Behind #1,000,000words

I am so, so far behind on my words. 1,000,000 words always seemed like a lofty goal, but if you go by January’s count, I was rocking it! I ended the month over 7,0000 words ahead!

But at the end of February, I was 26,000 words behind. And I haven’t written anything since last week. Sigh.

Some of it has been unavoidable. Illness. Life. Ugh.

But some of it has been focus. Dedication. Drive. I need to get my motivation back.

So, today is the day I turn it around. I’m going to catch up before things get stupid crazy in my life in just a few short weeks. I’m going to rededicate myself to making the time to get words in. Even if I just don’t fall further behind, I can be okay with that.

Feel free to poke me, keep me honest, check in with me. You can always reach me at jrvincente@gmail.

Thanks loyal readers. ❤

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