Kinktober! October 10th

by Richard

Welcome back for some more Kinktober! Today we have a comic from guest artist GS from the 5th and a post from me about Being Recorded!

Day 5

GS – Exhibitionism

Not too kinky, but still exhibitionism!

Day 7

Richard – Being Recorded

I reached down, adjusting the sensor on my codpiece one last time before stepping onto the set. I’d been doing motion capture work for about two years. I’d been skeptical when my agent had mentioned the job to me, some sort of VR porn thing, but the money was good, and sex sounded less painful than another night of fight scenes.

Inside was a simple platform bed holding a bare mattress, with a woman propped up on one elbow. Her outfit was nearly the same as mine, a skintight nylon suit with small balls on her arms and legs. A cluster of smaller bumps covered her breasts, with another set on her ass.

I nodded to her. She nodded back. We were both professionals.

“Good to see you again,” I said.

“Likewise,” she said.

“Alright,” called the director from the control room, “we’re recording some new foreplay routines today. No penetration. Just climb on and grope each other like horny teenagers. I’ll let you know when we have enough.”

She rolled her eyes, “So romantic,” she said.

“At least buy me dinner first,” I shot back, climbing onto the bed.

We leaned in towards each other. Like horny teenagers, it was kind of awkward at first. I gently brushed my hands over her shoulders while her’s tentatively moved to my back.

An electric tingle brushed over my skin anywhere she touched me as the suit recorded her movements and gave me feedback.

I moaned as she worked her way down, eventually giving my ass a squeeze. The sensors there would carefully map the indent of every finger down to the millimeter.

“Come on,” she growled in my ear. “I know you can do better than that.”

My own hands came around to her front, squeezing her breasts. She gasped lightly at my touch, and I grinned as the diodes on the suit lit up, marking exactly where I dug in my nails.

She pressed up against me, the blue light from my suit and the red from hers mixing together into a violet glow. Her lips found my neck and sucked there, leaving a shining outline a second after she released them.

“Tickles,” she said when she pulled back, wiping away the tingles with the back of her hand.

I shoved her down on the bed, my own mouth pressing against her throat as I bit down. If you’ve never had your teeth tingled, you should count yourself lucky—the things I do for art.

She writhed against me and reached down, cupping my balls, along with my hardening shaft. I writhed against her, the suit amplifying her touches.

“What’re we going to do with this?” she whispered, her words caressing my ear. “I’m supposed to be a good girl and not put out on the first date.”

I rolled over on top of her and ground myself down against her. “True, but dry humping in these feels a lot better than it did my jeans when I was in high school.”

She gasped as my cock lit up the outline of her pussy lips.

“You going to shoot your load in your pants, just like your first time in the back of daddy’s pickup truck?” she taunted, hooking her feet behind me and tugging me down harder.

“I hope not. Wardrobe always bitches at me for a week if they have to clean cum out of the suit.”

She laughed, “I’m already making a mess in mine. I don’t think it’s very fair that I’m the only one to get in trouble. She rolled her hips up to grind on me harder.

“Fuck!” I moaned out, my hands grabbing her shoulders and digging in while her own nails raked glowing ribbons over my back.

“What if I clean it out for them?” she asked. “It can’t taste any worse than sucking a load out of a condom.”

The image of her burying her tongue in my suit after I took it off sent me over the edge. I yanked her hard against me as I pressed down, both of our suits blazing bright enough to light up the whole room. As my cock pulsed, the suit reacted, teasing and milking every drop it could out of me.

I hit her clit at just the right angle, making it light up like the target of a carnival game as she arched her back off the bed against me, riding out her own orgasm.

I’m not sure quite how long we laid there panting when I heard a voice over the loudspeaker.

“That’s a wrap. Great work, you two. I’m sure you won’t be the only ones getting off to this.”

I grinned at her, leveling off the bed. “Wanna try it without the suits on?” I asked.

“Buy me dinner first?” she asked with a wink.

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