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Forrester Frisch had had a good night. He woke up on a Monday morning refreshed and ready to face the day. As a funeral director, his work week didn’t coincide with everyone else’s but there was still business that needed to be attended to on a Monday morning. Mondays were difficult for everyone, he knew, but today was a rare exception. He was happy. He had enjoyed a great night with his friend Ezra and a girl Ezra had found. Forrester had had a great orgasm and had gone home tired and sated. He slept great. Of course, he woke up horny as hell, even though he had had a great blow job. For Forrester, even a great orgasm couldn’t compared to the feeling of sliding his entire fist into a soaking wet cunt. He wanted a girl bad and he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he found one.

But first, business. He showered, dressed, and went into the office. He talked to his assistant, worked on scheduling, made some phone calls, but by lunch he had been driven to distraction. He wanted nothing more than to find a girl he could slip his fingers into. But where would he find such a woman on a Monday at lunchtime? Frustrating.

He picked up his phone and looked through his Contacts. Who did he know that might be free on a Monday at lunch? He scrolled and scrolled until he got to the end and then sighed in frustration. No one. He couldn’t think of a single woman. But wait, he had talked to a girl online who was interesting. She had said her name was Gwen Golden. That sounded almost like a fake name, but Forrester wasn’t sure he cared. He logged into the dating site app on his phone and looked at her last email. Damn, he had missed an email from her. He hadn’t even seen that it had come in. He hoped she wouldn’t be upset with him.

Sending her an email was easy, waiting for a response sucked. He tried to get back into work but all he noticed was that his cock kept filling his pants at unexpected times and he would have to adjust himself just to get back to work. Frustrating.

He was as focused on work as he could be when his phone chimed that he had an email. He looked at it and sure enough, it was Gwen. He couldn’t get the grin off of his face, even though her email was just a short response to his. He had asked how she was and what she had been up to. She responded that she had been busy but that things were starting to slow down for her. In a previous conversation, they had discussed his fetish for fisting and she was into it. Why he hadn’t jumped on the idea of meeting her right away, he wasn’t sure, but now seemed like the perfect time to him. He came clean about the reason he was messaging her. He was direct and polite. Respectful, even. He waited anxiously for a response.

When the response came, his cock filled his pants again and he had to adjust himself. “Actually, that sounds perfect. NSA sex would be great.” NSA, No Strings Attached. Excellent. They agreed to meet that very afternoon. Forrester had a relatively nice apartment but they had agreed to meet at a local hotel. It was a cheap place and it could be rented by the hour, so that certainly spoke to its class, but it served the purpose for their meeting.

He got there half an hour before the time they agreed to meet and rented a room. He took the key offered to him by the desk clerk and went to the room. It looked clean enough, which was good. He wanted to make sure before she arrived. Even though he was fully aware that meeting at an hourly hotel lacked a lot of class, he didn’t want her to be grossed out by the place. He sent her a text with the room number and waited, somewhat impatiently. His cock was rock solid in his pants but he didn’t feel it was appropriate to shed them while he waited for her. Instead, he adjusted himself to a more comfortable position and looked at Facebook on his phone. It was a distraction, but it wasn’t enough to truly distract him from waiting for Gwen. He was anxious to meet her.

When a soft tap came at the door, he jumped. Was that a knock? He jumped up from the chair and looked through the peephole to the hallway. It must be her. All he could see was the top of a flaming mane of red hair. He had seen as much in Gwen’s picture and his heart thumped in his chest. He pulled the door open and smiled at the petite woman. “Hi,” he said.

“Hello,” she smiled up at him and he opened the door wider for her. She stepped into the dimly lit room and his heart thumped harder. Could she hear his heart pounding in the tiny room? It felt like it was that loud.

“How are you?” he asked.

“I’m well, and you?” she asked. All class. How could such a classy woman look so comfortable in a shit hole like this?

“I’m fine,” Forrester said and he shut the door as she moved out of the entryway. He decided it was time to simply take charge. She seemed to like that in the texts they had shared so he stepped in close to her. He tilted her head up to him with a finger under her chin and she met his gaze evenly. He could see desire flaring in her eyes. He kissed her and their first kiss was like throwing gasoline on a fire. He pressed her back against the door with his body and he could feel her body react to his. Her body was tense and hard, her movements urgent. Her breaths came in short gasps between their kisses and her lips felt like they were on fire.

It didn’t take them long to drop all their clothes to the floor, barely taking their lips off each other. He took a step back from her, his breathing mirroring hers.

“You are beautiful,” he said.

She blushed and said, “You are sexy as fuck.” The vulgarity took him by pleasant surprise and he smiled at her as she got on her knees in front of him. He hadn’t been expecting her to be so forward. She took the head of his cock into her mouth. He was long. Much longer than she could take, even deep throating him, but she soon had her mouth full. He could feel the back of her throat as she pressed him down as far as she could. He grunted in pleasure and she moaned. She moved up and down on his shaft a few times and he held as still as possible. He knew that as soon as he let loose, he was going to be fucking her throat.

As strange as it was to meet they way they did, the benefit of it was they had a lot of personal information about each other before ever laying eyes on each other. For instance, he knew that her greatest desire was to be gagging on cock. So he knew that it wouldn’t be a terrible thing to fuck her throat. He still felt like he shouldn’t push his luck too soon, though.

After what seemed like eternity to him, but was probably a very short time, he knew he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He placed his hands on either side of her head and she looked up at him. He met her gaze and he caught the almost imperceptible nod of approval from her before he began to move his hips. He held onto her head to keep her steady as he moved, first slowly and then faster. She began to gag a little and he ignored the instinct to stop. When he felt that she was going to lose it if he kept pushing, he pulled back. Every time he pushed back, she gagged. He could see her eyes water as she gagged and then hear her gasp for air as he pulled back. He kept a slow but steady rhythm and it seemed that she was gagging earlier and earlier as he pressed into the back of her throat.

It was sexy as hell. Forrester didn’t know how he would feel about listening to Gwen gag on his cock, but he figured it would be okay at least. Come on, a hot girl giving him a blow job was always welcome! So if it got her off to gag while doing it, he wasn’t going to tell her no. But as it turned out, just listening to her gag turned him on immensely. He felt his orgasm boiling in his balls as got close. “I’m going to cum,” he murmured and she gave another nod of approval.

It was still another few thrusts before he felt the cum travel up his shaft and explode into her mouth. He pressed his cock into the back of her throat as he felt it coming and she gagged and spluttered on it. She made a show of swallowing his cum and licking her lips. “Thank you,” she said, smiling up at him.

“Um, you’re welcome?” His tone turned the phrase into a question. “Thank you.” He emphasized the word when he said “you” and she grinned.

“You’re welcome.” By the look on her face, it appeared she would be happy to leave right then, even though she hadn’t had her own orgasm. As she stood, he noticed that her legs had become slick with her juices.

“You really liked that, didn’t you?” he asked in awe.

“I did,” she agreed. “But there’s something you would like, too, isn’t there?”

He nodded, his mouth suddenly dry. She was grinning at him again as she climbed onto the bed behind her, her legs spread. “Go ahead,” she said and he felt the first twinge of another erection.

He climbed onto the bed and crawled between her legs. He slid his fingers along her slit and felt how wet she was. He inhaled the scent and sighed on his exhale. She was amazing. Her scent was so sweet, he could stay right here all day. She had trimmed her pussy hair, but he could see that it was as red as the hair on her head. So sexy! As his fingers slid down her slit, he allowed his middle finger to slip inside her. She was so warm and velvety. He pulled his finger out and went with another one. Then three. He stuck with three fingers for a little while, working them in and out of her, pulling and stretching her insides as he did so. He turned his fingers this way and that, put pressure on different places, and spread them apart to stretch her out. Then he added a fourth finger. She was moaning and gently moving her hips against his hand. “You are beautiful,” he said again and then he slipped his thumb into her.

With all five fingers in, she was starting to loosen up, but she wasn’t quite there yet. When they had talked online, she had told him that she had been fisted before but it had been a while, so he would have to work for it. With only the tips of those fingers in, there wasn’t a lot he could do yet, but he pressed gently with the five fingers and then went back to four fingers.

He repeated the process of moving his fingers side to side, stretching them apart, and turning this way and that until he was sure she was more stretched out than before. This time when he added the fifth finger, he didn’t have a lot of difficulty. The five fingers went in nicely. He pressed his thumb into his fingers so it made his knuckles larger and he felt some resistance but then her pussy gave in to him and he was able to push all the way in.

The whole time he had been working on her, she was groaning and moaning occasionally, but now she really let loose. “Oh! Oh god! Oh my god!” She was grunting and moaning and writhing on the bed. With his whole fist in her, he pressed his lips to her clit and sucked gently. She screamed then with pleasure and began to beg. “Oh please, oh please, please, I need to cum!” He wasn’t stopping her, and in fact, was doing everything he could to make her cum! It didn’t take long after that before she was bucking against him and her pussy was gripping his hand.

He sucked and licked gently until she fell violently into her orgasm. There was lots of screaming, “Oh god” and “please” and her whole body was rocking, trembling, writhing. And then suddenly, she was still. He pulled his hand from her as gently as he could and then let go of her clit. She lay on the bed, panting, her skin aglow with the sweat of her exertion.


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