during, and after.”


I slipped the panties back off, and sure enough, there was a large wet spot on them.

I wore bikini panties usually, and that’s what I was wearing today. Getting them entirely in my mouth might be difficult, but I thought I could do it. I started shoving them in, and after a few tense moments managed to get my lips around them. I took a selfie with my mouth closed and one with my mouth open. I sent them both.

Then I finished packing up my stuff and headed out. I took the stairwell at the end of the hall that was used less frequently. I watched for security cameras and made sure I had my back to one when I took a selfie. I didn’t expose the panties in my mouth this time. I hoped that it would be enough.

Finally, I made it to my car. I took two more selfies and then started the car and pulled out. I didn’t want to take them out of my mouth in the parking lot. What if someone saw me!?

When I was a few blocks from the school at a stoplight, I got another text. “Take the panties out of your mouth and put them back on. Send a picture. You have five minutes.”

I found a place I could pull over safely and slide them back on. They were wet and felt gross against my skin, but I took a picture and sent it off.

This time, I also said something. “I need to drive home. Please give me twenty minutes.”

I didn’t pull out again until I got a reply. “Fine, but there will be consequences to that. Expect a long assignment when you get home.”

Oh boy.

I didn’t know what to make of that, but I could feel my pussy getting wetter at the thought of all the terrible things he could make me do, and all because I had been stupid enough to send him that nude selfie.

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5 thoughts on “X is for Xerox #AtoZChallenge

  1. She’s on a slippery slope – one pic is released and people get it that’s he’s a douche who tried to blackmail her. All of those and people aren’t going to be so quick to believe she wasn’t a willing part of it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DOOOOOM!!!! I mean, she seems sort of doomed. Unless the guy is really just playing because he knows she likes it. But she didn’t really say, hey, mess up my life, that will totes turn me on. So it is a little awkward. Still, good story, and a very interesting (if doom-laden) situation.


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