R is for…

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She could feel her pussy pulsing as she walked down the city street with cum dripping out of her pussy and down her thighs. She really wanted to get fucked again, but she would have to wait a little bit longer for that. She had planned the quickie with Quincy but she was really waiting for her play session with Sky. Sky was a guy she spent a fair amount of time with because his biggest preference was submission.

Sky was happiest when he had her begging for it. It didn’t even matter what it was she was begging for. He just loved to watch her squirm. Tying her up was a natural connection to his joy of her submission so they were a good pair.

When Rosemarie got home, she showered and replaced the smell of sex with the smell of vanilla. It was one of Sky’s favorite scents, she knew. When she was done, she slipped on a red thong, a black bra, a short black skirt, and a red top. Her black bra was just visible beneath the top. Rosemarie was short and had an average build. She sometimes worried that her belly wasn’t flat enough or that her thighs were too big, but most of the time, she was comfortable in her body. Wearing clothes like this made her feel sexy.

She slipped heels on and grabbed a light jacket and her purse. She was meeting Sky at his apartment. It really didn’t matter whose house they met at since they both had the proper tools for restraining her, but his bed was bigger and very comfortable. Even though they weren’t in a proper relationship, Rosemarie often spent the night after they had a play session. Part of the aftercare inevitably ended up being a nap and this late at night, a nap was called ‘going to bed.’

Rosemarie was excited, her heart racing with anticipation. There was a nervousness that coursed through her. She had been with Sky so many times they were so comfortable with each other but it didn’t matter. She was still nervous. She wouldn’t let her nerves get the best of her though and she knocked on the door with confidence. Until she realized that it wouldn’t do her any good since the only thing on the other side of the door was an empty hallway. She rang the bell for his apartment, her face flushed with embarrassment no one else would even know about.

He spoke to her through the buzzer and then unlocked the door remotely. She opened the door and stepped through. The empty hallway was dark and quiet. Her heels clicked on the tile floor as she made her way up to his apartment. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. This time, it was the right thing to do and he opened it mere moments after her knuckles hit the wood. “Hi,” he said and she couldn’t help but grin.

“Hi,” she echoed.

“Come in.” His voice was husky and deep. She wanted him bad.

She stepped into the room and set her bag on the floor just inside the door. She shrugged off the light jacket, but before she could do anything with it, Sky was taking it from her and hanging it in the closet. He was such a gentleman and such a neat freak. She had never known his apartment to be anything but pristine. Usually that was okay, but sometimes she was afraid to sit on the couch for fear she would disturb something and he would get upset. She had absolutely no basis for the feeling, but it was how she felt none the less.

“How are you?” Sky asked. They chatted idly about their day. She left out the part where she had just gotten fucked by another guy. They didn’t have an exclusive relationship by any means, but it still seemed to be in bad taste.

They sat next to each other on the couch and Sky slipped his arm around her shoulders. He almost did the classic movie-style stretch but he didn’t need to be that sly. She had no problem snuggling up with him.

He was running his hand up and down her upper arm. She had a hand on his thigh. As they talked, she could see that he was beginning to form a tent in his pants. They weren’t even talking about anything sexy!

“I bet I know what’s on your mind,” she teased.

“Oh yeah?” he asked, but he wasn’t really challenging her. “What’s that?”

“You can’t wait to get me tied up.”

“No, you can’t wait to be tied up,” he emphasized the word you.

She giggled. “Okay, so that’s true, but that’s also what you were thinking.”

“You’re close,” he admitted. “I was actually thinking about getting you on your knees sucking my cock and begging to be fucked.” He paused and the let the scene form in her mind. “Of course, I could always tie your arms behind your back.

“Well that works, too.” She said it as though it were an offhand comment about the weather, but she could feel her pussy spasm and her juices begin to really flow.

“You could go for that?” he teased, as though he didn’t know the answer.

“Sure, I could go for that.”


“Yep,” she smiled. They did a quick review of safe words to make sure everyone was good and then her clothes came off. He didn’t shed his yet since there was no need, but her red and black ensemble was soon in a neatly folded pile on the floor. She knew better than to leave it in a crumpled pile. She took her heels off so that she wouldn’t be unbalanced if he decided he wanted her to stand.

Then she closed her eyes with her hands behind her back and reveled in the feeling of him restraining her arms. He wrapped them with rope, taking his time, making sure he wasn’t cutting off any circulation. He was careful with her and gentle, but firm. She was ready to beg for him to fuck her now and he had barely even begun, she knew. When he pulled the last part of the rope through so she was restrained, he turned her around to face him.

“I also have a surprise,” he said. A surprise for her? While she was tied up? What could it be?

She didn’t respond because she didn’t really know what to say. Instead, she stood and waited while he left the room. She wasn’t alone long but she felt like she was dying of curiosity while she waited for him. When he came back into the room, he wasn’t alone.

“Hi,” said a quiet feminine voice.

Rosemarie couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female at first, not that it mattered, but when the person came into the full light of the room, it became obvious that a woman stood in front of her. “I’m Thora,” she said.

“She doesn’t need to know your name, slut,” Sky said harshly. He nearly kicked Thora’s knees from under her and she fell to her knees. Her arms were tied around her back just like Rosemarie’s were but it seemed as though they were tied more tightly.

“Wh-” Rosemarie started to question what was going on. Sky had never been this rough with her before. True enough that it wasn’t something she would have enjoyed but technically, the only thing stopping him from doing that to her was her trust in him. She was restrained. There was no where for her to go and nothing for her to do if he decided to be as rough with her as he was being to this other woman. Fear gripped her.

“Relax, Rosemarie,” he said in her ear, coming close to her. Rosemarie didn’t know how to respond so she kept her mouth shut. “Thora, tell Rosemarie why you’re kneeling on the floor tied up like that.”

“Because I love it.”

“Be specific,” he said and he stepped away from Rosemarie to slap Thora hard on the face. Rosemarie started with surprise.

“Because I love to be tormented, physically and emotionally.”

“See?” Sky said, turning to Rosemarie again. “She’s literally asking for it.” Rosemarie looked at him uncertainly. “I know, I probably shouldn’t have sprung her on you like this but she is horny as fuck tonight and I thought it would be fantastic torment for her to have to watch you get everything she wants.”

“Oh?” Rosemarie asked with surprise. “But she wants…”

“Well, yes, of course, she wants to be tormented but there are other things she wants as well, right Thora?”

“Yes,” she said dropping her gaze the floor in a sign of submission.

“Like what?”

“I want to cum,” she said in a very soft voice.

“When was the last time you came?”

“Two weeks ago,” she said without hesitation. It was clearly not a question she needed to think about.

“Two weeks isn’t that long of a time,” he said.

“No, Sir,” she mumbled.

He smiled at Rosemarie. “Would you like to go two weeks without an orgasm?”

“No!” she said with a firm tone.

“I didn’t think so,” he smiled. “But don’t worry, I would never do that to you. In fact…” he let his voice trail off as he walked over to the dresser and pulled a vibrator from it. It was a Hitatchi wand. They all knew how powerful of an instrument that was and Rosemarie started to nearly quake in her restraints. She wanted it, she wanted the orgasm, but she was afraid of how many orgasms he would make her have. With that thing, he could make her have basically as many orgasms as he wanted, or at least until her clit became practically numb from the vibrations. “I think I’d like you to cum right now,” he said, moving back toward her.


“Now.” Usually he would wait, make her beg. This was definitely unusual, but Rosemarie wasn’t complaining. It was actually nice to get an early orgasm. Then she realized why she didn’t have to beg for the orgasm. “Well, not quite right now. There’s one thing we need to do first.”

“What’s that?” Rosemarie asked, afraid of the answer.

“Thora is going to beg for you to orgasm.”


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