Happy Sunday!

Well, it’s the first Sunday in April which means NO A to Z Post! Did you think we would break our posting streak though? OF COURSE NOT! We’ve posted every day in March, and every day in April (so far), so we wanted to bring you a special treat today.

A to Z Challenge

The A to Z Challenge is off to a great start! If you aren’t participating and you want to, there’s still time to sign up on the website and join in the fun. If you’re here because of the A to Z Challenge, please leave a comment and let us know! Richard and I have made a bet for this A to Z Challenge, so remember to like and comment on our posts. The most comments and likes wins! A $50 book store shopping spree is at stake, so please like my posts (says Jayden!). I’m winning right now, but…Richard hasn’t posted yet. He’ll be taking over starting tomorrow through the end of the week, so show him some love, too!

If you stumbled on our little blog and have no idea what we’re talking about, start here.

Some fun news!

We went on a podcast! We decided that we wanted to get an outside perspective on the start of our relationship, so we called in to The Viall Files and got to talk to Nick! It was a fun experience to be on a podcast and to get some relationship advice, and we thought we would share it with you. Also, if you need relationship advice, Nick’s great. As it turns out, Richard said basically all the same things that Nick did, but it was still good to get an outside perspective.

Take a listen to the Podcast if you want and let us know what you think. We’re the first ones on!

Also, crazy idea, we’re going to start a new column every week in May called “Dear Jayden and Richard,” where we answer your questions about (mostly) non-traditional relationships. Ask us your questions in the comments or email us at jrvincente@gmail.com.

We’ll see you tomorrow with D is for Dungeon Mistress!

Richard is taking back over for the A to Z Challenge. He’ll also be writing about Lashes BDSM Casino Resort, but it might not be quite the same as my version. He’ll be posting one continuous story starting tomorrow, but if you didn’t read A, B, and C, you won’t be behind (though I recommend going back and reading them anyway!). It’s sure to be a good time!

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