Fourth Week Faves #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallengeDid you enjoy my A to Z Stories? If you want me to continue writing one of those stories, vote for it by liking the post, leaving a positive comment, or voting on this Google Form! If you vote using the Google Form, you can enter into a drawing to win a free copy of the e-book! (More details in my Theme Review.)

This week’s kinky stories were:

  1. T is for Tunnel
  2. U is for Unlocked
  3. V is for Vacation
  4. W is for Wish
  5. X is for Xerox
  6. Y is for Yes
  7. Z is for Zoo

We have reached the end of the A to Z Challenge. Woah!

Come back May 8th to read the continuation of the favorite story from Week 1! Each Tuesday following, I’ll have another story for you so keep coming back!

Thanks for reading! Keep in touch. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. If you’re interested in reading more of my work, check out my Choose Your Own Erotic Adventure: Runaway, or my debut BDSM Erotic Novel: Slave.

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