Kinktober! October 17th

by Jayden

Welcome back for some more Kinktober! Today, I have a story that I wrote back in the early 2000s that I rewrote for Kinktober. I had thought about just editing it, but…no dice. I’m still not sure I’m happy with it, but… here we are!

Day 4 & Day 6

Jayden – School Girl and Threesome+

Kelly walked out of the high school, her spike heels clicking on the pavement. She wasn’t supposed to wear them with her button-down white dress shirt and black and white plaid skirt, but no one bothered her about it. She was 18, a senior, and a straight A student. As soon as she hit the pavement, she unbuttoned the bottom three buttons and tied the ends of the shirt together right up under her breasts.

Just a few more days, she thought. She would be free of high school forever. She was looking forward to getting out of her small town when she went to college in the fall, but in the meantime, she just had to get through a few more days.

She had been late that morning and had parked far from the building. By the time she was nearing her car, there was no one else around her. And then out of nowhere, a couple approached her. They walked toward her and instead of going to one side together, they split so they were on either side of her.

They were dressed in jeans and T-shirts, so much more casual than her sexy outfit. They each grabbed an arm and started marching her toward a large white van.

“Hey, Kelly,” the man said. “We want you to do us a favor.”

How did he know her name? “W-what kind of favor?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” he said.

He shoved her into the back of the van. She braced herself to hit the hard metal floor, but instead found herself on a soft mattress. The woman climbed in after her and shut the door. With the windows covered, there was no way for anyone to see in or out.

“Lie down, now,” she directed.

Kelly did as she was told and the van started to move. 

“I’m Jess,” the woman said, her voice soft. “That’s Jack.” She nodded toward the driver’s seat.

Kelly was sure they were fake names. Jess started to undress, pulling her T-shirt over her head, and then unhooking her bra. She wiggled out of her jeans. Her pink panties were the next to go, and then she was sitting on the mattress next to Kelly wearing nothing.

As much as Kelly was trying not to be, she was getting very turned on looking at the nude woman beside her. Her breasts were perfectly round globes, and Kelly wanted to know what it would feel like to cup them in her hands. She wondered how hard the other woman’s nipples would get if Kelly played with them.

The van stopped moving, and the door opened. Jack climbed into the back with them. He undressed slowly, the way Jess had done. When he slid his boxers down to his knees, his hard cock stood at attention in front of him. Kelly couldn’t help but stare.

She wanted to know what it would feel like inside her. She wanted to touch it—taste it. Without being asked, she untied her blouse and began to unbutton it.

“Look at our little slut, already getting undressed even without being asked. I like this,” Jack said. Kelly stopped and looked at Jack. “Oh no, slut, keep going.” Kelly did, unhooking her bra, sliding her skirt and thong down her legs and then off. She left on her knee high stockings and heels though.

Jess lay down next to Kelly and slid her hand up Kelly’s thigh. She kept moving slowly as Kelly wiggled under her touch, but Kelly didn’t try to pull away. Jess moved her fingers up to tease Kelly’s pussy, and Kelly couldn’t help but moan in response to the other woman’s fingers.

Jack slipped a blindfold over Kelly’s eyes and a ball gag in her mouth. He buckled it behind her head so she had no hope of getting rid of the gag. Then she felt him pulling at her wrists before the cuffs went around them. She tugged, but she found that she was chained to the side of the van, but at least she was still comfortably lying down. Someone, Jess, she thought, spread her legs further apart. Kelly felt so open an exposed, not knowing what the couple was doing, not knowing what they were going to do between her legs.

She felt the weight of someone on top of her, and realized it was Jack when his cock slid along her slit. He teased it against her clit, and she moaned and bucked against him. She was tingling all over at the contact. He started off slow, almost gentle—thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. But then he moved harder, faster. She loved every second, every thrust. Before long, she found herself moaning against her gag and thrusting her hips up to meet his. If she hadn’t been gagged, she was sure she would begging him not to stop.

Jack kept pounding into her until Kelly thought she was going to lose her mind. She felt Jess’s hands at the back of her head, unbuckling the gag. As soon as it was loose, Jess’s mouth was on hers, kissing her, probing her mouth with her tongue. Kelly moaned against the other woman’s lips.

When Jess broke the kiss, Kelly started begging for more. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop, pleeease!” she cried.

And they didn’t stop. Jack kept thrusting inside the younger woman, giving her pussy a pounding like she had never experienced before. “Oh yeah,” he groaned.

“More,” Kelly moaned, “more, please!”

Jess pinched Kelly’s nipples, and Kelly was moaning loudly again.

“Hush now,” Jess said, “or I’ll have to put the gag back in. Can’t have you bringing too much attention to us.”

“I-I’m sorry,” Kelly stammered, trying to stop herself from screaming when Jess twisted her nipples again. The pain mixed with the pleasure was almost too much for Kelly to handle.

Jess reached down then and started to play with Kelly’s clit. And then the pleasure really was too much. “Oh my god, oh my god,” Kelly kept whispering. “I’m going to cum!”

“Yes,” Jack grunted, “cum with me, slut. Cum with my dick burried in your sloppy cunt.”

“Yesssss,” Kelly cried out as waves of pleasure washed over her. She bucked against Jack, trying to get his cock deeper into her pulsing pussy. As her muscles clenched around him, she felt him begin to spasm seconds before his cry.

“Oh fuck!”

He collapsed on top of her, his body weight almost too much for her. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, but she couldn’t with them attached to the wall of the van.

“She’s all yours,” Jack said to Jess as he rolled off.

Jess pressed her body against Kelly, grinding their pussies together. Jess was almost as wet as Kelly, even though no one had just cum inside her. Kelly felt another orgasm building from the contact when Jess stopped and crawled down her body, kissing and nibbling as she went. When she reached Kelly’s pubic mound, she stopped and said, “This is such a nice little cunt. It would be even better if you trimmed some of this hair away.”

Kelly blushed. She had never thought about removing her pubic hair. She didn’t even know where to begin.

Jess licked up Kelly’s slit, collecting their combined juices. She thrust her tongue inside Kelly’s pussy. It didn’t go in far, but it made Kelly moan all the same. Something was happening with the other two. She felt Jess’s tongue falter. What had happened? She wanted to see but with the blindfold on, she couldn’t.

She shook her head from side to side, rubbing it against the mattress, trying to knock it loose. No one seemed to be paying any attention or telling her to stop, and when she got it skewed enough that she could see, she understood why.

Jack was on top of Jess, thrusting his cock inside the other woman. Kelly was pretty sure from the angle that he must be fucking Jess’s ass. It was hot to see him thrusting into the other woman. Kelly wanted to see more. She got the blindfold the rest of the way off.

Jess looked up at her. “Enjoying the show, slut?”

“Yes,” Kelly murmured.

Jess flicked her tongue across Kelly’s clit, and she couldn’t speak anymore. She was too focused on the pleasure coursing through her body as the orgasm overrode the rest of her senses.

Jack managed to reach up and unlock Kelly’s wrists. Kelly moved around to the other side of the couple and fondled Jack’s balls as he fucked Jess. Then she slid her hand further underneath and found Jess’s pussy. She played with the other woman’s clit, rubbing it in little circles until she felt the atmosphere in the room change as the small space was filled with Jess’s moans.

Jack’s orgasm followed quickly, and then the three of them lay in a sweaty heap in the back of the van.

After a while, Jack got up and put on enough clothes to lower the divider and climb into the front seat. While he drove, Kelly quietly put her clothes back on, aroused by the feeling of Jack’s cum still dripping into her panties and down her thighs. The van stopped, and then the back door opened. Jack offered Kelly a hand, and Kelly stepped down onto the pavement.

“We’ll pick you up next week. Same time, same place,” he said. Kelly smiled, and then sauntered away on her tall spike heels, letting her skirt sway as she walked.

She could just hear Jack as she walked away, “Damn, she is one fine woman.”

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