#Bloganuary 16

Hello readers! We’re here with the answer to the latest question in our Bloganuary series!

Do you have a memory linked to a smell?

Jayden: Yankee Candle’s MidSummer’s Night brings me right back to middle school. Hanging out with my neighbor (who I was hopelessly in love with) on his back porch, listening to music with that scent in the air. The first time I smelled that candle, it took me right back.

Richard: We just did a sense memory piece at grad school last week!

Cold, dark, and sweet. That’s the smell of our basement. Same as most people’s I think. But it doesn’t go with the rest of it. Sound? Plasma rifles jrrrrr, exploding fireballs, cries of pain. Touch? Cold, sharp metal. Warm skin. Taste? Bitter coffee. Sour pretzels. And all I can see is hundreds of demons, dripping with blood.

I’m 4 years old, sitting on my dad’s knee at his desk while he plays Doom.

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