TMI Tuesday

1. For you happy life = ? + ? + ?


2. How confident are you that your relationship will last?

Very. 15 years and counting, and very much in love, despite the odds.

3. Studies show exercise can improve your mood in the moment and play a preventative role for the future. How often do you exercise? What is your exercise?

I like going to the gym, but I rarely have time for it lately. It does make me feel good, though. I can’t wait to be able to go back on a more regular basis.

4. How recently has someone been hurt by your actions? Did you attempt to make things right or apologize?

Very recently. I always try to make things right and/or apologize. Immediately and always.

5. Solitude– do you welcome it or loathe it?

I am about 99% extrovert. So, I don’t care for a lot of solitude.

Bonus: Share with us something you haven’t told a partner but would like to.

I’m pretty open with my partners. Like, maybe too much sometimes. I legitimately can’t think of anything I haven’t told my partners. If I think of something to tell them, I tell them.

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