#EroticJournalChallenge Bucket List

Create or revisit your erotic/sexual bucket list.

Richard: I don’t think I have one. I guess I’ll start one now. Convince Riley to come hang out with us, we don’t even have to have sex, I just want him to come clean my kitchen in a maid outfit.

I’d like to have a threesome with Jayden and another sub. I want to watch her Domme someone else. That’s not really Jayden specific, it’s a fantasy I have with most switchy partners. 

More cuckold type stuff would be fun. 

I want to have sex up against the glass of a high up window in a sky scraper. Probably no one will see, but you never know…

I’d like to go to a sub hunt and chase someone down to ravage them. 

I want to do posture training where the sub has to sit/stand just right or else the chains that’re clamped/pierced to their clit, nipples, ass, etc. will dig in painfully.

Jayden: Well now. I’m not even sure where to begin here.

The thing is, if you had asked me this question six months ago, I would have said hands down, the only thing I wanted that I hadn’t experienced were an orgy and a gang bang. For someone who was in a ‘poly’ relationship (more on why I put that in quotes…at another time), I really thought it was surprising that I’ve never had an orgy.

And I’ve always wanted to have a gang bang. I’ve watched porn with it before and was very turned on by it. It would probably be a lot, too much maybe, but very hot. I feel like it might be one of those things I wanted to experience once.

That being said, there were a lot of kinks I never knew I had (or didn’t know how deep they ran) until very recently. So maybe my bucket list had more things on it than I thought. (Breath play, rape play, knife play, watersports… to name a few…)

So this week, I’ll share with you a fiction snapshot of a fantasy I’ve had for a loooong time.


I laid on the bed, strapped down, and I could hear something, but I didn’t know what it was. The blindfold on my eyes was really well placed. Well, of course it was, my Master did it. I flexed my fingers in and out, waiting, listening, trying to breathe shallowly so I could hear better.

That old adage that taking away one sense heightens the others clearly doesn’t work quickly because my hearing is no better blindfolded!

And then I felt a hand on my foot. Someone was just resting a hand there. Then another on my other foot. One one each hand. What was going on here? There was definitely more than one person. Was it four separate people, or did two people each have one side? I couldn’t be sure. Maybe the hands felt different.

But when all of them started tickling me at the same time, I knew for sure that there were four different people. Each one had two hands on me, some were grabbing at limbs to help keep them down (knees aren’t held down by wrist and ankle straps!), some were using two hands just to tickle me in two different spots.

I squirmed and screamed, trying to get away from all the hands, but having no success. Just as he wanted. Just as I wanted. Just as I had fantasized about for as long as I could remember.

“Please, Master!” I cried.

“Please, what?” he asked. I gave a frustrated grunt, but then he pulled my blindfold off. “Please, what?” he growled this time, one hand at my throat.

The other hands ceased touching me, but my eyes darted around the room. Master was there, of course, with four other men, none of whom I’d ever met before, and there I was, naked and strapped down.

All I could do was whimper.

Tomorrow we’ll be back with more Eventually Ever After – the TRUE story of the beginning of Richard and Jayden’s relationship!

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