So, what’s a “little”?

After I wrote my post on August 9th, two of my friends messaged me privately to ask what a “little” is. They hadn’t heard the term before and were waiting for the sentence to end. Such as, “she started to show some signs of being a little _________, too.” Fill in the blank: person, brat, what!?

So here I am to share what (little) knowledge I have of littles. I looked at urbandictionary, (a crap shoot for sure), but I found that their definition was pretty good:

“A little is someone that likes to act younger then they really are. It’s kind of like having an alter ego that’s much younger then yourself. Most littles don’t act little 24/7, but when they do slip into their younger alter ego it’s called slipping into headspace.”

They go on to define the age range as 0-8, which made me wonder: What about people who identify older than that? It turns out there’s a term for that, too! It’s, unsurprisingly, “middle.” Some places seem to define middles as 12-15, but others go as young as 9 (which fits with the “little” definition above).

In any case, it may seem weird to think about, but the key to remember about any of this topic is that it is…

always between consenting adults. Always.

So while it may seem odd to think of adults pretending to be, or acting as, children, we all know they are still adults. They look like them and act like them when they are out of the bedroom. I mean, we don’t think that someone who likes nipple clamps wears them all the time, do we? 😉

As I stated in my previous post on the 9th, I don’t have really any experience with it. None myself, and very little in my readings, but it is something many people are into. I’m not sure if I have enough background knowledge to take a fictional character that way, but maybe someday!

And if you want more information from people better informed than I am, I would encourage you to look around. The internet is chock full of information… both reliable and not. So tread carefully!

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