Music #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019MI’m so excited to be in Week 3 of the A to Z Challenge! I hope you are all enjoying Isola’s stories! She does have quite the exciting life!


Setting the mood in a sex toy shop is a delicate balance. It’s not the same as sex music, which has its place in the bedroom. It has to be seductive enough to allow someone to get in the right headspace to make purchases, but not so much so that people end up jacking off in the magazine aisle, as I told you in J is for Jacking Off.

Then there’s the debate between music with lyrics versus instrumental music. Personally, I think instrumental music allows for the mind to drift more. When the mind drifts and you’re surrounded by sex toys, it’s easier to imagine using them. So that’s my personal preference. Nothing with nature sounds. Only a select group of people would be turned on by that.

I do like piano music, though. Strings are nice. Nothing too loud or brash.

We also sell music! I bet you didn’t think of that, did you? Some classic songs allow for great sex. There are even some newer ones. I know most people don’t buy CDs anymore, but isn’t it great to have a mix of music without having to program it?

What are your favorite sex songs?


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