G is for…

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Let’s see what happens to Gwen next!


Gwen Golden woke up as though from a dream but she realized she must have just passed out hard after an intense orgasm. She glanced at the clock in the shady hotel room she was in and saw that she must have only been out for a minute or two. Lying next to her, not quite touching her, was Forrester Frisch. She had met him online a while back but this was the first time they had actually been together in person. She had been really happy when he had texted her to come out so they could fool around. She loved nothing more than gagging on a big cock and he was perfect for that. In turn, she had let him fist her. She hadn’t been fisted in a long time but, as he had promised he would be, he was gentle and patient with her and she had enjoyed herself immensely.

Now they were both naked and sweaty and still panting. She smiled at him and said, “Well…”

“Well…” he said, looking down at her. He was lying on his side next to her with his head on one hand, just watching her. She suddenly felt self conscious.

“That was something,” she said, unsure what to say.

“It certainly was,” he grinned. “I enjoyed it, a lot.”

“It was really amazing,” she agreed in a rush of words.

A moment of silence passed while they kept just looking at each other and then she rolled over on her side, facing him, matching his position. “Want to go again?” he asked with humor in his voice. He wasn’t hard yet, but she could see that he was starting to pop back up.

She took stock of her body and realized that her pussy was still tingling from the onslaught of pressure from him and she honestly wasn’t sure she was ready to have his fist in her again quite so soon. “Maybe not right now,” she smiled sheepishly, “but I definitely want to do it again soon.”

“Me too,” he agreed.

“How long did you get the room for?” he looked at the clock.

“We have it for another hour and a half.”

“Ambitious,” she said with a smile.

“There was no way I was going to have us get kicked out before we had our fill.”

“Want to take a shower?” she asked. She really did have things she had to do with the rest of her afternoon, but a quick rinse in the shower wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“Sure,” he said and he deftly rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom. The bathroom fixtures were old and the faucet in the sink dripped every so often. He pulled back the shower curtain and she came in right behind him.

“Yuck,” she said as she saw the grimy shower. “Maybe let’s not…” she said.

“Yeah, I don’t know if I would get in there,” he said. He looked at the towels and reported to her, “The towels look clean though. I have an idea…” he said. “Get back on the bed?” He asked. His question really asked her to trust him and she didn’t know if she really trusted him or not but she figured, what the hell. She got back onto the bed. She listened as he ran water in the sink and then he came back with the ice bucket. He had put the liner in the ice bucket and filled it with water. He laid a towel out on the bed and patted it. She got onto it and sat, watching him. He placed a washcloth in the warm water and then rung it out. He reached toward her with it and she felt the warm cloth press against her skin. She moaned softly as he moved across her chest and down her arms. He wiped across her belly and down her legs, refreshing the cloth with warm water every so often. Then he moved to her back. He massaged her shoulders as he cleaned them with the cloth, getting them warm and slick and then using his other hand to massage the tense muscles. “You seem tense,” he said.

“It’s not you,” she said. “This has been the best part of my day.”

“Good,” he said, but he didn’t press her for more information. She was glad because she really didn’t want to go into what was stressing her out. She just wanted some time away to not worry about things.

“Let’s talk about you,” she said. “Do you have any massage experience? You’re really good?” He was working her shoulders and neck and she was practically melting in his hands.

“Nothing official.”


“Nope. Just lots of practice,” he said. Gwen wondered what he meant by that. Was he saying that he gave a lot of women massages? Or maybe that he had been massaging women for a long time? “My mom has always had problems with her shoulders so I used to rub them for her growing up.” Ah, his mom. Uh huh. That seemed unlikely at best, but who knew. Gwen figured she would give him the benefit of the doubt. She was cautious when it came to him anyway since she didn’t know him that well, really.

“Well that’s nice of you.”

She felt him shrug. “She was a good person.”

Was? “Oh, I’m sorry. How long ago did you lose her?”

“Six months ago tomorrow.” Wow, he really was keeping track. He didn’t even have to think about that answer.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, but thanks.” Well that didn’t work out so well… She had wanted to get the subject off of her so she didn’t have to talk about her problems but this conversation was depressing at best!

“So…” She was struggling to find a safe topic.

“Did you watch Survivor last week?” he asked and she could feel the air rush out of her lungs in relief.

“Yes!” They talked for a few minutes about the TV show while he massaged her neck and shoulders. She was feeling totally relaxed now. They had found safe, common ground to talk about and his hands were amazing. At one moment, they were both getting worked up about who was sent home and she rolled over so she could look at him. Thankfully, they were in perfect agreement, but they were both passionate about it. She looked up at him and their eyes met. It was like the rest of the room faded away.

“Did you want to—” he started to ask but then he stopped his question abruptly.

“Did I want to what?” she prompted. She pulled herself into a seat position, completely naked and looked him in the eye.

“I was wondering if you wanted to have sex.”

It wasn’t what she had been expecting, though once the words were out there, she couldn’t figure out what she had expected him to say instead. “Yes.” She surprised herself with the response. Did she truly want to have sex with him? Of course! But she was surprised to hear herself admit it out loud so candidly.

“Great,” he said and he leaned in and kissed her. She melted against him as they kissed, her muscles feeling heavy and bones feeling like jelly. His tongue parted her lips and she gave him easy access. She spread her legs for his seeking hand and she knew he was feeling her dampness even when he wasn’t right up against her pussy yet.

When his fingers parted her pussy lips, she groaned against his mouth, but she didn’t break the kiss. He pressed two fingers inside her gently and she opened easily for him. He seemed to be impatient though and where he had taken gentle care and time before, he was pressing hard against her opening and moving more quickly.

“I want you, badly,” he murmured against the side of her neck as he kissed down it. “I want to feel my cock inside you.”

“Oh yes please,” she moaned. “You’re so big. I can’t wait to feel you fill me up.”

He groaned again and he took her nipple between his teeth. He grazed them across her sensitive flesh and she shuddered. Her legs opened wider for him of their own volition. He got up on his knees and she was confronted with his stiff cock. He really did want her as badly as he said he did. He was rock solid. She took his cock in one hand and she could feel how nice and velvety smooth his skin was. She was tempted to suck him again but since she just had and he was so hard again, it wasn’t really necessary. She wanted him to last as long as possible in her pussy before she would have to relent to his orgasm.

She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs completely as she moved, opening herself to him. His fingers had slipped out of her as she moved but he reinserted them and hooked them upward inside her. She groaned and closed her eyes as he did so. “That feels so good,” she whispered.

She opened her eyes and he smiled down at her. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered back. She blushed and closed her eyes again. She stretched her arms up above her head and brought them down to rest on the back of his neck. He was slowly inching his way up her body now. He nibbled on her belly and she gasped with surprise. She was surprised that she liked feeling his teeth graze her hot skin. He paid special attention to both of her nipples as he moved up. He licked and sucked on them, nibbled lightly, and even blew his hot breath on her wet nipples making her shudder. All the while, he was working those two fingers in her pussy.

When he began to nibbled on her collarbone, his fingers left their warm sanctuary and she watched as he brought his fingers up to her mouth. She sucked her own juices off of them and felt a flood of her own arousal with the action. When she was done sucking his fingers, he pulled his hand away and replaced it with his mouth. He kissed her deeply again, their tongues entwined and she felt his cock slide into her drenched pussy. He filled her completely. The sound she made came from somewhere deep inside her. He was fulfilling a need she didn’t even know she had. “Oh my god.” He was pressed into her, all the way against her cervix, but he hadn’t moved yet. “You feel amazing,” she murmured and he began to move.

He pulled almost all the way out and then slid back in. He alternated between a smooth, soft motion and a pounding that left her feeling like she’d be pleasantly bruised tomorrow. He would pull almost all the way out and pause there, just long enough for her to anticipate him and then he would thrust so hard into her, her whole body would jerk. But boy could he really fill her like that and she loved it. They were both grunting and moaning and panting. When he came, he pressed all the way into her, holding himself inside her and nearly collapsing on top of her.

She felt herself go limp on the bed, breathing hard. She hadn’t had an orgasm like he had given her before but she felt surprisingly fulfilled regardless. She waited for him to regain enough energy to roll off of her. He lay on his back, his eyes closed. She crawled over to him and took his softening cock in her mouth. He was still large even though he wasn’t hard and she had to deep throat him to get him all the way in. She loved tasting herself on his cock and the fact that she gagged a bit when she took him all the way, even soft, was all the better. She was on her knees, thrusting his soft cock into the back of her throat and causing her gag reflex to kick in when she felt his hand run up the back of her thigh to her dripping pussy. He slipped his fingers to her clit and began to rub back and forth on the sensitive bud. She moaned, which caused her to gag, which resulted in her pussy clenching. The next gag sent her over the edge and she nearly collapsed on his hand, his fingers still working her clit until she managed to roll off and away.

They lay panting for a while but their time was quickly coming to an end. “This was great,” she said. “I really needed to clear my head after the day I’ve had.”

“Oh?” he asked. “Do you want to talk about it?” Earlier she hadn’t. She was too nervous or excited or depressed or something.

“Yeah, maybe.” She paused and collected her thoughts. “I have loved being the goddess of the office for as long as I can remember. I am the one who knows everything that’s going on. I am the one who can answer everyone’s questions. It’s a great position to be in and I adore it. I work really hard, even though I’m salaried and so there’s this promotion available and I’m really excited. I really think I’m going to get it but what if I don’t?” She was often the type of person who would over think things. Maybe she was making something out of nothing. Probably she wouldn’t get the promotion? But what would they do otherwise? Someone had to have the job. They couldn’t hire from outside the company could they? “Anyway, sorry, I’m rambling, I just don’t even know what to think anymore. I can’t wait any longer to hear. I really hope I get the promotion!”

“When will you find out?”

“I don’t know. It could be any day now, really.”

“Well good luck. I’m sure you’ll be fine!”


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