Ice Cube Story

Hey everybody, Richard here with a story for you today. We’re hoping to get a new serial started for you soon, but moving and deadlines on another project are slowing us down a little, so we’re pulling a one shot from our backlog.

This is listed as one I wrote, but I think it sounds more like a Jayden story. Either way, enjoy!

I squirm on the bed, the ice cube freezing cold in my ass. I want it out, but of course, it won’t come out. It will melt, and the water will be absorbed into my body. But in the meantime, it’s oh so cold. He stands over me, chuckling at my discomfort. I take a deep breath. He plays with the rope in his hand. It’s attached to several clothespins that are pinching my body in various places.

Any second now, he’s going to pull on the rope, and the clothespins will pop off painfully. I am not looking forward to it.

Okay, so I am looking forward to it because I love the sharp little pains at his hand.

“How’s the ice cube, slut?” he asks.

“Melting,” I grumble.

He chuckles again, and then he pulls gently on the rope, and the first clothespin strains to hold on to my skin. But as he puts a little more pressure, it finally pops free.

I groan at the sharp sting of it. He pulls harder, and another one pops free. I’m moaning and squirming with the ice cube melting in my ass. The last two are on my nipples, and they are the hardest to pull off. They aren’t just clinging lightly to skin. They are firmly clamped on my nipples.

The rope pulls, the clips pull, and I groan loudly, but the first one is staying on. He has to take the time to wind the rope around his hand another loop, and I know that he’s doing it deliberately slowly, making me wait. When he gets it all the way around, he pulls again, and this time the clothespin pops off. It hurts a lot, and I cry out with a yelp.

He chuckles again, amused at my discomfort.

And then he pulls again.

It’s the last one, and he’s tugging at it lightly, so it’s not coming off. I’m whimpering, knowing that it’s going to come off eventually, and it’s going to hurt. But he plays with me for a little bit.

And then he does the thing where he winds it around his hand again, slowly, torturing me. And then he yanks it. And it pops off. I yell again and then bite my lip, trying to stifle the sound.

“How’s the ice cube?” he asks.

“I think it’s gone,” I say. I squirm a little. In the pain of the clothespins, I had forgotten about the ice cube. I can’t feel it anymore.

“Too bad,” he says. “Get your mouth over here.” He gestures to his cock.

I roll over, crawling toward him on the bed. I take his soft cock into my mouth, looking up at him. He almost growls at me.

“Good girl,” he says.

I slide my tongue across his cock, and he groans softly. I know just how to make him hard, and he starts growing in my mouth almost immediately.

He grips me by my hair and starts to move me on his cock. He presses me deep and then lets me pull back. He keeps alternating between fast and slow movements. I keep expecting him to stop, but he doesn’t. He keeps going until I’m sure he’s going to cum. But then he stops abruptly, pulling me off of his cock by my hair.

I look up at him, panting a little. “Yes, Sir?”

“I want your pussy.”

I turn around and lay on my back, and he slides inside. His strong arms hold his body above mine, and I look up at him.

“No orgasming,” he says, and I remember my promise that I am not taking pleasure for myself. This is all for his pleasure. And he is definitely enjoying himself.

He was so close before we started having sex, and it isn’t long before I can feel him filling me with his cum. I press back against him, and it feels wonderful. “Thank you, Sir,” I murmur. 

Tomorrow was supposed to be Erotic Journal Challenge, but they don’t seem to be posting anymore. We’ll work on a question or two of our own, and see you then!

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