TMI Tuesday: October 12th, 2021

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Hey, hey, hey, hey…Time to get random again on TMI Tuesday. Why? Because it is fun to know random stuff about you; it can reveal a lot about your personality.

1. Tell us about your sluttiest act ever.

Jayden: Oh jeeze. That’s tough. Maybe sex on the bridge overlooking a highway.

Richard: I went to the park and stomped around in the volleyball sand just so I could send a guy feet pics once. I don’t know if that’s actually that slutty, but it’s interesting at least.

2. Have you ever played air-guitar. . .naked?

Jayden: I don’t know if I’ve ever played air-guitar clothed, so, probably not.

Richard: Probably. I’ve played air-guitar lots of times, and been naked lots of times. I assume there’s some overlap there.

3. To what song do you most like to play air-guitar either clothed or naked?

Jayden: I’m more apt to play air drums. Sorry!

Richard: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

4. Are you good in bed? Why?

Jayden: I don’t know? Richard would have to tell you. I’ve had a fair number of partners and none of them have complained, so I guess I’m decent.

Richard: I think so. Mostly because I give fabulous snuggles.

5. What FEELS Sexy to you–tactile sensation? (Leave sight and taste out of this)

Jayden: Touching my nipples.

Richard: Almost anything touching my thighs. Mmmmm.

Bonus: Write a six word autobiography.

Jayden: I did too much. I’m tired.

Richard: I used my Swiss Army Knife.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Coming Out Day!

I wrote this post five years ago to commemorate this day, and I don’t think I can say it any better than I did then. So, here you go. ~Jayden

National Coming Out Day

I have lots of feelings about National Coming Out Day. My personal Facebook page is currently flooded with posts from friends proclaiming who they are: bisexual, pansexual, gay, lesbian, polyamorous, kinky, and on and on. It’s wonderful to see so many friends who are comfortable enough with themselves to share it with the world. One friend remarked, “In case you didn’t know…” I smiled, because I know that she is very out about her relationships. Very Out. And I am happy for her that she can be. I know so many people who are afraid to be out to their coworkers, to their family, to their friends. I know so many people who were disowned from their families because of their sexuality or gender. 

So on National Coming Out Day, I applaud those who can be open about who they are and those who are supportive of those around them. I feel empathy for those who can’t be out for whatever reason. There are many parts of myself that I have to hide because of my day job. I put up with it because I love my job, but I sometimes live in fear of being outed: outed as polyamorous, outed as kinky, outed as an erotic fiction writer. So I hide parts of myself being a pen name, but to you – my friends and (hopefully) fans, I can be true to myself: I am polyamorous, bisexual, kinky, and I write erotic fiction.

I leave you with a paraphrase of a well known quote: Be kind to everyone you meet. You never know what battles they are fighting.

TMI Tuesday: October 5th, 2021

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Potpourri of Questions

1. I’m so jealous, I wish I was _____ .

Jayden: Independently wealthy.

Richard: able to take a nap in the shower.

2. When would you seek help from a sex therapist?

Jayden: If the sex weren’t good and everything else was. Or if the sex doesn’t stay good. (I don’t see that happening, but you never know.)

Richard: Sure, we already go to a couple’s therapist.

3. How do you break up with a friend?

Jayden: The same way you break up with a partner, I suppose. I guess I haven’t really had to do a lot of that. I just let things fade. If I don’t pursue the friendship and neither do they, then I guess that’s the answer…

Richard: I don’t think I ever have. I’ve stopped being friends with people, but I don’t remember ever having a specific conversation about it.

4. Give us a tip to turn a bad day around.

Jayden: I like to listen to some upbeat music. That can often put me in a better headspace.

Richard: Go for a walk.

Bonus: Do you feel drowned by social media?

Jayden: Yes. There’s so much of it. It’s impossible to keep up with everything, and I hate to miss what’s going on in my friends’ lives, but I can’t possibly read everyone’s posts.

Richard: Not really. The only one I really use is FB, and I have few enough friends that I can get through most of their posts in like 10 minutes a day.

TMI Tuesday: September 28th, 2021

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1. What is the most expensive thing you have purchased that was not worth the price?

Jayden: My car. UGH. I just put over $3000 into it and it’s not even worth that much.

Richard: Vacations to Disney. Thousands of dollars to stand in line, and experience the worst customer service in the world.

2. Has money ever ruined a relationship for you?

Jayden: Nope. I’ve always been open about finances and I don’t like to “keep score.”

Richard: It has not.

3. What is a cheap thing you own that just makes you SO happy?

Jayden: My laminator!

Richard: My Swiss Army Knife. The little ones cost like $15 and I use it every day.

4. What is the most toxic quality about you?

Jayden: I can be kind of jealous…

Richard: Pushing people away when I’m mad at myself.

5. Why do you not like to talk about money?

Jayden: I don’t mind talking about money.

Richard: Long standing societal taboos designed to maintain the patriarchy/bourgeoisie.

Bonus: What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

Jayden: Uhh. I have no idea. Moved in with someone I hadn’t been dating long?

Richard: I flew to Minnesota to see someone I never met once. They totally could’ve just wanted my skin for their skin suit.

TMI Tuesday: September 14th, 2021

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You know what to do…it’s TMI Tuesday!

1. Tell us about the 3 most enjoyable moments in your life.

Jayden: I don’t even know how to answer this question. I feel like it’s a trick. I’m supposed to say things like, “They day my daughter was born,”. But that was a terrrrrible day. So, whatever. I have had many times in my life that I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, and some of those moments are recent. But that’s all you get because ‘enjoyable’ is so relative.

2. What was your most enjoyable moment in 2020?

Jayden: Meeting Richard, not the moment we met specifically, but the connection we formed over time. It wasn’t what I expected, but it worked out in the end.

3. Would you rather have the ability to see 10 minutes into the future or 10 years into the future?

Jayden: 10 years. I’m such a planner, and I am constantly worried that I’m not doing the right thing for my future. (Also, 10 years ago me *would not* believe what I’m doing right now. Hell, one year ago me wouldn’t have believed it.

4. Would you rather find true love today or win the lottery next year?

Jayden: Win the lottery next year. I already found true love. 😛 But if I hadn’t found love, I’d pick love over lottery any day.

5. What pursuits bring you the most joy?

Jayden: Doing things for others. [Insert pithy joke about being a submissive.]

Bonus: Who can you help today?

Jayden: I help so many people every day. It’s part of my job. So, this evening, I’m helping myself and my family to get more settled into our home.

TMI Tuesday: September 7th, 2021

Creativity Leads To Success

1. In what way is creativity just like sex?

Jayden: Sex and creativity look different for everyone, and sometimes they go hand in hand. Sex that’s the same every time gets boring.

Richard: They both require you to make yourself vulnerable and show a part of yourself that you don’t normally.

2. What important successes have you had in life that people just don’t know about?

Jayden: A lot of people don’t know that I’ve written many novels and published four of them.

Richard: None

3. What do you like more being a leader or a follower?

Jayden: I’m a terrible follower. I end up being a leader even when I don’t want to be.

Richard: Leader.

4. If you could send a message to an alien species, what would it be?

Jayden: Save us from ourselves!

Richard: Probe me!

5. Have you ever been happy that you lied?

Jayden: I don’t particularly like lying, but there’s one situation I can think of that worked out for me.

Richard: All the time.

Bonus: What can you do that no one else can?

Jayden: I don’t know that I’m that special.

Richard: I can swallow my tongue.

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TMI Tuesday: August 24th, 2021

Gettin’ Off

There was no new TMI Tuesday this week, so we’re throwing back to August 28th, 2012.

1. Have you ever initiated a booty call?

Jayden: I have, but not in a very long time.

Richard: Yes, a fair number of times. Mostly with an ex in college.

2. Have you ever accepted a booty call?

Jayden: Also yes, but not in a very long time. Probably when I was in college.

Richard: Yes, a smaller number of times. Mostly with the same ex.

3. Ever had a “friend with benefits” relationship? How long did it last? Are you still friends or acquaintances with that person? Are you still having sex with that friend?

Jayden: Yes I did, one in particular that lasted a full summer. We ended up reconnecting primarily as friends, but occasionally we play a little online.

Richard: Yes, several. I’m not friends with the majority of them anymore, mostly just from standard drifting apart over time, not any particular drama. I am not currently having sex with any of them.

4. Tell us about your best one-night stand, what made it so good?

Jayden: This is boring, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a one-night stand. It sounds sexy and exciting and a great fantasy, but I don’t trust people enough to do a one-night stand. I have had some really terrible dates that only went one night, but they were meant to be dates.

Richard: I don’t know that I’ve ever really had a one night stand. I think the woman I hooked up with the fewest times was still two or three. I guess there might be a few that were “supposed” to be one night stands that turned into FWB, etc.

The first time I got back with the above ex was pretty hot. We weren’t really on great terms, so you had that great ex-sex/hate-fuck energy, and we did all the more intense kinks that we only occasionally did when we were together. I think that was my first “large scale” water sports scene.

5. When was your last one-night stand?

Jayden: I don’t remember. It’s been more than a decade since one of those failed relationships.

Richard: If we’re using a flexible definition: about a decade, at or shortly after college. More strictly? Never.

6. What’s the grimiest, dirtiest place that you’ve had sex?

Jayden: Hmm, I don’t know. The bridge over a highway wasn’t very clean. I have no idea how clean the porch floor was that Richard fucked me on. (God that was HOT!)

Richard: Bottom of the stair well in my dorm. It was the only place without any people or security cameras.

Bonus: What’s the one random thing you wish your friends knew about you?

Jayden: I wish all of my friends knew that I was kinky. A lot of them do, and I’m starting to really surround myself with people I can tell, but there are others that don’t know, and I wish I could tell them.

Richard: I can swallow my tongue.

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Ice Cube Story

Hey everybody, Richard here with a story for you today. We’re hoping to get a new serial started for you soon, but moving and deadlines on another project are slowing us down a little, so we’re pulling a one shot from our backlog.

This is listed as one I wrote, but I think it sounds more like a Jayden story. Either way, enjoy!

I squirm on the bed, the ice cube freezing cold in my ass. I want it out, but of course, it won’t come out. It will melt, and the water will be absorbed into my body. But in the meantime, it’s oh so cold. He stands over me, chuckling at my discomfort. I take a deep breath. He plays with the rope in his hand. It’s attached to several clothespins that are pinching my body in various places.

Any second now, he’s going to pull on the rope, and the clothespins will pop off painfully. I am not looking forward to it.

Okay, so I am looking forward to it because I love the sharp little pains at his hand.

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TMI Tuesday: August 17th, 2021

Happy New Week. TMI Tuesday is posted.

1. What did you do on your very first date?

Jayden: I have no clue. Probably the mall or the movies or something. I was pretty young.

Richard: We went to Barnes and Noble.

2. Which gift would you like to receive most from your significant other:
a. $10,000 Diamond
b. $10,000 vacation
c. $5000 in cash

Jayden: b – I’m all about the experiences and experiencing things together.

Richard: Also B. A 10K vacation is a kick ass vacation, a 10K diamond isn’t even big enough to be cursed or anything.

3. Fill in the blank:
The day I get/got married _____ .

Jayden: I was too young.

Richard: I’ll probably just be surprised it’s happening.

4. What is the first thing your significant other notices about someone attractive walking down the street?

Jayden: I assume thighs and ass since that’s what he likes the best.

Richard: I’m gonna say their beard for me. I don’t know for women.

5. Which adjective category best describes you?
a. Sophisticated
b. Down home, down to earth
c. Sensuous

Jayden: b probably. I’m not very fancy usually.

Richard: B? I don’t know, I don’t feel like any of these.

Bonus: What is the worst thing you or someone could eat in bed?

Jayden: Anything that makes crumbs, but crackers especially!

Richard: Hot sauce. If you spill some and roll on it later, that’d be awful.

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Magic number: 524 Update

In July, we posted about what the Magic Number of 524 is. (TLDR: It’s our goal for how many times we’re having sex in 2021.)

So far, we have had sex* a total of 354 times. The average per day we need is 1.44, and we are currently at 1.59. We’re pretty close to the point where we only need one per day. We’re close! Our average did slip a little bit since our last update a month ago, but moving and an ten day outdoor music festival have made it difficult to keep our numbers up. But have no fear, we suspect it’ll shoot up in September.

Richard: Gotta christen every room in the new apartment least once!

*We declared a “sex” as oral or penetrative sex or mutual masturbation, but it does not necessarily result in orgasm.

TMI Tuesday: August 10th, 2021

Nudie Cuties

1. What are your thoughts on public nudity or skimpy clothing?

Jayden: I don’t care. I’m not sure I am or would be super comfortable with being nude in public or wearing skimpy clothing, but I’m in full support of those who want to!

Richard: I support it. Why not? If it were socially acceptable to do so, I’d probably wear less clothing in public. Clothes suck. Except robes.

2. Which of the following best describes you:
a. Exhibitionist
b. Voyeur
c. Keep nudity and things sexual behind closed doors

Jayden: Mostly b. I do have some Exhibitionist desires and tendencies, but I don’t have the confidence to pull it off.

Richard: Probably more of A than B, but definitely some of both. One of the perks of being a Dom is being able to use your sub to do both at the same time. “Put on this skimpy outfit so I can show you off, and ogle you myself!”

3. What is the most revealing outfit that you have ever worn in public?

Jayden: I have worn a corset before, and once at an adults-only resort, a sweater that was clearly see through. It felt great, but very nerve wracking.

Richard: Sometimes I take the trash out in just a robe or pair of gym shorts, does that count? Otherwise, probably just a pair of short gym shorts and a sleeveless tee.

4. There are only two types of beaches left in the world–clothing optional and must be clothes-free. Which beach will you visit?

Jayden: Probably clothing optional. I might go clothing free, but I would want the option.

Richard: Clothes-free. All the chill people are going to be there, and you know as soon as you decide to take your clothes off at the clothing optional one all the douchebags and judgy assholes are going to come out of the woodwork.

5. You have just gotten out of the shower to find that your towel is hanging outside on the clothesline. Your house is full of guests. Do you:
a. Call out for someone to bring your towel.
b. Use something else to dry yourself.
c. Retrieve your towel as inconspicuously as possible wrapping it around you at the earliest chance.
d. Take advantage of the sunshine and dry yourself au naturale in your backyard.

Jayden: It depends on who is in my house. But most likely, I would ask someone to bring it to me.

Richard: Also depends on who is in my house. If the guests are friends/people I’m reasonably comfortable with, I shall enjoy the slap stick antics of trying to heist movie my own towel, all while humming Mission Impossible, Metal Gear Solid, or MacGyver under my breath. Otherwise, probably A. Unless I knew who did it, then probably D. If someone tries to embarrass you, you gotta up the ante. B only as a last resort though. B is boring.

Bonus: Have you ever skinny dipped or visited a nude beach? Pictures would be awesome!

Jayden: I have skinny dipped. I used to have a pool in my back yard and I’ve also skinny dipped in a lake before at night.

Richard: I’ve skinny dipped a few times. Never been to a nude beach before. It’s on my to do list though. I have some good beach foot pics I took for a guy that I can try to find…

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TMI Tuesday: August 3rd, 2021

What did the Olympic size swimming pool say to the kiddie pool?

I can’t be your friend anymore you’re just too shallow!

Hehehe! It’s time for TMI Tuesday.

1. Are you watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? If yes, in which event are you most interested?

Jayden: I’m not. I have watched others in the past, but I just don’t have the time. In general, I like swimming and gymnastics for the summer Olympics.

Richard: No. I’ve never really found a good way to watch them. NBC tends to mostly show the sports I don’t care for, has too many ads, and I don’t care enough to figure out and pay for a subscription.

2. Have you ever been to the Olympics, tried out for the Olympics or do you personally know an Olympian? Which one?

Jayden: I haven’t. Someone in my family has done the Special Olympics though, so that was cool.

Richard: I do. My middle school gymnastics coach was on the 1952 US team.

3. Do you admire any athletes? Why?

Jayden: Sure. No one specific, but professional athletes are incredible. Actually, let me take that back. I think what Simone Biles did with taking care of herself first was impressive. I haven’t followed her career particularly, but it sounds like she’s a smart woman.

Richard: No, and I’ve never really understood people who do. Outside of the top 0.00000001%, sports are a means to an end, not an end themselves.

4. How do you think people find something to be passionate about?

Jayden: I think it comes down to trying different things. There have been things I thought I would hate that I turned out loving, but I never would have known if I hadn’t tried.

Richard: I don’t know. I’ve never been a passion person. My parents made sure I was over that kind of thing by the time I was in middle school.

5. What sport or activity do you like to do often?

Jayden: I’ve never been into sports, particularly. It just wasn’t my thing. I liked playing basketball as a kid, but I’m really short, so that didn’t stick. I was more musical, and have continued playing the piano as an adult.

Richard: Anything involving frisbees.

Bonus: Are you who you want to be?

Jayden: I’m trying to be. I’m learning a lot about myself and trying to make sure that I am who I want to be. It’s not easy!

Richard: Nope, still here.

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TMI Tuesday: July 20, 2021

Time to share, it’s TMI Tuesday!

1. Tell us about something you absolutely will not share.

Jayden: The Batman Pants! Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear the story soon.

Richard: I don’t have an answer to this, so I’m just going to ask Jayden if she’ll share The Batman Pants with me. BECAUSE THEY ARE MY PANTS!

2. What is something you do not like to share but will begrudgingly do so?

Jayden: Richard’s food. It’s so good I want to eat it all. Tonight it was quiche, and oh my god. It was delicious.

Richard: Valentine’s candy. It’s adulterous.

3. What tradition makes you feel at home?

Jayden: I’m trying to think of non-holiday traditions, but that’s the biggest one that keeps coming to mind. I really love my family’s traditions for Christmas. We fill stockings for everyone and people open each item one at a time. It takes hours, but it’s so much fun. Most of the stuff is silly, some of it is useful, but it’s always a great time.

Richard: Laying on the floor and having my cat come head butt me as hard as she can.

4. What act/words/place makes you feel sexy?

Jayden: The way Richard looks at me like there’s nothing more in the world he wants. It’s so hot. The dark eyes. And then the way he holds me… Yeah. There’s nothing like it.

Richard: When Jayden puts her collar on. High up hotel rooms with floor to big windows.

5. Rank the following in order of compatibility you think you have with your significant other (or think about your most recent S.O.).
1 being most compatible, 5 being least compatible:
emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, financially and sexually

Jayden: most: emotionally, sexually, intellectually, spiritually, financially: least

Richard: most: sexually, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, financially: least

For the record, we answered this blind so that neither could see the other’s answers until we’d written them. They look fairly different, but the only actual difference is where we put emotionally on the list.

Bonus: If you had a 25-hour day what would you do with your extra hour?

Jayden: Play the piano. I keep wanting to and just not getting to it!

Richard: Write, hopefully. Jayden would probably make me spend it making quiche though.

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TMI Tuesday: July 20, 2021

It’s Personal

1. Describe your phone lock screen.

Jayden: It’s a very pretty blue and white and green swirly background.

Richard: The default one.

2. What does your favorite coffee mug or tea cup look like? Post a pic.

Jayden: Well, I’m on vacation, so I can’t share a picture, but I like BIG mugs. Like, double size mugs.

Richard: We are on a writing retreat, which is clearly work, not vacation. My favorite mug is from the indie bookstore/cafe I worked at in college. I mostly drink wine out of it, since we used to keep a bottle under the counter for after hours.

3. Tell us about a regional food favorite of yours that you think the world simply must try.

Jayden: Pierogies! Dough stuffed with potatoes and sometimes cheese and/or onions. Delicious! I didn’t realize how regional they were until I went away to college and a lot of people hadn’t heard of them. They’re nearly a staple at home.

Richard: Soft pretzels. No one knows how to make them here. I don’t know what the problem is. It’s boiled bread dough. I’m going to make my own out of the sourdough someay.

4. How often do you journal?

Jayden: I used to journal weekly. Not so much anymore, but I did for years.

Richard: Neverish. I think the last time I sort of kept one was for a few months like two years ago.

5. How often do you blog?

Jayden: We are on a 19 day streak! It was 3 times a week before that, but I’ve really been trying to post every day.

Richard: And I try to do my other blog about once a week. Vacation and residency and everything has been a pain for that though.

Bonus: Does your blog act as your journal?

Jayden: Sometimes. Sometimes I write journal-y things. And actually, stay tuned because in August, our Saturday feature is going to be a journalistic account of Richard’s and my relationship. Oooooo.

Richard: I have a tab called “Erotic Journal Challenge” open right now, so I guess so.

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TMI Tuesday: July 13, 2021

Do your thing. Play TMI Tuesday.

1. Does your sex life need some fantasy? What kind of fantasy?

Jayden: Fantasy is fun. We occasionally do some scenes together that have some fantasy in them. Maybe I should write up some short scenes for some.

Richard: I am clearly Jayden’s number one fantasy, but it’s always fun to add a little extra. I think the one we’ve talked about the most recently is a CNC/abduction scene, but we haven’t actually carried it out yet.

2. What is eroticism for you?

Jayden: It’s that feeling of desire, of need that will drive you crazy. Sometimes it’s just being a little more aggressive than usual. And then sometimes it’s going into a full BDSM scene.

Richard: Eroticism is the difference between just getting off to get off, and taking the time, effort, etc. to enjoy yourself.

3. You are invited to a kink party, will you go?

Jayden: I assume so. I’ve wanted to go to a kink party for…as long as I can remember.

Richard: I have most or all of the other times I have been.

4. Your lover has tied your naked body down. What do you want to happen next?
a. You get tickled mercilessly
b. You are covered in whip cream and people lick the cream entirely from your naked body
c. Bind, blind, and tease your erogenous zones with an ice cube, feather, candle wax, tongue, etc.
d. A sex toy is used to penetrate you to orgasm

Jayden: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Please?

Richard: C! Until I wriggle out, because I turn into a total brat when I sub.

5. In your sex life, do you go along with whatever your partner wants and needs or when necessary do you handle things to make sure you have thrilling sex?

Jayden: I generally don’t have to do anything to ensure thrilling sex for Richard and I. We do talk about fantasies and what we want and such, but he does most of the planning. And I like it that way.

Richard: I like to set things up myself. Since I’m the one doing most of the things, it’s better (and safer) for both of us.

Bonus: When is the last time you purchased a sex toy? What did you buy? Was it purchased online or at a store?

Jayden & Richard: I think our last one was bought online because we were looking for some specific things, but Jayden bought some in a store not tooo long ago. We prefer buying things in stores because it’s nice to see and feel something before purchasing, but the online selection is much more expansive.

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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Thank you!

We would like to thank Helen from for nominating us for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award! I really enjoy Helen and Matt’s blog about kink and life. It’s always a joy to read!

Rules for the Award

  1. Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
  2. Answer their questions.
  3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.
  4. Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog.
  5. List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

Helen’s Questions

  1. Will you be celebrating Pride Month? If so, how?
    1. Jayden: Yes! Absolutely. My local Pride festivals are both held in August, but I bought a very cute rainbow dress to wear.
    2. Richard: I assume Jayden will drag me to something. I generally try to avoid celebrating anything.
  2. The G7 summit is being held in Cornwall, and Cornwall is known for surfing. Have you ever tried surfing? How did you get on?
    1. Jayden: I have not tried surfing, except body surfing. I taught Richard to body surf when we went on our most recent vacation! It was a lot of fun, but I don’t think I have the balance for an actual surfboard.
    2. Richard: I have not. I’d like to give it a try though. Or wind surfing, or sky diving, I’m pretty much down for whatever.
  3. Cornwall is also famous for its Cornish pasties, but on Great British Bake-Off 2019, the contestants had to make their own pasties. If you were on the show, what would your pasty filling be?
    1. Jayden: Oh dear, I have no idea. I’m not good with cooking, and I only like baking because it comes with a specific recipe. I would probably do something like a pecan pie filling.
    2. Richard: Cream cheese/cheese danish filling.
  4. If you could change one thing about your blog, what would it be and why?
    1. Jayden: I would make it have more consistent content! Since bringing Richard on board, I am *much* more consistent than I used to be, but I would love to be able to put out daily content. It’s just…not really possible. We have talked about some ideas of how we could increase our content, but I would really like to get a backlog of content before I commit to that. Right now is a good time for me to get ahead on content, so maybe I can invest some time to do that. We’ll see.
    2. Richard: I move it off WordPress.
  5. What is your favourite daily routine, and why is it your favourite?
    1. Jayden: The snuggle alarm! I set an alarm for 15 minutes before I need to get up so that Richard and I can snuggle before I get out of bed. (I have to get up about 2 hours before him usually.) It’s a great way to start my day. And hey, if you would be so kind, fill out our survey about snuggling! We’re curious to know what other couples norms are when it comes to snuggling.
    2. Richard: I would like to get back to walking every day. I feel so much better if I can get a nice hourish walk in. It helps me come up with new ideas, have more energy, and improves my mood.

Our Questions

  1. How much do you like to snuggle?
  2. What’s your favorite place to go on Vacation?
  3. What is your favorite kink that you haven’t blogged about? (If you aren’t comfortable sharing your kinks, then share your favorite hobby you haven’t blogged about.)
  4. Do you think Jayden should go for her Doctorate? (Or, do you see a value in getting a Doctorate?)
  5. What do you hate most about blogging?


We chose the following blogs that are my top choices for reading, and who are currently blogging regularly!

  1. Molly at
  2. The Barefoot Sub at
  3. Andrew at
  4. Nicki at
  5. Jamie at

TMI Tuesday: July 6, 2021

It’s International Kissing Day! Go plant one on someone, then play TMI Tuesday.

Making Waves

1. Are you happy with the number of people you have slept with?

Jayden: Sure. I lost count at some point and decided that I didn’t care enough to try to figure it out. I’m not even sure I have an estimate.

Richard: It seems okay. I haven’t thought about it much. It’ll probably go up a bit more over time.

2. Tell us a random fact about yourself.

Jayden: I have 9 3/4 toes. It’s genetic.

Richard: I can swallow my tongue.

3. Would you say you have an excessive need for stimulation and are you prone to boredom?

Jayden: I don’t remember the last time I was bored. I always have things to do.

Richard: Definitely. I’m bored any time I’m not doing like 3 things.

4. Do you have a history of promiscuous sexual behavior or wish you had?

Jayden: My history is pretty promiscuous. It’s settled a lot in the last few years.

Richard: I was semi-promiscuous.

5. How do you cope with a sex drought?
a. masturbation
b. sex droughts don’t bother me
c. try not to think about sex

Jayden: Uh. Well, see, I’ve never had a drought. I haven’t gone more than a month since I started having sex. I’m sure I would deal with it with masturbation though. I can’t go more than a couple days without losing my mind anymore.

Richard: A. Honestly, sometimes it’s more fun anyway.

Bonus: If you were a wave in the ocean would you be rough or calm?

Jayden: Calm probably. I like being smooth and calm.

Richard: I’ll be rough. *Whipissh*

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Magic number: 524

Why is 524 the magic number you ask? Back in late December, one of those silly memes went around that was “You’ll have sex X times in 2021 with someone whose name starts with the letter A!” Well. I went through until I found the number of times it gave me (Jayden) for someone whose name starts with [Richard’s actual first initial], and the magic number was 524.

I sent it to him a fit of madness. Ha! How funny! We could never have sex 524 times in a year! So by a week in, we decided to track it for the year.

I’ll spare you the daily counts, but the goal is 524. We have had sex* a total of 301 times. The average per day we need is 1.44, and we are currently at 1.66. Pretty soon, we’ll only need one per day to finish out the year with 524. (Richard: Thank God.)

(Jayden: Like you didn’t enjoy it. *cue eye roll*)

Crazy, right? I never thought we’d even come close, but now it seems that it’s likely we will. So cheer us on from the sidelines, and feel free to suggest fun things to try!

*We declared a “sex” as oral or penetrative sex or mutual masturbation, but it does not necessarily result in orgasm.

TMI Tuesday: June 29, 2021

Oh good, you’re here. I’m sure there is nothing you’d like to do more than TMI Tuesday.

It’s All Good

1. What’s the most stressful thing in your life right now?

Jayden: Deciding the trajectory of my professional life. In particular, what to get my doctorate in. Also, moving.

Richard: My cat has her first visit to the vet since I adopted her, and she doesn’t like being handled by me, let alone a stranger. I really don’t want them to have to put her under for her checkup.

2. True or False. The best way to get over an ex is to get under someone new.

Jayden: I’ve heard that before, but as a (mostly) poly person, my relationships have often overlapped, so I don’t know how that computes.

Richard: I like to take some me time when I have a break up, but a nice little fling never hurtd.

3. Is rebound sex empowering or does it leave you feeling lonelier?

Jayden: Like I said, most of my relationships have overlapped, so I don’t think I’ve ever had rebound sex. Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to. I don’t love casual sex most of the time.

Richard: I don’t think I’ve ever actually had rebound sex either. Usually my first time after a relationship is with already established FWB or similar.

4. Would you rather watch porn every night forever or never watch porn again?

Jayden: I’d have to really think about the last time I watched porn, so… never watch it again.

Richard: How much porn do I have to watch? How broadly are we defining porn? If I could watch some random 30 second clip, or count some weird artsy pseudo-porn, it wouldn’t be too bad.

5. Would you rather go to bed alone forever or share a bed with someone forever?

Jayden: Easiest question you’ve ever asked. Share a bed with someone forever. I hate sleeping alone.

Richard: Snuggles are essential for good sleep!

Bonus: You must pick one and explain. Would you rather your mom or your ex set up and run your dating apps?

Jayden: My ex. I love my mom, I do, but I’m not sure I trust her dating advice. My ex, despite all the reasons he was an ex, was usually a good judge of character.

Richard: One of my exes is also my one of my best friends, and several others are still decent friends who know me well. They’ll do fine.

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TMI Tuesday: June 22, 2021


1. What attracts you to a blog–makes you read it again and again or subscribe?

Jayden: I like blogs that aren’t too long, but that are interesting and raw and real. My favorite blogs are all ones where people are honest about who they are and what their lives are like. It’s fascinating.

Richard: I like to follow blogs that have a mix of people’s projects and the rest of their lives. Like someone that posts a comic/song/story once or twice a week and blogs about their family, vacations, etc. in between.

2. Life is short. What do you still need to get done before your life ends?

Jayden: So many things. I have recently decided I want to go back to school. I want to see my daughter grow up. I want to be a grandma. Richard is going to make the best Grandma, by the way. 😉 There are places in the world I want to see. The list just goes on and on.

Richard: I don’t really believe in the whole bucket list thing. Let’s go with skydiving, and playing a round in a Tesla pod (I expect this one to be disappointing). Jayden is going for her Doctorate. I feel like “back to school” is underselling it a little.

3. Which pick up line are you most likely to use? (You must pick one)
a. You’re beautiful/handsome. Can I tell you that again next Saturday over dinner?
b. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!
c. If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I would be holding a galaxy.
d. I would say God bless you, but it looks like he already did.

Jayden: I would pick a. I like the idea of meeting up over dinner.

Richard: I guess C. Mostly just because I can imagine saying it like a super villain. I WILL HOLD THE ENTIRE GALAXY IN THE PALM OF MY HAND! They’re all pretty terrible.

4. What makes you feel truly loved?

Jayden: Oh what a great question that I’ve been exploring a lot over the past year. Richard does a stellar job at it. I need to feel special, important, desired, respected.

Richard: Snuggles! Also helping with stuff around the house/apartment. I tend to wind up with the lion’s share of that kind of thing, so I appreciate when someone steps in.

5. What emotion do you experience the most?

Jayden: Happiness. There are some sad times of course, and some difficult ones, and scary ones, but the majority of the time, I am happy.

Richard: Regret that a meteor hasn’t obliterated me yet.

Bonus: In the word ‘scent’, which letter is silent? S or C?

Jayden: The c.

Richard: Neither? It’s pronounced skent, isn’t it?

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