What’s Good Wednesday? 1/25/23

What’s Good Wednesday?

We did this long ago, but we decided to bring back and a once-a-month chance to share what’s going well in our lives, and welcome you to share what’s good in your lives! Please comment below and let us know what’s good! Feel free to be vague or specific. We’re just happy to share good things!

It’s the end of January, thank goodness! This has been a very stressful month that was looming over us before and during. We’re so glad to be almost done with it and onto the next thing! We’ve been able to spend some much-needed time catching up on cleaning and organizing, and enjoying down time together.

We’ve done some fun things this month like:

  • Visit a knife store
  • Go to the drive-in movies
  • Have a reading date
  • Have of great sex

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s a start to reflect back on! What’s gone well for you this month?

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