#Bloganuary 24

Hello readers! We’re back to post Bloganuary #24 almost late! (And yes, we skipped 23 because…we didn’t like it.)

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Bloganuary 2022 Participant Badge

So here is the next installment.

Day 24: Write about a dream you remember

Jayden: I haven’t had this dream in a long time, but when I was a kid, I had it a lot. I was running and running away from…something. I’m not sure I ever knew what. I hid in a rack of clothes in a school gym from a… dinosaur. Like, a T-Rex. And then I take off running again and try to get home (to the house I grew up in, sort of). Every time I’ve had the dream, I get closer to the door before I wake up. Once I even got the door open, but I woke up before I got inside the house.

Richard: One time I had a dream that I woke up, and then I woke up!   

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