1 Million Words – Update

Back on New Year’s Eve, we announced that we (Richard and I) were going to attempt to write a combined 1,000,000 words in 2021. I attempted it solo last year, and failed miserably. (Thanks pandemic!) But I’m always up for a challenge. And besides, what’s the worst that happens? We fall short of our goal but still write more than we would have otherwise.

Here’s an update of where we are right now.

I kicked ass in April, writing 100k for Camp NaNo! Richard also did an awesome job topping out around 65k.
We’re still behind, but…not as bad as we once were.
  • At the end of January, we were 50,755 words behind.
  • At the end of February, we were 103,412 words behind.
  • At the end of March, we were 168,395 words behind.
  • At the end of April, we were 85,609 words behind.

We made great progress in April! Having Camp NaNoWriMo did wonders for our word counts. We’re definitely slipping again, but I think now that we’ve taken a little bit of a breather from writing after the intense Camp, we’re ready to jump back on the bandwagon and at least not fall further behind. Fingers crossed!

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