Acceptance by Jayden

Each month, Richard and I are going to journal about a different word, inspired by Marquessa Matthews. This month is Acceptance.


I have struggled with acceptance of who I am my entire life. From my weight (too high) to my height (too short) to my kinks (too extreme) to my sexuality (too broad), I have never been able to accept myself for who I am.

I have worked hard to change that. I am blessed to have a partner (Richard) who believes in me, accepts me (and loves me) for who I am, and supports me to support myself. I don’t know how or why, but I have begun to accept myself for who I am. I have tried for a long time, but it’s clicking now, pieces falling into place. I am accepting myself as I am and changing the things about me that I don’t like (within reason, of course). How about you? Do you accept yourself as you are?

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