#Bloganuary 10

Hello readers! We’re back to post Bloganuary #10 on time!

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So here is the next installment. Day 10:

Day 10: What are 5 things you’re grateful for today?


  1. Richard. Hands down, I am most grateful that he came into my life when he did.
  2. My daughter. She’s a spitfire, and a handful, and sometimes a bitch. I hope that her assertiveness will serve her well as an adult, but boy can it be draining as a parent. But I am grateful for her. It was difficult to have her, and I’m so glad I did.
  3. My job. My day job is often frustrating, stressful, and emotional. But I love it. I have thought about changing careers, but I love what I do, so I can’t imagine leaving it to do something else.
  4. Tilty bed! I love that we got the new (softer) mattress for our tilty bed. It’s SOOOO comfy.
  5. Snuggles! I used to be like, “Yeah, snuggles are cool and all,” but now I”m obsessed. I would snuggle all. the. time. if I could. 


  1. Jayden: Who always encourages me and supports me, even when I just want to lay around making unpleasant noises, or have goofy ideas.
  2. Sourdough: For making me feel like a wizard baker. It just comes to life out of water and flour, and it doesn’t care if you suck at measuring!
  3. Zoom: Much as I hate it, I wouldn’t be able to do grad school during the pandemic without it.
  4. Snow: For saving me from taking a sick day Friday, making everything outside the apartment pretty, and being there for so many of Jayden’s and my special moments.
  5. The State of Virginia: For not having a waiting period on marriages, allowing us to elope with minimal fuss.

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