Kinktober! October 2nd

by guest artist GS

Kinktober day 2: Crossdressing. I get the sense that, even in a world teeming with toxic masculinity, Maurice wouldn’t be averse to playing at being a girl. Cathy would happily switch genders – she’s into performance arts, and she’s not very attached to her own identity. I wouldn’t say she’s nonbinary; more like… flexible. I thought it would be fun to emphasize the clothes here as they let their regular identities fade into the background.

Kinktober! Intro

Hello! We have a brand new feature for this year’s Kinktober! A friend of mine was looking for somewhere to share their kinky art, and I offered to host it here on my blog. We’ll keep going with some of our regular posts (TMI Tuesday and Eventually Ever After) and you should get some Kinktober posts from Richard and I as well. So buckle up! After being sporadic with our posts in September, we’ll be making multiple posts some days!


I’m GS and I make a webcomic called Alien Romance. It’s about two people – Maurice and Cathy – with almost nothing in common, not even a language, who decide to make a go of it. This Kinktober, I’m letting my characters explore their sexual options, mostly with each other, although there are some supporting characters who may also appear.

Usually my scenes are 1-5 full pages long, but this time I plan to do just one or two panels per prompt, and they will be cute.

But please note that my characters are in their mid-20’s. They look a lot younger, but that’s on purpose. I’ve lived for three years in Vietnam, and 4 years in China, and the men here run the gamut from sweet femme bois to hardened bodybuilders. But they are very rarely large people – most of them, by Western standards, are quite diminutive. Immigrants may arrive from these areas and discover that they can’t compete with the social standards of physical appearance in their new communities. In fact, the idea that East Asian men have racial features that are not sexually appealing enough is an ugly trope.

Maurice is a Vietnamese American who grew up in the homogeneous heartland. Cathy is French, and should have enjoyed a life of privilege, but some invisible disabilities and serendipitous misfortunes have landed her in the United States. It’s a story celebrating nonstandard beauty, reclaiming your desirability when it’s been taken away from you, and the joys of being an alien.