Acceptance by Richard

Each month, Jayden and I are going to journal about a different word, inspired by Marquessa Matthews. This month is Acceptance.


I wrote a 5 page essay on accepting that my writing counts as art last month. I won’t give you the whole thing, but here’s the outline version:

  1. Art=creativity+skill+effort
  2. Creativity: Even the most derivative writing requires some degree of creativity. Maybe not if you’re literally transcribing, but anything even vaguely original, even if it’s instructions or ad copy or something.
  3. Skill: Writing is a skill that you can practice and develop, just like drawing or painting.
  4. Effort: Like creativity, writing always requires some (sometimes seemingly absurd amounts of) effort. Just tapping those little keys and putting words on the page is way more work than it feels like it should be sometimes.

So yeah, I guess I have to accept that I’m some kind of artist. Ugh.

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